Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a special guest, Day 9! Sean: Or, or as I’m known as a normal person,
I’m just Sean today! Sean: Interesting fact, I’m actually sitting
down right now. Ro: No he’s not! Sean: I’m 6 foot a lot and Ro’s 5 foot.
No you’re 4’10” aren’t you? Ro: Shhh, shhh, shhh, shhh! Ro: Today, we’re gonna be making some Settler
of Catan Cupcakes! Ro: We made 37 cupcakes, we didn’t want
to show making them, Ro: because, that, that takes a lot of time!
So, just use whatever your Ro: favorite recipe is to make your cupcakes. Ro: I used a, vanilla, yellow box cake mix. Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do
is frost all of these cupcakes. Ro: We need 18 water, so we’re gonna start
with the blue ones! Ro: We’re gonna have a little bit of extra
help today, because there’s a Ro: lot of cupcakes! Ro: Boom! Blue is done! Sean: It was surprisingly
hard for me to actually Sean: get the edges, I realized I
don’t have the tender finess Sean: needed to gently smooth icing on cupcakes
yet. Ro: Ah, smash, smash! Sean: Even, I just sort
of, like, beat it and I was Sean: like, it’s not fixing itself, is there
a way to duct tape a cupcake? Ro: Now we’re gonna make 3 red cupcakes
for the brick cupcakes. Ro: We’re gonna frost these now. Sean: Because
you always need brick Sean: early game to build those roads and
towns. Ro: We’re all done with the red, now we’re
gonna make forest! Sean: That’s the other early game resource,
because our baking builds Sean: follow our gaming builds. Ro: We’re all done with the green and now we’re
gonna make 3 black cupcakes Ro: for the mountain, ore, stone? Sean: Yes
the city building resource, Sean: I think it’s the most important resource! Sean: So Ro, we’ve encountered a problem.
Ro: Yes, the problem was, is that we Ro: were frosting too slowly and the frosting was starting to set, Ro: kind of get, um, hard, versus really,
really sticky. So, we’re gonna Ro: dip a few of them right now, so I’m
dipping the blue ones, into Ro: this blue crystal sugar! Sean: And remember, it’s color coded, you
dip blue into blue. Ro: Yeah! Ro: It’s blue into blue! Look at that, ta-da! Ro: So we’re just gonna do those to get
them out of the way right now. Ro: Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Sean: Do you always make those sort of adorable
noises when you’re baking? Ro: Yeah, well I feel like it helps me better. Sean: It’s kind of like when, when Bruce
Lee is like wha-cha! Ro: Here you try it! Sean: Makes the strikes
stronger. Ro: Try it, try it, try it! Sean: Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Sean: Yeah. Ro: Yeah! Ro: Now we’re going to make 4 cupcakes light
green, to differentiate them Ro: from the forest. Dark green, light green,
dark green, light green! Ro: For pastures? Sean: Yeah, sheeps do not
live in forests, at least Sean: not normal sheeps. Ro: No! Sean: Most
of them stay out in pastures Sean: grazing. OK, so, we’ve, we’ve spread
pasture on the cupcakes, but Sean: what is, what is the pitty-patting doing? Ro: Top-top-top-top-top! It’s to make it
look like grass, so if you Ro: take your spatula, or mustache-ula, and then
just go tap-tap-tap-tap-tap! Ro: It makes all of the frosting kind of stand
up and it looks like that. Ro: We’re on the home stretch of frosting,
we have this color, I made with Ro: food dye, it’s tan? Sean: It’s tan,
it’s the color of wheat! Ro: Wheat. Sean: Wheat, and I’m actually
originally from Kansas, and I Sean: can actually say that that is a very accurate
color choice for wheat. Ro: Why thank you! Ro: OK, so we have 4 wheat cupcakes, and then
this 1, is going to Ro: be the 1 desert piece, and I’m going
to let you dip that Ro: into graham cracker, want to pull up the
bowl? Sean: Is this… Ro: Take a look at this,
this is a bunch of graham crackers Ro: that I threw into the blender, and it
looks like sand. Ro: Ohhhhhh, snap! Sean: Oh! Ro: Now that we have frosted all of these
cupcakes, we are going to Ro: decorate them! Ro: For the first thing that we are going
to use to decorate the Ro: top of these, will be: Candy rocks! Ro: Those will be for our ore. Ro: These are black licorice candy, and we’re
gonna take 2 lighthouse Ro: pieces and put them together to be the
little robber that Ro: goes on desert. Then, pretzels! Twizzlers!
They’re the little chunks, Ro: what are they actually called? Nibs! Ro: Next we have green Airheads. White Airheads,
we’re gonna mold little Ro: sheep. Yellow frosting, we’re gonna
kind of just pfft, pfft, pfft, Ro: pfft, pfft! To make hay mounds. Ro: Now, we’re gonna take a little bit of
black frosting, and we’re Ro: gonna stick it on 1 of these, a licorice,
a black licorice lighthouse. Ro: Now we are taking the watermelon Airheads,
merp! Ro: Which are this light green color, and
we’re rolling them, Sean’s Ro: doing it right now, and it looks like
a christmas tree! Sean: And, um, I’m just gonna cut it off
at a size I deem appropriate. Ro: Yeah, you can do whatever you want. And
we’re gonna do 3 trees for Ro: every forest, just stick ‘em right on
there, boom! Ro: We have finished making all the yummy
trees, da-da! Ro: Out of Airheads, and now, we’re gonna
make the little logs out of Ro: the pretzels! You break these, might have
to use little scissors. Sean: Into halves or thirds? Ro: Into just
small. Ro: In smalls. Into smalls. Ro: And then look, you do 3, and then 2, and
then 1, make the little, Ro: um, pile of wood! Ro: Now we’re gonna make haystacks! Just
pretend that these are dots! Ro: Haystack! Ro: We made a last minute, executive decision…
Sean: It was her idea! Ro: Triscuits! Sean: I squeegeed on some of my neon haystack,
but it needed to look Sean: a little bit more wheat-y! Sean: Time for step last. Ro: Yes! Ro: We’re gonna make some sheep. We have
to make 4… Sean: Yeah! Ro: 4 sheep, out of Airheads, baaaaaa! Sean: Neagghhhppp! Ro: Neh-heh-heh! Sean: We’re either making sheep or a dolphin
with a Sean: cold calling for a mate. Ro: Neh-eh-eh!
Sean: Neagghghh! Ro: Eh-eh-eh! Ro: So we’re opening the Airhead, these
are the white ones, what Ro: flavor are these? Mystery White! Ro: Is that bubblegum? Ro: Watermelon? Sean: I think it’s just the leftover juices Sean: from the other Airheads they make. Ro: Ba-da! Here is the little sheep that we
made. We rolled the Ro: Airhead, like so, put a dash of frosting
for his head, Ro: And then we took 2, they’re candy covered
sunflower seeds, I found Ro: these at, I think World Market. And 2
candy eyes! And it makes this Ro: wonderful sheep! Sean: We have thusly completed the act of
creating 4 extremely surprised Sean: sheep. Now it’s time to arrange it
into a big 37 cupcake Sean: grid! Ro: Yes! Sean: And play some settlers. Sean: Ladies and gentlemen I present to you,
the Cupcakes of Catan! Ro: A-da! Sean: Hooray Ro! Ro: Hooray! Sean:
Thank you for having Sean: me on the show! Ro: Thanks for coming!
I’ll put Sean’s link Ro: below so you can go check out his channel, he plays lots of Starcraft and casts Starcraft, and he also Ro: likes tabletop games. Sean: That’s true! Ro: You do a tabletop show, so I’ll put
the link to that too. Sean: Why thank you Ro! Ro: You won didn’t you? Sean: I… Totally!
Ro: Yeah! That’s what’s up! Ro: OK, thanks for watching Nerdy Nummies
you guys, if you have any Ro: other ideas, or suggestions, please leave
me a comment below and Ro: let me know what you want! Ro: OK, bye-bye! Sean: Eat cupcakes! Ro: Lots of them!

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  1. I've never in my entire life eaten a sing jolly rancher, poptart, reece's peanut butter cup, or reece's chocolate bar, I've never even tried peanut butter, never had an airhead and never made or eaten brownies.

  2. My name is Delia and I'm 8 years old. Well, almost 8. Me and my sister Gwen love Nerdy Nummies! We just went to Disney and my little sister wants something Mickey and Minnie really bad please? Thank you!
    Love Delia and Gwen

  3. I can't believe how much your channel has grown I absolutely love your videos and I got your cook book I'm 12 and I love baking I already done some recipes from you I love you ♡♡♡BTW I'm a girl 😊😁

  4. I knew something was wrong when at the intro both of you were about the same height coz I knew ro was tiny and Sean was like 6 foot 5

  5. The people that say that there taller then Ro so what we're not supposed to be the exact same height as everyone else no one even really cares how tall you are anyway

  6. Saw this and I love my last name being recognized. It's a rare family name but this game is cool. Even if people pronounce it wrong :/ kaw-tan btw

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