Rosemary Butter Cookies

(polka music with vocalization) – Hi everyone, I am Jason
Barrows with and today we’re going to
delve into holiday baking. It’s that fun time of
year where you’ve got lots of things to do and
lots of baking to do. One of the things that I like to make around the holidays are icebox cookies. Icebox cookies can be made ahead of time, they’re time savers, you
can put them in the freezer and then just cut and
bake when you need them. Today we’re gonna make
rosemary butter cookies and I’ll show ya all the tricks and everything you need
to do to make them, so let’s start baking. (polka music) So our first step, we’re
going to cream our butter and our sugar for about two minutes, we want that nice and creamy
and incorporated, get going. (mixer whirring) So now our butter and our sugar
have been creamed together. Ordinarily with most baking recipes, you want all of your ingredients
to be room temperature. Sometimes you might pull your butter out and it’s not quite ready,
but if it’s close enough, one trick that you can do is if your butter’s in your mixer spinning and you have a metal bowl, you
can take and cup your hands gently around the side of the bowl and the warmth from your hands
will transfer to the bowl and actually start to
melt slightly the butter so that it can cream a little bit faster. So it’s just a good trick if your butter’s just
a little bit too cold. So next we’re going to add our egg and our vanilla to the mix. And we’ll just mix them
until incorporated. (electronic reverberations) If any butter has crept
up the sides of the bowl, just make sure you scrape
those down just to make sure that all the ingredients
get mixed together. (mixer whirring) All right, now it’s time
for our dry ingredients. We’re going to add our
salt, our chopped rosemary, and all-purpose flour. So we just want to mix
this until just combined, we don’t want any dry flour, but we also don’t want to
overwork the dough either. (mixer whirring) So now it’s time to empty our dough out onto our work surface. I’ve got two pieces of parchment here, since we’re going to split these
in, the dough in half here. So we’ll just sort of eyeball it. So now we wanna form our dough into a log, so I’m just going to
make a log shape there, kinda flatten it out. And then what we’re gonna do is we’re going to take
our parchment paper, you can also use wax paper
here, either one works. We’re going to lift the parchment paper up and over the dough and then we’re gonna use a
ruler or any straight edge and we’re gonna push
them on the other side so that it pushes the
dough out to the ends, perfect cylinder, and completely out, so that we’ve got a nice roll,
so here we go, up and over. So I’m gonna take my ruler
on the backside there. I’m going to hold the
bottom part of the parchment and I’m just going to push
towards the edge there. And you can see how that’s
starting to tighten up. If it’s not moving quite
as far out as you want, you can just unroll it, help it along a little
bit, just kinda, back over. Gives you a nice, even roll. So we’re going to just completely roll that up into the parchment. This needs to set for
about an hour in the fridge before we roll them into sugar. And one way that you can
retain the shape of the dough is by using an empty paper towel holder. Save these for holiday
cookies, they are a great tool. So we’re going to put our cookie dough inside of the paper towel holder. So you’re just going to get it in there. And now when you put it in your fridge, it’s going to keep a nice, round shape, you won’t get that flat bottom,
no one likes a flat bottom. And when you put it in the fridge, it’s gonna be in there for about an hour. And then once that’s set, we’ll roll that into some
coarse sanding sugar. So just put this into the fridge. So our cookie has been
resting in the fridge for about an hour, it’s nice and firm. Now we’re going to roll them
into coarse sanding sugar. Sometimes it’s hard to find, most cake decorating outlets
or online will have it. If not, you might be able to find it at Williams-Sonoma or Sur La
Table, one of those places. If not, just use regular
sugar, it’s not a huge deal, it’s just nice to have that nice crunch that comes along with the sanding sugar. So we’re gonna put the sanding sugar in a rimmed baking sheet just to kinda keep it all in the area so it doesn’t go off
your work surface there. And then we’re just going to roll that over the sugar, back and forth. I wanna make sure it’s a nice even coat. Once that’s nice and coated, we’re going to slice these cookies. We’re going to slice them
into about 1/4 inch rounds. We’re gonna put them on a baking sheet with a Silpat or parchment paper. And we’re going to put those into a preheated 375 degree
oven for about 10 to 15 minutes. So we’re gonna cut these
into 1/4 inch rounds. I’m gonna put these on our pan. And then we’re gonna put them
in our oven, 10 to 15 minutes. If you wanna rotate them
halfway through, you can, just make sure they’re nice
and even, and here we go. (playful music) All right so we’ve pulled our cookies out. They’re slightly golden around
the edges, that’s perfect. So we know that they’re
going to be nice and crisp. So there you have it, easy
holiday icebox cookies. If you have any questions or comments, please leave ’em below, and we’ll see ya next time, thanks. Hi everyone, I’m Jason
Barrows with Jerry James bluh.

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