Single Serve COOKIE + LATTE Combos!

(calm music) – Hey, munchies, welcome to
the channel if you’re new or if you’re not, I’m Alyssia
and I am stoked you’re here. Today’s video is inspired by
my love for cookies and coffee. Cookies don’t need to just be dessert and lattes are not just for the morning. They are a perfect pairing after all and today I am sharing some
cookie and latte pairings that can be gluten free for
morning, afternoon and evening but get this, all of the
cookies are also single servings for your craving convenience. I do not wanna end up with
a dozen fresh baked cookies when a craving hits because that means I will eat
a dozen fresh baked cookies. I will be pairing each cookie with a latte inspired by one of Four
Sigmatic’s cool products. They are the sponsor of today’s video and they are all about the
magic of functional mushrooms and superfoods and I’m excited
to share their products because they’re all organic,
gluten free, instant and vegan too actually. My link below will get you
15% off for your first order plus they are currently having their biggest sale of the year offering 50% off of their
most popular products if you’d like to try them out. Let’s start with breakfast. I am going with a mushroom oat milk latte paired with an oatmeal raisin cookie. Oat milk lattes are my jam. I became obsessed in
Amsterdam a couple years ago. Oat milk lattes were not to be found anywhere in the United States and then I came back and
they exploded and so it goes. For this latte, I am using Four Sigmatic’s ground mushroom coffee. Don’t worry, it does not
taste like mushrooms. It actually just tastes
like regular coffee but you get the added boost from the chaga which is great for the immune system and lion’s mane which
helps with productivity, focus and creativity. So you can see why it’s a good one to start your day out with. For the latte, I combined
some of the brewed coffee, coconut oil and cinnamon in a blender. Feel free to add espresso if you’d like and of course, you can add sweetener but I actually like my lattes
less sweet so I skip it and that coconut oil helps
to really froth it all up. It all goes into my mug and then I froth some
oat milk for the top. This frother is my new favorite thing. I have shown it to you
before on the channel. It froths and heats the
milk at the same time and while I find that almond milk doesn’t typically froth up very well, this oat milk works
great in this little guy. That gets poured on top
with a sprinkle of cinnamon and voila, an amazing, frothy,
light, flavorful latte. The roast is balanced and full body but not bitter thanks to the
organic and fair trade beans. I swear, you totally do
not taste the mushrooms. The coconut oil adds a
richness and a creaminess. The oat milk is naturally sweet. I don’t even want the added sugar especially with a cookie on the side and what kinda cookie would go
better with an oat milk latte than an oatmeal raisin? For the cookie, melt some
butter, add sugar and whisk. I have got to put a few
disclaimers out about these cookies because they required
a good deal of testing so bear with me. Because it is a single serving
rather than a huge batch, every ingredient matters
a little bit more. So granulated sugar works best. Coconut sugar works okay. Sweeteners are okay if you prefer but they will affect the texture a bit. Then take a whisked egg and
take one tablespoon of that as well as some vanilla
extract and whisk to combine. I stir in my dry
ingredients which are flour, no surprise, all-purpose
works best but these will work with a 1-to-1 gluten free
alternative if you need but the texture does take a hit. Same goes for oat flour
as well as baking soda, salt and cinnamon. Fold your oats and raisins into the dough and then you can choose
if you want one large or two regular size cookies. Transfer whatever you decide to a prepared sheet for your oven. Now, I did also test
these in the toaster oven. I really wanted to call this
episode Toaster Oven Cookies but the truth is they just taste better baked in the regular oven. They will work in the toaster oven but they’re a little chewier
and a little bit drier. It goes into the oven for 10 to 12 minutes until it starts to brown on the edges. This is like a breakfast cookie so it’s sweet but not overwhelming. It has a softer texture on
the inside with crispier edges and it tastes exactly like you’d expect an oatmeal raisin cookie to taste. A perfect pairing with my oat milk latte. Okay, when the afternoon rolls around, I am ready for a pick-me-up
mentally and emotionally as much as physically. Why is it that cookies and
lattes do such a good job of making me feel better? I am making a coconut matcha latte and orange cranberry shortbread cookie. The latte uses Four
Sigmatic’s Mushroom Matcha which is a green tea with some caffeine. Perfect for that afternoon boost of energy but also a boost to the brain thanks to the lion’s
mane that it includes. It’s also got gotu kola and
ginger to help with stress which can set in the afternoon
as I’m running out of time to finish everything I’ve gotta do. It can also help with digestive balance. I start with hot water and add matcha and maple
syrup and whisk to integrate. Over the stove, I heat coconut milk. I prefer canned but
use whatever you’d like and let it go over medium heat for a few minutes until warmed. Add in the matcha mixture and
then let that boil together. Once it comes to a boil
and is warm to your liking, you can serve. Now, I am not gonna lie, I
haven’t ever been huge on matcha because it’s tasted bitter to me. This, because it is higher
quality, it is very smooth especially with that rich coconut milk and I love the hint of
sweetness from the maple syrup. I added a bit of orange zest on top too. It’s especially delicious with my orange cranberry shortbread cookie which is naturally gluten free because it is an almond flour base. For this cookie, I combine melted butter
and powdered sugar to start and then I mix in almond flour and salt. That is the shortbread dough base. I’m mixing in cranberries and a small bit of orange zest for flavor. Remember, this is a single serving so don’t feel like you’ve gotta overdo it and because it’s a single serving, you really wanna measure each
ingredient with precision as best you can. Onto a sheet pan and
into the oven it goes. Heads up, this one
actually worked really well in the toaster oven too so you could do this
one in the toaster oven if you preferred without the
texture of flavor taking a hit. The cookie tastes
buttery like a shortbread but it is light with a citrusy tang from the orange zest and the cranberries. The sweetness is perfect
complementing the rich and creamy matcha latte. In the evenings, I want comfort, sweetness but nothing too heavy. I decided to make a hot cocoa latte with a triple chocolate chip brookie aka a brownie cookie but trust me, it really isn’t too heavy. The latte starts with decaf coffee and your favorite milk,
dairy or not, over the stove and feel free to skip the coffee if you just want a hot chocolate. I then add in a packet of Four Sigmatic’s mushroom hot cacao with reishi. I like these packets
because they are comforting but they aren’t that sweet. They have just a little
bit of coconut sugar, stevia and cinnamon which complement the cacao
and cardamom perfectly. Once that’s whisked in
and it froths by boiling, you can totally use a
frother too if you prefer, I serve it with a bit of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. The reishi in this mix
is great for evenings because it supports sleep
and relieves stress, just what I want before
calling it a night. The whipped cream is optional. I like the added sweetness
sometimes but it isn’t necessary especially if you’re
making the single serving triple chocolate chip
cookie to go with it. I mean, brookie. I mixed together melted butter and sugar and then added some whisked
egg and vanilla extract. I stir in my flour, baking
soda, salt and cocoa powder. Fold in your chocolate chips. To make this triple chocolate, I added both mini milk chocolate chips as well as chopped white chocolate chips. White chocolate is my jam. You have the option again
to make one huge cookie or two still pretty decent size cookies. I make two and then save one for later. Having one cookie left
over works better for me than having 11 leftover cookies, okay? That dough gets added to a baking sheet and then it’s ready for the oven. That baby is called a
brookie for a reason. It has got a crispy cookie outside but a soft brownie like inside. It’s chocolatey and sweet
balancing the hot cacao which reminds me of the holidays from the cinnamon and cardamom spice more so than the sweetness. That is a great end to
my cookie filled day. I hope you enjoyed my
cookies and coffee episode. These single serve cookies are so fun and the lattes are a perfect pairing. Four Sigmatic has so many
great coffees, elixirs and blends to choose from that support your healthy lifestyle. Don’t be afraid of the mushrooms. I promise you can’t taste them and if you don’t believe me, the reviews on the Four
Sigmatic site are a great place to see how other people
feel about the products and how they incorporate
them into their lives. I love that they leave these reviews up because it helps me
determine what I wanna try. When you decide what you wanna try, remember that you can get
15% off your first order plus Four Sigmatic is currently having their biggest sale of the
year, their winter sale offering up to 50% off
their most popular products. Check out the link in the
description box to snag the deal. All of the recipes I shared can be found linked in the description too. Thanks to Four Sigmatic
for sponsoring this video and for making these latte
and cookie recipes possible. I will see you all next week
with a brand new episode and remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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