Sculpt a fondant face in 5 MINUTES!

Sculpt a fondant face in 5 MINUTES!

Hey happy bees today I am going to share with
you how to create a fondant face in 5 minutes this is s super easy simple way to make a
human face for fondant figures sometimes we dont have an hour to put into sculpting a
fondant face so this is a quick easy way to do it if you are a beginner take some flesh
coloured fondant or polymer clay roll into a ball use your finger to create an indentation
half way down use a cake decorating tool to care out some eye sockets roll some flesh
coloured fondant into a tiny teardrop shape to create a nose use a ball tool to make it
more nose like mark the position of the mouth use white fondant to fill in eye sockets smooth
eyeballs out with your fingers use black edible paint to create eyelashes and eyebrows and
if you want to create a full human cake topper fondant figure ill link my playlist above
use black fondant to create eyeballs use white edible paint to create catchlights roll
red fondant thin to create lips use some flesh coloured fondant to create ears and theres
your fondant face in 5 minutes I hope you enjoyed this video

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  1. Hi, Amanda. You are very sweet, charming, and thoughtful, and your accent is beautiful and adorable. What's your best tip for going to the crafting store? Have a good day, Amanda. <3

  2. Hi Amanda…love the video, chalk up another subscription. I have one question though…as a beginner I'm constantly struggling with fondant that seems to warp at the slightest touch. Do you use any additives to make it easier to work with when you're doing this kind of detail stuff?

  3. That video was helpfull. What do you use for the white dots on the eye. Is it a brush or another tool? And is it paint? yes? which brand?
    If I paint it with americollor the white will get grey if it contact the black pupil.
    Good luck with the next video

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