Salted egg pastry – How to make in 3 steps (蛋黄酥, 鹹蛋酥)

Hello everyone. I’m KP Kwan from Today I’m going to show you how to prepare salted egg yolk
pastry which is a very popular Chinese delicacy,
especially during the mid-autumn festival and Chinese New Year. What’s so
special about this pastry? It is unique because it is similar to puff pastry but
less oily, and yet when you bite on it, it shattered into multiple pieces. In this
video I will show you first how to make the pastry following by the filling.
So let’s take a look. Let’s take a look at how to make the pastry. Mix the
following ingredients together. This is a high gluten flour, that’s the glour that
we use to make bread, and low gluten flour, the flour that we use to make cake. Icing sugar already sieved, and a little
bit of salt. And then we combine the dry ingredients by adding some water. From here you can proceed to knead it by
hand just making bread or use an electric mixer, The mixture will eventually combined
together to become a dough. Once becomes a dough now add the butter and continue
mixing. Keep kneading for five minutes just like
making bread. Now we transfer it to a cling firm and keep it in the refrigerator. We move on to make the oil dough. In a
separate bowl, add the cake flour to the purified butter, then combine both. After
the flour and the butter combined, it looks like this. Again cover with cling
film and keep in the refrigerator. While we are waiting for the pastry to firm up
in a refrigerator ,let’s move on to prepare the fillings. These are the
salted egg yolks, already separated from the white. But you can still see that
there are some white there. So what I’m going to do is to take the yolk and put
it under running water to remove all the whites. After rinsing under running
water is clean now, but is still wet. So I’ll pat dry with paper towel. Add some
cooking oil to the york and then mix the yolk together with the oil, set aside for
half to one hour. The purpose is to let the yolk to absorb some oil so that
after baking it is still yolky and not too dry. The second ingredients for the
filling besides the egg yolk is the Lotus paste.
You can also use red bean paste if you like. Portion it to 25 grams each and
then roll it to become a ball. Now take a portion of the Lotus paste, use
your palm to press it down and try to make it into circle, with the center a
little bit thicker the site a little bit thinner. And then take one of the egg
yolk put it right the center, wrap it up. There’s no special techniques as long
as you are able to wrap the egg yolk inside the lotus paste. So it is quite simple, the filling only
consists of two items, the paste and the yoke. If you are not using it right away,
shrink wrap it to prevent the lotus paste from drying. Now we take out the water
dough from the fridge, it is much more firmer now. Now we portion it to 18
grams each and then we roll it into the shape of a
ball and again keep it refrigerated for a while, let it relax. Similarly divide the oil dough into 10 portions. Now take a portion of the water dough, roll it out
to become a circle then put a portion of the oil dough on top, cover it,
turn it over and make sure the oil dough is encased fully inside the water dough.
Keep it in the refrigerator for half an hour let it relax. We take out the
dough from the refrigerator, put it onto a slightly floured surface, and then roll
it out this way, to the front to the back, to the front very lightly to the back,
don’t be too ambitious or you may break it . So that is good enough and then after
that roll it back like a croissant, like a Swiss Roll and put aside. When you finish the last one, put it back
to the chiller and let it relax for another 15 to 20 minutes and make sure
you cover it. After the pastry has relaxed, move
from the refrigerator and repeat the rolling for a second time. And when you finish, keep in the
refrigerator and ready for the third. Now row it for a third and final round, and
is now ready to wrap the filling. Now we take one of the pastry, press it
down and fold both ends together, squeeze a little bit, press it down again so the folding side will be on top which is the the inner surface of the pastry and the shiny side will be the outside that is a presentation side of the pastry. Now we
roll it out to form a circle, then take a portion of the filling put it on top,
fold it over like this, and fold it down like this, and this will be the top of
the pastry, and this is the bottom. Turn it over, use your hand to slightly close
the gap. Make sure that the filling is completely encased inside, and this will be the bottom and this
will be the top of the pastry. Put it onto the baking tray. Prepare the egg wash. Crack an egg. Only use the egg yolk. Beat the egg yolk and then filter through a
strainer. We will use this to apply to the the surface of the pastry before baking. Apply some egg wash on the surface and garnish with some sesame seed. Bake
it at 175 degrees Celsius top and bottom temperature, medium rack, for 35 to 40
minutes or until it turns golden brown. Forty minutes is up. Remove from the oven. That is how it looks like after baking. Although it’s still very warm now, I
just really want to show you how it looks like inside. This is how I prepared the salted egg yolk
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I’ll see you again. My name is KP Kwan. Be for now.

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