Sesame Balls Recipe (Chinese Dessert Jian Dui / Goma Dango) | Cooking with Dog

Sesame Balls Recipe (Chinese Dessert Jian Dui / Goma Dango) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, make a space in the center of the sticky rice flour and add the sugar to the spot. Pour in about half of the water and dissolve the sugar. Now, mix in the flour from the center to the outside while gradually pouring in the rest of the water. If the dough is too soft or too firm, it’ll be difficult to wrap the filling so add the water a little at a time. Mix until all the flour is moistened. Rub your hands with a small amount of sesame oil and remove the dough. Roll it into a cylindrical shape. And cut the dough into 5 equal pieces. Shape each piece into a ball. Now, press the center of each dough ball, making an indention. Enlarge the hole until the anko ball fits. Then, add the anko, sweet bean paste and spread the dough around it. Make sure that the dough has an even thickness and shape it into a ball. Repeat the process for the rest of the anko balls. Next, slightly dampen each dango. And coat it with sesame seeds. Gently press the dango and the sesame seeds together. If the dough is relatively soft, wetting might not be necessary. Repeat the process and you’ll have 5 goma dango. And now, let’s deep-fry the dango. Heat the oil to 140~150°C (284~302°F) and place the dango into a pot. With kitchen chopsticks, rotate the balls while cooking. This will help the dango to rise evenly, giving them a round shape and even color. Treat the goma dango gently like your first date so the sesame coating does not come off. Cook the dango for a total of 4 to 5 minutes and then turn the heat to hight. A tip to making crispy goma dango is to deep-fry at relatively low temperature and then bring up the heat at the end. If the oil temperature is too high, the sesame seeds will burn before the dough cooks. When the surface is deliciously browned, they are ready. Remove and drain the excess oil. Jaaaaaan! The freshly-made gooey dango are delicious but the sweet bean paste inside is piping hot so be careful not to burn your tongue. The anko mixed with walnuts or ground sesame seeds is also delicious so you should definitely try it out. You can also use pumpkin or sweet potato paste instead of bean paste. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. We have this in Indonesia. Part of Chinese snack but not too common. My neighbour used to made this. I love it so much but inside is crush peanut and sugar.

  2. 干蒸烧麦虾饺凤爪马蹄糕萝卜糕叉烧包咸蛋瘦肉粥艇仔粥桂花千层糕。。。我五讲了,你地自己稳视频。。。。。

  3. OMG I thought the title meant that they were literally cooking with dog, like using dog meat… I disliked it right away but I understand it's just cooking with a dog sitting watching.. now that i think of that it's kind of cruel to do to the dog..

  4. in Indonesia, the food is called "Onde-onde" and for the filling we use green beans. It's so yummy when you tasted it while the food still warm😍😍

  5. Just made these! They are perfectly chewy, soft and crispy! I used mung bean filling for mine as well! Also, no explosions which I'm happy about 🙂

  6. Awww, so bittersweet seeing Francis. 🙁 Such a sweetheart. Very sad that he passed…but happy to see his memory is and will be celebrated and live on every time we see these older videos with him in them.

  7. These are occasionally at my buffet !!!! I love them!!! Ahhh…want some now . I regret taking so long to try them . I thought they were just pretzel balls! Not full of sugary mochi like goodness 😢😢😢

  8. The Chinese restaurant near where I live used to serve these, they were amazing, I was so disappointed when they stopped, can't wait to make my own.

  9. Any suggestions to substitute the sesame seeds? I love this dessert but I have a bad sensitivity/light allergy to sesame seeds and sesame oil (I know… So sad).

  10. We also have the same thing in Indonesia but we fill it with sweetened mung bean paste. I didn’t know it has Japanese/Chinese origins. Amazing!

  11. じあんづいが大好きです I have wanted to make them for more than ten years but didn't figure it out until now! ビデオをありがとうございます!

  12. Is there a good way to store these? I wanted to make a larger batch for a party but I know the ones I've purchased in store got hard after a day or two. Would freezing them work well?

  13. This food in my country, Indonesia, also exists. The name 'onde-onde' is really similar. Only the contents are different. In Indonesia it contains green beans.

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