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  1. I wonder if you used frozen juice concentrate if it would be able to impart a stronger fruit flavor. Or maybe a kool-aid mix packet for flavor and color if someone doesn't like grape flavor (I like strawberry jam with my pb&j).

  2. Agar melts at 80°C but it solidifies at 40°C, so you can let it cool down quite a bit when pouring layers. It will be liquid but not disturb the other layers.

  3. that looks really cool! i'm not a jelly fan but i'd defs try that! i never had a pbj sandwich, they're not a thing in this country… but i enjoy peanutbutter and hazelnut chocolate spread together (like a reeses peanutbutter cup sandwich) and it's fab!

  4. If I made this, I'd probably sustitute the agar agar with gelatin, just so I can take advantage of the health benefits of the consumption of collagen (which isn't found in plant based foods).

    Your PB&J "sandwich" looks really cool, btw. 🙂

  5. When she first said that it was all made out of jelly I thought that she'd use pureed bread or breadcrumbs for the bread layers instead of milk.

  6. Growing up I always disliked peanut butter and jelly. After I became an adult I discovered low sugar jam and natural (ie no sugar added) chunky peanut butter; those two made the combination much, much better.

  7. Maybe ir for the bread parte you added condensaded milk a little bit more heavy cream and poder milk and you added homade jelly for the jelly part it will taste better
    Thats what I would do

  8. I have desided i like you. 😉 just becouse your not that serius and it all dont have to be perfect. You just like having fun. And i see my wife in you. Same persona. Might be why i like you. 🤣😂🤣

  9. That sandwich is actually giving me anxiety. I’ve had to look at in my recommended for the past 2 days. It just doesn’t look right.

  10. The recipe isn’t edible for vegans because of the milk/cream in the bread parts 🙁 But this was really interesting to watch, and looks SO COOL

  11. Hello, Humans.
    "The more attention you pay an enemy, the stronger you make him. Be attentive, but don't be paranoiac." -Paulo Coelho


  12. Oh damn I watched it and it looked so beautiful that I wanted to make and eat it but I want it to taste good and not like a strange sandwich 😂

  13. How I would have changed this recipe? I would have soaked toasted bread for the bread layer so it tasted like toast. I would have used a fruit powder in addition to the jelly and I would have used powdered peanutbutter for the peanut butter layer and more of it to make sure the flavor was there.

  14. Next time put a bit of a wedge on one of the sides. As soon as you get some air in the bottom the stiction releases and will plop right out.

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