SameSite Cookies – Chrome Update

SameSite Cookies – Chrome Update

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  1. Ok, very nice 👍Setting the flags and opening console on this site (youtube) is generating a lot of warnings now… 😁 (Chrome 79)

  2. Big corporations make live of small to be more harder until they died – this is real reason for changes!

  3. the best part is Safari and iOS12 treating `SameSite=none` as `SameSite=strict`, and they won't backport the fix from 13 to 12

  4. The chrome 80 beta version's 'samesite' flags are defaulted. However, you changed two of them to enabled. Does this mean that when Chrome 80 production version releases, it will have these two flags enabled by default ?

  5. But if you want integrate this movie now with SameSite=none in IIS, it will still never work 🙁 Chrome 80) Chrome the new IE 6 !!?

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