RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 7 – Must Be Nice | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 7 – Must Be Nice | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi! So, in conclusion, history is good Ignorance is bad Therefore, read a book Miss Ruby Rose! So glad you could join us Unfortunately class is nearly over RUBY: Oh well, you see, a crazy thing happened before OOBLECK: DETENTION! One day OOBLECK: So, in conclusion- RUBY: Hello! I being exchange student Also now, I am not being late. This is when we get to class in my country! OOBLECK: AH! Welcome to Beacon! OOBLECK: Hold on, you have a little something on your lip RUBY: No! Wait! RUBY: HOLY CATS, MY FACE! OOBLECK: DETENTION! Two days OOBLECK: In conclusion- OOBLECK: I will be right back There is something that requires my attention immediately outside RUBY: Yes, I made it Oobleck is no match for my cutting edge stealth. OOBLECK: DETENTION! One, two, three days! UGH, I’m gonna be sick! RUBY: I made it! HAH! RUBY: Nobody can remove me from this stage! NOBODY! Wait, where is everyone? OOBLECK: Ah Ruby, just in time for Saturday detention. SON OF A- YANG: Weiss, you are always so mean! WEISS: Deal with it. YANG: I wish you would be more like Pyrrha She is always nice NORA: That’s not always a good thing JAUNE: And that is all of the one-liners I think we should incorporate into our fight. So what do you think? *Pyrrha strains to get the word out* PYRRHA: Boy, you are just so creative CINDER: Settle down, peons! Let’s get this evil class started ROMAN: Look, maybe these amateurs need it, but I’m a criminal mastermind! This class is an insult to my dignity Who did that?! Mercury!? MERCURY: Iunno? CINDER: Everyone focus! Today, we’re learning about booby traps MERCURY: Hah, she said ‘trap’. CINDER: Quiet! I need to concentrate! This is a very delicate procedure With the addition of this EVIL candle VOILA! One deliciously evil cake Ready to explode Any questions? MERCURY: When’s lunch? CINDER: I meant about the cake! NEO: Is it gluten free? What? I don’t… what does that have to do with anything? ROMAN: Yeah, I am not crazy about cakes. Can we do a nice flan instead? CINDER: How can you booby-trap flan?! MERCURY: Hah, flan. CINDER: Are there any questions specifically about making this booby-trapped cake? EMERALD: Yeah, I don’t really understand how this is supposed to work… It’s clearly just a cake with a stick of dynamite in it CINDER: [Growls] You’re clearly not grasping this concept SEE! Now, when you lean in to blow out the candles.. EMERALD: Uh… Cinder? CINDER: YES! Emerald, what could you possibly still not understand about this concept? EMERALD: Well… NEO: Happy Birthday! CINDER: Oh… [Cake-splosion!] CINDER: I. Hate. Teaching. PORT: Tell me about it.

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  1. Pyrrah must have alooooooot of repressed rage, i wouldnt want too push her too far she has the power too destroy the Kingdom of Vale, and be one the most menacing supervillians ever shes basically Female Magneto "Too much Iron in your Blood"

  2. Ok all of Merc's lines in this Episode are Amazing! They actually seem like things me and my friends ask/do in class

  3. Oobleck: in conclusion-
    Oobleck: ah miss rose so glad you could join us
    Oobleck: unfortunately class is nearly over
    Ooobleck: DETENTION! 1 day

  4. Cinder: Booby traps
    Mercury: Hah she said traps
    Me: At least we know Mercury is mature and evil enough to know whats funny…

  5. I like Mercury in this episode XD
    Cinder: any questions?
    Mercury: When's lunch?
    "Ha! She said trap."

  6. Me in Cinder's class:*Raises hand* Can't we just poison the cake to be more subtle, make the dynamite look more like a candle, or do both?
    Cinder: A-uuumm

  7. If the creators of Teen Titans Go are wondering how RWBY Chibi is better than Teen Titans Go? That's because the company that made the original RWBY also made this, not from a different creator. Rooster Teeth have the same action and funny content for both shows

  8. Talking about Cinder Roman Mercury and Neo and the other one one with the green hair thinking about their plan always goes to Tasty Cake when it goes to completely blows up in their faces I like Neo the way she holds up that sign that says happy birthday and then kaboom

  9. When you don't want to say something wrong out loud!
    Cinder: we are going to learn about booby traps
    Mercury:she said trap

  10. In the villain class:

    Cinder- Most Powerful
    Neo- Best Defensive Fighter
    Mercury-Best Offensive Fighter
    Roman- Most Intelligent
    Emerald- Sneakiest

  11. Cinder Fall: Today we’re learning about booby Traps
    Mercury: Ha She said Trap
    Me: Okay Good Luck For Your Evil Plan Cinder Fall and I going to destroy Rwby Team

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