Rum Balls रम बॉल्ज़  | Kunal Kapur Christmas Recipes क्रिसमस रेसिपी हिंदी में | Festive Xmas Winter

Rum Balls रम बॉल्ज़ | Kunal Kapur Christmas Recipes क्रिसमस रेसिपी हिंदी में | Festive Xmas Winter

Guys, I just love Christmas because it is one such festival where I get to eat and enjoy some really good cake. And, cake is my weakness! I am placing my tiny – little Christmas tree there and today we are going to make some ‘Rum Balls’ So, for making rum balls I am using this ready – made cake, you can either use
a cake or muffins or even vanilla cake or some leftovers of rusk we are crushing the cake adding some candied fruits or tutty – fruity to it chopped pistachios, chopped almonds, and some chopped cashew nuts I am adding a good quantity of cinnamon some elaichi powder and crushed cloves
cloves have a little bitterness and a generous pinch of nutmeg To prepare the rum balls, we need to moist the mixture Here i am using some Rum Just in case, you do not consume alcohol You can easily replace it with fruit juice
such as orange juice But obviously, it is going to be Orange Balls,
instead of Rum Balls Now, if you notice, I have some molten dark chocolate I am going to add some of it to the mixture Next, we will add some melted butter (salted) Now, it’s time to use those hands and
get them dirty and mix everything The idea is to make it moist enough so that
when you roll/ squeeze it with your hands it forms round balls, Using light hands shape the balls This is the last one! It is ready! Next, we are going to spread these balls in a plate, and we are going to deep – freeze them for about an hour so that these firm – up perfectly This goes in the deep – freezer. It is now approximately one hour!
We have taken them out of the deep freezer Now, slightly, we are going to loosen and remove them re-shape the balls gently
we don’t want to touch them a lot Now, we have some molten dark chocolate We will next take the rum balls, drop them into the chocolate and completely cover the balls with it Next, with the help of a fork
remove the balls from the chocolate and slide it on the surface Again repeat the process and slide the balls Here is the last one We have some molten white chocolate with us. We are going to drizzle it over the balls to give it more beautiful look
very easy, very playful. We are going to keep the balls aside for sometime such that the chocolate settles down completely You can even place these
balls in the fridge for sometime We have some more balls
which we are going to dip in the cocoa powder remove the balls from the cocoa, dab them lightly and then place on the plate Repeat the same step Since we are covering the balls in the coco powder these are going to be a lot more bitter Let’s take a look at the chocolate rum balls They are absolutely set We are going to gently push the surface lining
so that the ball loose the surface easily Look at that! This goes here.. Next one And, the last one! One last thing, you can make these rum balls in advance inside the deep – freezer for about a month. As of now, these Rum Balls are done!

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  1. I love to cook i love all my cooking ingredients like hell… I love cooking channel as well which made me subscribe your channel too…. Waiting like crazy to watch your style of making rum balls… Will definitely try this Christmas… Lots of love and blessings for you and your family…

  2. #Waooo sir..Rum Balls.. Its too yummy… I m just thinking Wht I made special on X-mas..Now I finally find so i will cook it..Thanku sir thanks a lot..😘😘☺☺💞💞

  3. Kunal sir can u pls let me know the name of the dark chocolate u used ? Its difficult to find chocolate here where I stay if u tell me the name I can buy online pls….

  4. Sir why jab Mai pizza ka dow banata Hu to osme se smell aati hai or microwave mera 200'degree vala hai to usme 🍕 pizza banate vakt kachaa rah jata hai please sir……..
    How too make pizza in microwave IFB or KON si Best yeast hai

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