Hey Guys it’s Ro Welcome to Another Nerdy Nummies! I got so many requests from you Guys to Make something Else Shopkins Themed so that is Exactly what We are Going to be doing today I Really Love This Little Character She’s Like A frozen Yogurt Named Yo-chi She’s Adorable I Found her in Season 1 A special Edition but I also Found a little Different Version of her in Season 5 So She’s Pretty Fancy Because We Already Made a Shopkins themed Cake I thought it Would be fun to Make A Different Kind of dessert Because She’s A frozen Yogurt I wanted to Spice it up just a little bit so today We are Going to be Making a white chocolate Greek Yogurt Mousse to look like Yo-Chi Let’s get started! the things you will need will be: Three and a half Cups of white chocolate, two different measurements of Cream: We have three cups of cream and one cup of Cream, 1 cup of Greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon of butter, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, 1 packet of gelatin and 3 tablespoons of cold water You will also need for some toppings: fresh blueberries, mint leaves, Raspberries and Strawberries Then To decorate some blue frozen Yogurt Cuts Now, Let’s put it all together the first Thing that We’re Going to do Is combine our Water and your gelatin and Mix it Up and then set it Off to the Sides of bloom it Just Takes About 3 To 5 Minutes and then We are going to take our White chocolate The 1 Cup of Cream Vanilla extract Butter and Greek Yogurt Organ Stones in A Medium-Sized Sauce Pot Pour in The 1 Cup of Cream Greek Yogurt Vanilla Extract and Butter then Turn The heat to medium Whisk the ingredients Together and Bring the Mixture to a scald you’ll know when it’s Scalding because Small Bubbles will form all Around the Edge of the pot Once Scalding Turn off The Heat and Whisk in The Bloomed Gelatin until it’s all Melted Then Pour The hot Mixture Over the white chocolate give it a shake to Completely cover all of the Chocolate Allow the Mixture to sit for 3 Minutes and then Whisk together until Smooth and all the Chocolate is melted Now Take your mixture back to the baking Station Time to add our last Ingredient We’re Going to be Adding the three Cups of Cream to the mixture that, We made over on the stove slowly We don’t want to splash you do to do to do to do to you mix it all together using our whisk you See and Now I’m Just going to cover it with a piece of Plastic Wrap and Then put it in The Fridge to chill for 12 Hours While our Yogurt mousse is Chilling in the Fridge We are Going to decorate our Yogurt Cups To Look like yo Cheese There’s Two Options to decorate here one Is very Artsy Fartsy Which I love and the other One is Easy Mode I made an Easy Mode Option in case you wanted to have like A Shopkins Themed Birthday Party and You Wanted to Make 40 of These you probably Don’t want to be Freehand Drawing all of ut’s little Faces on Every Cup it’s Probably going to Take a lot Of Time so I made This little Template in Photoshop I’ll put a link Down Below if You want to use it you Just cut it out and then wrap it Around the Yogurt Cups to Decorate I’ve got a bunch of Different Colored Paint Markers Crimson Burnt umber Rose light Pink Fluorescent Pink and White use the Crimson Paint Markers to Draw a little Squiggle on Top then We’re Going to draw the Dots Around the squiggles then using Burnt umber draw two big Circles for the eyes Can’t forget our lashes Can Add a little Details Here Here and Here Add a little Nose and Mouth then using the colors Rose and light Pink fill in Parts of The Squiggle The Dots The Tongue the Eyes Add some Fluorescent Pink Touches fill in The Eyes With some Crimson using Burnt umber is going to fill in the Center of The eye and Left but at Least I’m going to Finish off These details with the white highlight here are the two Options for Decorating your Yogurt Cups We have the hand drawn or the One using the template Both Yo-Chi’s are Adorable so you Can Pick Whatever you’re in the mood for our Yogurt Mousse has Chilled and They’ll Scoop it Into a larger bowl because We’re Gonna whip it Up and when that’s Happening it’s going to Double in Size so We want A lot of Space so whip it Up I’m going to be using my regular Hand Mixer with A whisk attachment Start On A low Speed Because it’s very Thick and Advocate Slider move it up to your Speed mix it up until it’s light and Fluffy This Usually Takes about Three to five Minutes now Coupe This Into a little Piping Bag with a star Tip at the end you want to Make sure it’s A big Star Tip we’ve got our Yogurt Mousse Ready we’ve got our Yogurt Cups Ready and we’ve got our Fresh Fruit? Topping Start With my little Strawberries and i cut off the Top cut Them in Half so come I do this to about half my Strawberries Add Some in The Bottom of my Cup i’m also gonna put A few Raspberry Inviting Berries Now I’m going to fill up the rest of the cup with my yogurt Mousse yum yum yum yum yum yum yum for the final Decoration Step I’m going to Add some Fresh Fruit toppings to the Top of our Yogurt mousse to look just like Yoshi Tada Here is the Shopkins Themed Yochi dessert that, We made Today? We made a yogurt mousse Recipe topped with Fresh Fruit and a Garnish of mint Oh Nom Nom Nom Nom nom I’ll be Posting the recipe in A bunch of Pictures on Rosanna Pansino Com Instagram Facebook and Twitter Should You Check Them out There and if You guys Make this dessert Please Take a Picture and send it to me I’m noticing your baking Creations It Just Makes my day it Makes me Happy and if You have any other Ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies Please Let Me Know leave me A comment down Below and I will do my best to Make it happen Oh I almost Forgot you want to Enjoy your yogurt Mousse with a pink Spoon because that’s what she likes Thanks again you Guys for suggesting something Shopkins This, was so much fun bye

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