Şeyma Subaşı İle Soru Cevap – Bölüm 1

Şeyma Subaşı İle Soru Cevap – Bölüm 1

I am ready. Yes. I am ready. By the way sorry for my voice guys. I apologize. I found the reason why it’s like this. You know why? When you try to talk to someone in loud-music environments, when you go out, and you try to communicate, you get a hoarse voice. And this has nothing to do with having cold drinks or anything else. It’s definitely about talking there. So why would you prefer talking instead of dancing in places with loud music. I don’t get that. I’m silent from now on (Shall we begin Şeyma?) Bismillah. Let me drink my coffee first. (Let’s start with Youtube first if it’s OK for you) (Because when you opened this youtube channel,) (people had different thoughts in their minds) (They said ”She’s out of money!” etc.) (What do you want to say about it?) So… Yes… We started with a harsh question. So Youtube actually… isn’t a platform I’ve been in and watched for years. I was not interested in it. I was not into it. So… I was just using Youtube… to find the tracks which I wasn’t able to find in other platforms… and to watch music videos. Now the situation is a bit different. For years I have had many people who came to me with this whole idea of creating a Youtube channel, shooting videos and etc. But, Milena, Dilek… Actually, until you came, I did not have this in my mind in a professional way. But thanks to the energy and trust I got from you… I decided to start. So…I… I’m a person who likes to take pictures and videos by phone. I always film my daughter as you know. She almost grew up on my Instagram account. I am interested in these kind of things. So, I thought about the idea of someone filming me and my life… and starting a channel based on it. And I liked it. Our first and second try was good. I very much liked it. That is why, I will keep doing it from now on. As a team, we are trying to find different and new contents for our followers. This is the reason why we started and will keep doing it. It has nothing to do with shortage of money or etc. (I want to talk about this praying thing…) (because It has been talked about a lot.) Yes it is. Because I said it. Right. (You said that you do pray.) (Did you stop doing it? People want to know about it…) (because they always see you partying.) (Have you rejected religion or stopped praying?) Yes…They seem very much apart. I agree. I cried a lot. My parents never skipped their praying routines. My dad used to drink alcohol before… and my mom has never had alcohol in her life. I have a family which has very religious relatives. It doesn’t show. I know. So… I very much believe in Allah and that is the way we were raised. I’m raising Melisa the same way. It’s funny how we talk about religion with my daughter. She understands it very well. I’m teaching it to her in a very cute way. I hope they are right. I cried a lot and I was sad in those days. And…Really… I sought refuge in Allah and I prayed a lot. I read Kuran 2 times. It is about your heart. It’s about your heart and your mind. It is about what you give and what you think… and what your intentions are. You get what you give. That was the reason why I started praying. I was not drinking alcohol. I was performing ablution in the correct way even I was pregnant. I was praying while sitting when I had only 2 weeks left to birth. I even fulfilled the prayer ruoutine before I gave birth. Later on… I know that you are going to write thousands of comments about this. I know what you are going to say well. Unfortunately… Actually I don’t mean to say unfortunately because I am happy. Todays conditions, the situation we are in, new generation, social media, my life, etc. led me to the opposite. I was not able to pray. And it goes on like this. But this whole stopping praying thing… I hope I will start it again one day. This does not mean that my heart and thoughts have changed. It doesn’t mean that I want to hurt someone. or gossip about them. This is not a situation like that. This does not mean that I think like that. My heart, my thoughts and my belief has not changed. My prayers have not changed. I’m a person who prays every night. Every morning I pray for being able to breath… and I thank to Allah for how lucky we are. That is why… Shortage of money, etc… These kind of things won’t make me sad. Even though I am saying that I’ve been through a lot, I only went through heavy marriage problem. Thanks to Allah, I did not have any health problems. (And there is the maintenance payment issue.) (People are saying ”Isn’t that enough”. Is it enough?) (Is maintenance your only source of income? What is the situation?) This is the most asked question. Isn’t it? Everyone is talking about this on their tweets… I don’t get why people are so obsessed with this issue. I don’t know if it is right or wrong to tell that. I don’t want to say I don’t care about it also but… I am getting maintenance payment from a man I’ve been with for 10 years We have a 6 year old daughter. I’ve devoted myself to that man from when I was 18 to 28 years old. I’ve devoted the most beautiful times of my life, my teenage years to him. I was in love with him. Our marriage did not work but we have a beautiful child right now. We stayed married for a year and then we got divorced. I am getting a maintenance payment from that guy. This is the same for every divorced couple. I hope it was clear. I don’t know if there is a better way to explain it. (So Isn’t your maintenance payment enough?) No… I’m joking… There is no possibility that my maintenance payments are not enough. Luckily it’s enough. I also make money except from the maintenance. So… (So maintenance is not your only source of income) Yes… It’s not. The maintenance payments I get from him is not my only income. Money is not our only relation with Acun. There are some unknown things behind this. But people are only questioning my maintenance amount. There are some things that you don’t know. You can still gossip about it by saying ”He is paying her 125.000 TL”’ (While talking about your other incomes…) (Your latest collaborations are drawing a lot of attention.) (People are saying ”Şeyma Subaşı is taking swipe up ads”) (Do you want to say anything about i?) Yes. I have some things to say about it. Since you know me because of my ex-husband… and you think that I am not working. constantly travelling with him and having fun with my child I did not have the opportunity to work in my whole life. I should have done this before But the situation was different. I did not have an opportunity like that. I am kind of a person who makes good use of the opportunities in my life… and who knows how to live life to the fullest. I improve myself with this. You may use yours, your friends, your husbands, your boyfriends money on… bags, expensive jewels, high end parties, I used it to improve myself, to meet new people abroad and to be happy. I used it differently. So… I was not able to work back then. But now, I..Şeyma Subaşı… I am working now. I don’t get what the problem is. I am working well. It is fun. I am having fun. 2 million people are already watching my Instagram stories. Apart from them, I also share daily stories. You like watching them. I’m not being forced to do something. This is already a part of my life. (Let’s get to the next question) (How are things at ”Healthyish Cafe”?) (Are you gonna carry on or are there any other projects on your mind?) (What’s going on? It’s something that’s being talked about.) I will answer this question with all of my honesty. Okay? Are you ready? Now 1-2 years ago, let me tell you this and I always say it anyway. From Tulum, Los Angeles,
New York, London to Mexico, wherever I’ve been… I’ve always been in a healthy state of
mind. Going to healthy shops, healthy cafes, healthy restaurants to taste them. And for last 6-7
years, I’ve turned out to be very interested in it. 2 years ago, I
suggested it to Acun as a Project. How would you say it? Like ”I want to bring these over here.” ”They have this here, but we don’t have it in Turkey.” ”They have a lot of pilates stuff but
we don’t have this.” ”There is a system here called green lover for people to focus on more greens,” ”…more healthy stuff, focusing on looking after one’s self.” To bring it over here. And I brought here the Healthyish name, it’s menus, the colors, everything was decided by me. Healthyish was established with my efforts together with team. We opened Healthyish
restaurant which has healthy nutrition’s, food, smoothies and acai bowls. It went really well
at first. Of course, this was because I was famous, Acun was famous, because we both opened it. Both of our popularity was at a maximum level. That might be why. But we realized after 3-4 months customers are still very satisfied, they love our food, they gave us an award, it went really well. My whole situation started this summer. Since April, back then I went to Miami for a long time, before that I was in Tulum in January for a month. Then I went to Phuket. Then, February March I was constantly abroad. April, May I was in Ibiza for 6
months. Let me tell you how cafe-restaurant business works. If you’re not there managing it,
it will never do business. “What are our outgoings?” “How much of that have we sold?” “We need to put the price down.” If you don’t chase after these details, the business will not work. And our bad luck… well I don’t want to call it that but… Me going abroad so much and not being
there managing it has dropped it’s energy. Because I am the owner, everyone knows that, If people come when I’m only there this system will never work. It’s not like that. When I was there, I even
gave my employees good energy. They also rose with my energy. When I left, to focus on something else, Healthyish completely fell from its employees, to its food. I’ll say in terms of energy not quality. Because our food is still very good. When it fell, maybe customers weren’t as satisfied anymore, everything changed. Truly, truly our rent is very high. We’re
paying a rent amount you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Because it’s located in the best place
of Bebek. As you know we are opposite Lucca. The thing with my business is that we don’t
sell alcohol. We are only trying to make out the 80.000 TL which is the rent amount, I’m not even talking about the personnel outgoings, with smoothies and healthy food. We do earn it. But I’m not getting anything in my pocket. That’s why my opinion is, which I have only just thought about, entering a business at one time and exiting it at the right time is a right step I don’t want to lose more money and think “Oh this month we’re at the top then
checking next month saying “oh we’re doing good business” and let’s check next month.” When I have other stuff going on and thinking of other projects that are going fast and so well, on one hand trying to socialize, on the other hand traveling abroad, I can’t stay there just as Şeyma Subaşı equals Healthyish. This is what I realized. For the last couple of months going through all this, If I’m going to be Healthyish equals Şeyma Subaşı, as just Şeyma a café owner yes, I will carry on doing this. I can do it. But this isn’t me. We made a reasonable decision, we are looking at some options, but It looks like we will close it down. IN THE NEXT EPISODE… (Burcu Esmersoy, Oğulcan Engin you were friends with people like them, you were always together.) (Why aren’t you seen together anymore?) (Did Acun exile you to Miami during your pregnancy?) (Do you ever consider getting married again? Do you want to?) (What do you say about the Magazine programs who have their hooks on you?) (They have come to the point where they insult you.) (Why are these people so harsh on you?) No no it’s good. I’m going to post it.

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