SERVING TEA AND LOOKS | Work It Out w/ Larray and Twaimz EP 4

SERVING TEA AND LOOKS | Work It Out w/ Larray and Twaimz EP 4

So why don’t we make some coffee
guys. (Larray and Issa laugh) – Oh it looks like she’s
doing your job today. (smack) – Oh my God! That was so good. – Welcome to Ugly Mug, I hope
you enjoy your mug, ugly. Are you trying to sabotage me? Look, do you want a coffee or
not, sir? I’m sorry, you asking
too many damn questions. – [Issa] Larray, stop. (upbeat music) – Hey guys what’s up, it is me
Larray. – And it’s Issa and welcome
to our show, Work it Out. We are trying out a
bunch of different jobs and today we are here at Ugly
Mug Cafe and we’re gonna be baristas because I love coffee, he loves
coffee. I personally love coffee a
little bit more because I am a crack addict! And by crack, I don’t mean
actual crack, I mean coffee. – The amount of black
coffee you consume a day. (Issa laughs) Your lungs, your organs are
(beep). – Don’t talk to my liver. – So today we’re gonna go inside and we’re gonna meet the owners. – I think we’re gonna put our,
you know, taste buds to the test because
my taste buds for cold brew? (smooches)
– Snaps, ooh. – I say let’s go inside
and meet the owners, yeah? – I agree.
– Let’s do that, come on camera. (upbeat music) Hello! (Larry and Issa laugh) Hi!
– Hi guys! – I’m Issa, nice to meet you. – Hi Issa.
– I’m Larray. – Hi!
– Nice to meet you! – Oh my gosh.
– You’re so pretty, oh my gosh – Let’s do crack! (cheers) (crickets chirp)
(Larray laughs) (beep) – Are you guys ready to get
started? – Ooh, are you sure you
want us at your store, we might burn it down. – I’m sure I’ll be fine because I can actually listen
to people and take orders, but my friend over here, um. – Could you listen to people?
– Yeah! – Hmm, just saying, you don’t
listen to your therapist. – [Ross Gellar] I’m fine,
’cause really, I’m fine! (Larray and Issa laugh) – Okay, so let’s see if
you guys can listen to us, let’s start there.
– Okay, sure. – I’m down, let’s do it. – So first, we’re gonna
get you guys some t-shirts. – Okay.
– Oh. I’m down, I love gifts.
– Let’s get you some t-shirts. – I love gifts. – All right, there you go.
– Is this velvet, oh my gosh. – Put that on. – Y’all come get your merch. – I’m just curious, how did
you guys start this shop? – Yes I can answer that for you. So my husband and I, when we
were 19, that’s when we met, we worked together and every
time we would take a break or even after work, we
would go and have coffee. – That’s us.
(Issa laughs) – We would sit and have coffee and we would talk about one
day opening a coffee shop, so 20 years later, don’t
tell anyone it’s 20 years, 20 years later, here’s our
coffee shop. – [Issa] Oh that’s so cute! – Wait, so you work here.
– Yes. – Oh my God so you’re an
employee. – Yes.
– Not their daughter. – No, no. But they’re like my parents. I moved here in January.
– Whoa. – I can’t stop staring at your
hair. It is actually, you look
like a country singer. – Like Taylor Swift.
– Oh my God, you’re it! – Oh my God she would,
yes Kacey Musgraves! She looks just like her. – What are you guys most known
for? – We’re most known for
our Unicorn and Galaxy. – Ooh.
– Oh! – Very special drink here.
– Okay. What does that include? – [Emily] Yeah so our Unicorn, it’s pink and it has whipped
cream with unicorn sprinkles all over
it. The Galaxy is blue and
it has whipped cream and galaxy sprinkles all over
it. – Unicorn is me.
– You could add espresso and make it a latte. – So we can make our
own drinks today, right? – Yes. We’re gonna teach you how to do
it first. – I would love to see that. – And then we’ll see how you do and then maybe you can
get a little creative and come up with your own idea. – Okay.
– Okay, I’m ready. – Let’s move this way a little
bit. – Oh should we change first? I think we should change first,
let’s change first come on. – You wanna change first? – I’m sorry I have to go change. – All right go change.
– In the other room, ’cause I’m insecure, it’s okay. (runway music) (Issa laughs) – Hello.
– Hey. – Missed us?
– Do we look good? – ‘Cause we missed you.
– You look great, yes. – Of course. – Looks like you’re ready to go. – Let’s begin. – So why don’t we do a little
competition, see who makes the better drink and then we’re gonna
sell ’em to our customers and go from there. – So what are you doing, Larray? – Minding my business,
what are you doing, Issa? – I was talking about
the flavors of our coffee that we’re making today,
but if you wanna go there, we can go there.
– Go there. What are you making?
– Let’s go right here then. – What are you making?
– Do you wanna battle? – What are you making? – I am making a peppermint
toffee mocha. What about you?
– I was going to do that, but then I thought it was really
basic, so now I’m just gonna do a
raspberry mint latte, love. I would like Sarah on my team. – Okay.
– You can go there. – You get me.
– Come on girl. – Let’s do it.
– Come on Sarah. – Let’s do it.
– Let’s go. (airhorns blow) – Two pumps of the peppermint.
– Okay. – Okay, yeah you’re so close. Okay, go, yeah crank it, yeah. – Oh my God that smells so good! (machine hisses)
– Nice. – Okay wait let me see if I
remember. (gasps)
– Careful, it’s heavy. (machine whirs) – Tap it harder, use your
muscle. – Mixing and mixing and mixing
and mixing. – Larray!
– Oh my gosh! – Oh okay.
– You got it, you got it. – I feel like I’m gonna break
something. – No you’re fine. – [Sarah] Beautiful. – Back up, back up, no cheating! – I’m not cheating, I’m just
peeking. – Beautiful. – Like a lavender moment, you
know? – Yay! (claps) – I think I wanna try this one. – And that is my drink. – So what do you call this
creation? – I’m gonna call it the Cinnamon
Goddess. – I like that. Ooh. – Am I trying this?
– So you have to try mine, I’ll try yours.
– Okay. I’ll be honest, only ’cause I
like you. – Can you hurry? (Larray sips) (Emily chuckles) – It’s too strong. – Shut up.
– It’s very, very strong. That’s all I have to say. All I taste is cinnamon and
strongness. – That is not strong at all! – That is so strong. – Let’s see how not strong yours
is. – So we’re gonna call
this Better Than Issa’s. Do you like that? – Not so much.
– Yes. – Okay yeah, I like it. – Try it, sweetie.
– I would love to. – It looks really good.
– It looks really good. – [Issa] God (beep) it! – He likes it. – It’s kinda good. – That’s ’cause we have– – Why isn’t mine that sweet? Wait a minute. – Here Rhianna! (claps) – What the (dolphin chirps)? – Is it really good? Do we stan? – It’s actually so good.
– I wanna try it. – Wait what milk did you put? – Oat. – Oh. – Oh my God that’s so good. – All right guys, so you
both have your drinks, you know the names, it’s time
to sell ’em to the customers, see what they think and
we’ll determine a winner. – Got it. Buy my coffee, buy my
coffee, buy my coffee. – All right guys, man your
stations. I see the people coming in. – Hello, welcome to Ugly Mug! Your outfit is amazing, oh my
God. – Appreciate that man. – Your outfits are both so
amazing. – You guys look so good.
– Actually, like, just amazing – We kind of match, you know? – Are you guys together?
– Yeah. – Beautiful couple!
– Thank you. – We need kids.
(couple laughs) – Slow down.
– Apparently so, apparently so – Let’s just wait. – You should really try my
drink. – No.
– I personally, in my honest personal opinion,
you should try my drink. – What’s in the drink? – Explain yours first.
– You go first. – Ladies first.
– Okay of course. So my drink is called Better
Than Issa’s. This is Issa. And it has a raspberry moment with a little peppermint on the
side with some whipped cream and some
sprinkles with marshmallows on top, it
slaps. – Mine is called the Cinnamon
Goddess, it’s a peppermint and English
toffee with a little caramel
drizzle and cinnamon on top. – [Female Customer] Okay. – But have you guys seen
the cinnamon challenge? People like, choke on it.
– Oh yeah. (man coughs and groans) – No you don’t want all that
cinnamon. – But I put just the right
amount. (man gargles) – He put a lot.
– Yeah it’s great. – You know I’ll try
the Better Than Issa’s, that sounds pretty good, yeah. – I’ll go Cinnamon Goddess, you
know. – I got you girl. – With almond milk is fine for
me. – So.
– Just watch out. Girl.
– Coffee grinding? (coffee grinder whirs) – Okay I got this. – If you get sick, I’m really
sorry. I don’t really hear that hiss. – You got that micro foam ready? – You know–
– We can always help them out. – It’s weird that this store has
a grade A when they allow rats inside. – Really?
– I got your cup, it’s coming right up, it’s
really good. Yours, you might have
to go to the ER, girl. – Look at that!
– Oh thank you. – Here you go.
– Oh my goodness! – Thank you.
– It’s amazing. – Wow, sprinkles, marshmallows
and whipped cream. – Lavender, the Instagram
filter’s there. – Yeah go for it. – [Issa] You look scared. – Just so much to get
to it, but it’s good! Oh wow, yeah, hey there we go! Hey!
– Awesome! – Did you hear that, Issa? It’s good. – I can’t hear you, sorry. – I’m excited for this Cinnamon
Goddess. – You shouldn’t be. Hi, welcome to Ugly Penguin.
(laughs) Welcome to Ugly Mug. We’ll be right there,
you stay right there. Stay put, okay? (sexy music) – The customers started pouring
in and automatically I see some eye
candy, but I kept a mental note,
’cause you know, why not? Here you go, the Cinnamon
Goddess. Oh wait, sorry, would you
like a little caramel drizzle? – I’m okay without the caramel. I feel like it’s gonna
be awesome without it. – Go for it girl! – All right. (intense music) – [Girls] Oh my God! – Oh, well that’s not bad. That’s not bad at all. – Not bad.
– Okay I actually like that a lot.
– Thank you! Oh my gosh!
– Like Yelp review, what are we doing, five stars,
four stars? – That’s a definitely four and a
half. – Four and a half, oh!
– Oh wow! (people chatter) Thank you! So would you like an English toffee
peppermint, Cinnamon Goddess? – Or would you like my drink?
– Decisions, decisions. – Mine looks better.
– Yeah, it looks good, yeah. – I got you. – What did you rate his, just
curious? – Oh I mean, this was, I’d do
five stars. This is worth it, I’ll give the
five, but to each his own, to each his
own. – Thanks, guys!
– Thank you guys so much! – [Larray] Bye, hope you enjoy
your drink and your dirt! – Would you like mine just
to see the difference? – If you’re offering. – Let’s do that! Let’s do that. – Let’s see if you can do
it by yourself this time. – Okay.
– Without having help. (smack) – Oh my God!
– That was so good! – Damn! (laughs) Hi, customer!
– Hi! – Hi, how are you? Do you like cinnamon? – Yeah I guess. – Do you like coffee? – Yes, I do like coffee. – Do you like raspberry, though? – I actually don’t like
raspberry. – Hold on, before you say
you don’t like raspberry, you are so pretty and
you need a raspberry, you should try it. Do you have a boyfriend? – No, I don’t. – Do you have a girlfriend? – No.
– Do you want a boyfriend? – No, not really. – Do you want a girlfriend? – [Customer] Nope. – Do you want friends?
– Yeah! – Yes, friend. – Do you know what friends love? English toffee and peppermint
together. I know it’s actually so
good, do you wanna try it? – I can agree with him, yeah. – I got you.
– I’ll let you have her. – As you should.
– Here’s your drink. – Yeah, can I actually get that
in a mug? I’m gonna be here a while. – A mug?
– Yeah like one of those? – Did you not just see me do all
that? – You did a great job I just– – But didn’t you just see
me do all that, and you? – But I have to be, in a mug would be better. – Oh, mug.
– Thank you. – Got you. Ugh, Laugh, Be Still, Be
Humble, Lovely, Bon Jour. Ugh.
(guy laughs) I got you. – That’s a good pour.
– It is, amazing, right? Enjoy. Welcome to Ugly Mug, I hope
you enjoy your mug, ugly. – Stop touching me, stop! Larray, stop! Larray! – Hi! Welcome to Ugly Mug, home of the
Ugly Mug, how can I help you? – Hello.
– You look very peachy. – Oh.
– Very red. Speaking of red things, have
you heard of raspberries? Do you like raspberry and
peppermint? – I do like raspberries and
peppermint. – Just stay right there,
don’t say another word. Just stay.
– Okay. – Just look pretty.
– Okay. – You stay right there, girl. What’s your name?
– MacKayla. – MacKayla?
– Yes. – Got you girl! – Here is your Cinnamon Goddess,
love! – Thank you. (chuckles) Careful. That’s actually really good! – Thank you! – Thank you!
– Of course! What drink are you getting,
love? – Something raspberry and
peppermint. – That’s really unfortunate,
I just wanna apologize. I’m really sorry that you
have to go through that, but it’s okay.
– Oh okay. – You know what, Issa.
– I’m sure it’ll be fine. – Look at me doing this, y’all,
I’m doing the damn thing. – Did you order yet?
– No. – Oh no, what would you like
today? We have two specials today,
we have the Cinnamon Goddess which is English toffee and
peppermint, or you could do something that’s not so popular amongst
this shop which is a raspberry
peppermint, but your choice. – Your shirt’s red like a
raspberry, our best drink here. Look at our Yelp reviews. You want one? – Where are the beans sourced
from? – I’m sorry? – Where are the beans sourced
from? – The beans?
– Yeah, for the coffee. – The beans are from Latin
America. (siren wails) I can’t hear, there we go. The beans are from Cuba. – Cuba.
– Yes. – What’s the body like? – I need to stop, I’m going
crazy. – What’s the body like?
– Yeah. – The body is a very–
– Just tell him it’s light. – The body is a very beautiful
physique. It works out five days a week. – Wait what do you mean, body? – So the body of the
coffee is like the coating, it kind of
– Slim (beep) on your tongue after. – Oh, amazing. – On a scale of one to
five, how acidic is it? – Look do you want a coffee or
not sir? I’m sorry, you asking
too many damn questions. – He can have 21 questions,
baby, I don’t think it matters. – By the way, my drink
is the cinnamon one, so if you don’t like me,
I have the cinnamon drink. You should try the raspberry
one. That’s his, it’s really good. – Cinnamon Goddess. – Cinnamon Goddess,
there we go, love that. – No, no, no.
– Hey sweetie. Here’s your drink.
– Oh okay. – [Larray] It looks amazing,
huh? – Yes. (chuckles) Okay.
– You’re gonna fall in love, I know.
– All right. Okay so it’s very sweet
like right on the top. – Right. – It’s okay. I think you might like
yours a little bit more. – Is this the cinnamon one?
– No this is the other one, this is like a peppermint one. – It’s a lot, it’s very sweet! (beep) What did you expect? Do you want me to feed you
water? I put a lot of effort in that
drink. – Some people’s teeth are
sensitive, babe. – I’m very sorry.
– No you’re fine. I totally understand, not
everyone has good taste. – Yep.
– It happens. It happens to the best of us. – That’s really good customer
service, there, Larray. – Thanks.
– I’m sorry. Have a nice day. Hi guys, welcome to Ugly Mug. How can I help you guys? We’ll be right with you
actually, just stay right there. Your hair looks amazing. – Thank you. – I hate this so much. (clock ticks) – I’m gonna have to go with this
one. This one’s just fuller, I don’t
know. – Fuller. – That felt so good, I feel warm
inside. You’re still gonna lose. – I’m gonna kill you. – Hi, welcome to Ugly
Mug, how can I help you? – Hello. – Are you guys actors? – No. – You guys look famous, oh my
God. – Thanks.
– Oh my God. Okay, okay (laughs). – Can we have a coffee? – Yes, sir.
– Is that an option? – What would you guys like?
– What would you like? – [Issa] We actually have two
specialties. – Oh okay.
– So are you a peppermint guy? By any chance?
– I’m a hazelnut girl. – Ooh.
– Oh! You know, we could switch
it up just for you. – Just for you– – Would you like a toffee and
hazelnut? – Yes. – Okay, yeah!
– I could do that if it’s vegan.
– Do you like raspberry? – I’d love a fruit thing.
– You love fruit? I got you. You stay right there. – I’ll make, you got a special
one. – I like your hat.
– Thank you! Oh my gosh! – Ooh, honestly good. You just made this all right
now? – Yes, all me, all from the hat. – Wow, well I do love the hat. Are you seeing anyone? What, who said that? (Emily laughs) – Huh?
– Are you seeing anyone? Is this weird, not the
place, not the time? – God.
– Okay. – Yeah.
– Oh, good answer. – Saving till marriage. – I’m gonna run. (chuckles) And I put myself out there. Bye! – Don’t worry about that. – Here’s your Cinnamon Goddess. – Thank you, thank you very
much. – Of course. Try. – It’s actually very good. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you, thank you! – Thank you!
– Thank you so much! Have an amazing day!
– I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you for coming, please
come again! – Yeah, and order my drink. – I think you both did amazing, you both did really, really
well. – Thank you. – However, the winner today is: Larray. Larray won, let’s get him a
prize. – [Sarah] Aww, yay! – Oh my God I’m so excited! Oh my God when you lose
a streamy to Mr. Beast but you win coffee
battles by Issa. (smacks) – [Sarah] Oh my God. – Oh I get a cape?
– Oh my gosh. (Emily hums)
– Oh my God, I feel like I’m in Game of
Thrones. – Oh my God you kinda look like
Cruella. – (gasps) A crown? – And the reason that Larray
wins today is because I have to say you
were very quick and efficient with your customers, you made
more drinks and served to the customers
and I did love your creativity with your whipped cream–
– The ones were made. – And the marshmallows.
– Period. – And those purple sprinkles. – I did do that. – Hold on, that’s not all you
get. – Oh my God can I actually keep
this? Can I actually, oh my
God this is is a T-mo. – There’s your trophy! – Oh my God.
– I’d like a review. I’d like an assessment and
review. I’d also like to file a lawsuit. – Against who?
– Against you. – For being the king?
– Awesomeness TV, that other camera looking at me, and that other camera looking at
me, and back to this camera looking
at me, and back to this camera looking
at me. All three of you cameras,
I’m suing you all. – So I was crowned Coffee Queen
by Emily because I just served the most and I was serving you drinks,
face, looks. Issa was serving us fleas,
cold drinks, dirt, water. (laughs) And we decided
that I was the best worker and she gave me the Coffee
Crown. – Thank you guys so much for
watching. Be sure to subscribe to
Awesomeness TV as well as us and if you guys are located
in Burbank, California, please make sure to check out
Ugly Mug and follow you guys where? – On Instagram,
@theuglymugcoffeehouse and also on Facebook
@theuglymugcoffeehouseburbank. – Period, and your guys’s
coffee is just so good, so. – It’s really good, it slaps. – Just again, thank you for
having us. But we love you guys so much
and we will see you later. – [All] Bye! – Bye guys, love you!

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