Sick Day Routine l Solo Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom

Sick Day Routine l Solo Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom

hey guys welcome back to the channel so
today is a day in the life it’s a solo mom day the life the kids are sick I’m
getting sick so I made myself my DIY medicine ball I have the Starbucks tea’s
that they use so it’s the peach tranquility and a jade citrus I think it is
medicine ball yeah Aria had a fever yesterday they both were running I was
like ninety nine point two and like ninety nine point four so it’s not
technically a fever but it’s a little on the higher side than I would like so we
are at target right now we’re gonna get some more medicine because we’re almost
out still has a cough and then he I don’t know what is wrong is just
uncontrollably screaming right now that he has a runny nose and a little bit of
a cough too so 10:38 it took forever to get out of the house it’s just so hard
when like the kids are sick because Aria when she gets sick is like super hyper
but then she’s extra like sensitive and then Ezra is just extra clingy so yeah
see what else I can get okay so I’m trying something new today with the kids
Aria’s in the back and he is sitting up so well in the front look at
him yeah don’t cry you’re fine okay this is what we need. okay so let’s put that
one back yeah I got pepper for the soup okay guys
just got home I can’t even think straight I honestly just stopped filming
in the stores because my thought process it’s just not here right now and it was
getting too hectic I almost just said why am I even vlogging today but I’m
just showing you what a day in the life looks like when you are sick and you
have sick kids and obviously moms don’t get a sick day so yeah the kids are
falling asleep, Ezra actually is asleep he cried himself to sleep in like two
minutes Aria is falling asleep so I’m going to bring the kids in gonna bring
the stuff and then I’ll show you guys what I purchased for when we have colds
like brands that I love and stuff so just in case you have sick ones
you know exactly what to get okay guys I almost saved ten dollars total just by
using my target red card and the circle app so I saved $9.64 okay so mini target
haul I got some chicken broth so we got the mango peach. it has antioxidant and B
vitamins I thought this to be really good for everybody since were all sick of
course Aria had to get some chips they were two for six I ended up getting two
of them and then I did the baby rub for the soothing ointment you can put a
little bit on like their feet or on their back
I don’t typically do it on their chest because I don’t want them to rub it and get
it into their eyes so usually I’ll do it at the bottom of their feet after a bath
and put socks on at night and it helps out tremendously and then this was the
most expensive thing it’s the Elderberry but you guys aria is
always sick especially since she started preschool and I know this is an immune
support and I love the Zarbee’s brand so I just got it I think it was $13.99 but
I’m pretty sure it was 20% off on the target circle app and then I got an
additional 5% off with my target red card so definitely worth it ok then I
got these lollies they are organic lollipops for kids they are
throats soothers so it’s basically like sucking on a hall’s but they are
flat so it reduces the risk of choking but they do say for ages 3 and up.
she wanted the strawberries I thought I grabbed it but I didn’t realize this
is a variety pack so it does come with a watermelon strawberry and orange mango
so I’m hoping these will help her throat since she’s been coughing so much
and then we just grabbed more boogie wipes for the baby and then I could not
find the I think Johnson’s has it it’s like the vapor soap so they didn’t have any
more so I went ahead and got the Fridababy their bath bombs but they’re like
vapor bath bombs so I usually give the kids a bath together which I actually
have a night routine going up on Friday so you guys will see hopefully this will
help them sleep at night – I’ve never actually used this but I do love the
fridababy product so I’m sure I’ll love this – this is just an off purchase
but I have been eyeing balling this for a while so its a financial planner and I keep
saying I’ll get it next time I’ll get it next time it was only three dollars so
it has everything it does like weekly spending and you can add it up so you
could just kind of stay on track and it’s small enough I could put in like
the diaper bag or wherever I go but this was the last one and with my target if
it runs out they’re not getting it back so I definitely wanted to grab this they
have other ones to like work out ones and I want to say a daily planner but I
really needed something for finances and then the rest of the stuff I got to make
my taco soup so some cheese and some canned goods I got corn beans tomatoes and
diced peppers and then for me I did get it’s an immunity booster because like I
said I can feel I’m getting sick and I really don’t want to so it’s just one of
those tabs that you drop into your drink and hopefully this will help kind of
like an emergen-c and stuff and then i just had to stop off at Starbucks
because the baby was sleeping and I just want to be able to
take advantage the fact that he’s sleeping get some cleaning done because
I could not get any cleaning done yesterday and my house is a legit
disaster you guys I got Aria her chocolate cake pop because my patients
has been super-thin whenever I’m sick I just I can’t do it and with both of the
kids being sick it’s hard and I’m trying not to and I don’t want to take things
out on her but she was being really good at the store so I just wanted to get her
something that’s like a little bit of a reward to say thank you she’s being so
sweet she kept going mommy I love you for myself I just got the bacon and
Gouda I love those those are my go-to and then I just got a grande Starbucks
double-shot with vanilla and soy milk I don’t like the classic syrup so I always
substitute it for vanilla or like one of the seasonal flavorings if I’m getting
it during like Christmas or something like that I’m going to finish up my
laundry because I’ve been saying that for two days and then get dinner started
and I’ll show you guys I’m dinner in a little bit the strawberry lollipop okay come here
sweetie oh no we don’t eat we don’t eat that
here’s the biscuit instead you want a biscuit Oh yummy that’s not good job
okay mommy’s gonna take your temperature your hair ready oh excuse me brother do
you think you’re green or red opera huh you’re green
you’re still a little high though you’re at 99 but thats alot better okay oh you
are green again how’s your throat it’s being better mmm that’s good tastes like
fruit juice yummy yummy oh good job
ah no more boogers I love you oh my goodness I love you so much
leave your sister alone no I can hold your sister too yes your sisters awake
you gotta wait I’m sorry okay its 2:47 oh she’s in away better mood
I did not mean to fall asleep I think this happens all the time I would love
to come on here and say that listen to your bodies ladies take a nap when you
need to take a nap but the truth is I was pretending to sleep so he would go
to sleep and I fell asleep so happens a lot I’m doing much better she was
throwing a tantrum earlier because she was fighting her sleep usually I try to
get them down by 12:30 but it was 115 I think when we came upstairs
definitely overtired so hopefully that nap helped she woke up in a really good
mood usually she wakes up crying but we’re doing good so I’m gonna go
downstairs get the kids situated with some food and then start dinner okay it is 3:16 eric is usually off
earlier on Mondays and whenever I make soups I just fill or stews – I feel like
the longer it simmers the better the flavor is so I normally will do this in
my crock pot but my crock pot wine are like the ceramic part broke on me
because I was trying to do too much at once and I was holding Ezra and I don’t
even know what I was thinking you guys know how that is also I feel like I do
this recipe different every single time and I feel like I always forget
something so you’re supposed to do a packet of seasoning or top of seasoning
but I have this so I never buy the taco seasoning packet but you’re also
supposed to do a packet of ranch dressing seasoning and I forgot to get
it so I’ve never done it with the actual ranch dressing hopefully it doesn’t mess
things up and then because I’m not doing it in my crock pot for the onion I just
threw it in the microwave for about a minute just to soften it up and that was
a tip from my mother-in-law who I got this recipe from but because of all the
seasonings and like the green chili that’s in the soup it really helps with
like sinus and I swear you guys we always feel better whenever we make this
so this is definitely our go to like sick day taco soup it’s great oh that’s why I was trying to tell you all this
earlier but it was super foggy in here and as we kept playing with the door
but I let the shower without the kids in there run on just straight hot water for
about a minute this way it filled a room with steam and
that’s really gonna help it kind of acts like a bit of fire so while they’re in
here taking a bath so bravely and all that steam and helps break up all that
we kiss and stuff so that’s a little tip bringing it to you but I’m gonna pull
them out and get them dressed for bed I love you good night sweetie I love you
all right guys kids are all cleaned he is ready for bed – I’m going to take out
all the trash because I did not get to do that and tomorrow is trash they put
him to sleep and then take an Epsom salt bath myself so this way I don’t catch it
I was kind of filling it whenever I get sick I always know because it feels like
there’s water in my nose but this was not the video I had plan for today
that’s mom life for you you just you can’t plan when your kids are sick so um
I hope at least this video gave you some tips or tricks to do when your kids are
sick what medicines to body those lollipops worked amazing I gave her that
one before her nap and she didn’t call during her nap I wish I woulda gave her
another one before bedtime so hopefully she can get through it yeah but that is
all for today guys you are new and you want to see more motherhood lifestyle
health videos don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button along that
notification bill so you don’t miss any of our videos I upload weekly and as
always guys I love you and I will see you in the next one kisses oh that’s

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  1. Hey loves, this was not the video I had planned for this week but this is totally mom life, and we can't plan when the kids get sick. I wanted to share what I do when it's a sick day in our house along with what our go to cold medicine and dinner is when we are sick. I hope this helps you one day. Let me know how your littles ones are doing!

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry you're all feeling so punky . . . no fun, especially when you're all foggy-headed and still have to Mom. Ezra was eating blenderized taco soup? Right ON, Ezra! I'm glad he enjoys it. It really is the best thing for wot ails ya; it's such a surprising side effect to just a regular soup! My throat also feels a lot better after having a bowl. Too bad it also doesn't take care of the aches. I weirdly had them for a whole week in mid-December for no reason. I wanted to cry, too, LOL! ☺️ How sweet was that kiss from Ezra in the kitchen?! Awwww, such a little love! When Eric was three years old, I came down with a stomach virus while I was at work. I dragged myself to daycare at the end of the day, picked him up, came home, and lost my lunch again. He surprised me so much. I told him that Mama didn't feel well, and he became the best little nursemaid ever. I was laying on the couch, and he would come and put his hand on my forehead to feel my temperature, pat me reassuringly, make sure my pillow and blankie were comfy for me, kiss my cheek . . . I was awake the whole time and just resting, but he would come and check my vitals every half hour or so! D'awwww . . . :::melt::: ❤️ He's always been a very caring guy, going waaaaaay back. The kids are sure to pick that up from the both of you! Big hugs and kisses all around from Grammy and GramPaul, and I hope you're all feeling much better real soon!

  3. I’ve been wanting a journal too!! I’m gonna get one! Lol

    Hahha that ALWAYS happens to me! I usually “pretend” to fall asleep so Stella can sleep 🤣 Also your soup looks super delicious girl!!

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