Rose Cupcakes! Decorate Buttercream Rose Swirl Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Rose Cupcakes! Decorate Buttercream Rose Swirl Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Red
Rose Cupcake Tutorial. Today, we’ll be learning how to make this
absolutely gorgeous red rose cupcake. I will be starting with a chocolate cupcake.
Some tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I have my pre-colored red buttercream frosting. You can see the consistency of that is quite
thick for piping. If you are having troubles getting your buttercream frosting to that
consistency, we also have a buttercream tutorial. Feel free to check that out.
I’ve pre-made some fondant leaves. Now these ones need to be made a day or two in advance.
We do also have a tutorial on making fondant leaves so please also feel free to check that
one out. The buttercream frosting has been colored
with a Tulip Red Gel Paste Food Coloring. It’s my personal favorite food coloring for
getting a really nice rich red color in buttercream. If you can’t find that one, we also have just
a regular red available from Coles, Woolworths or your regular grocery store or we have the
more commonly found red gel paste, which you’ll find in most cake decorating shops.
I’ve also flavored my buttercream today with a little bit of Cherry Brandy Liquor Essence.
I’m going to be making mine a choc cherry cupcake.
We have some tiny little two-millimeter silver cashews, which we’re going to use to decorate.
And I’m using a disposable piping bag today. You don’t have to use disposables. It’s just
my preference for the day. You can a Loyal piping bag or any other brand
you’ve got. We’re using that in conjunction with the Wilton
1m piping nozzle. That’s a 1m and you can buy that through cake decorating stores.
Well the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to twist the top of my bag just to keep
all that icing where I want it. I’m going to hold it with my left hand. Because I’m
right-handed, I’m going to use my right hand to apply the pressure onto the icing.
I’m going to start in the very center of the cupcake. And I’m just going to apply moderate
pressure. I’m going to hold it in the middle as I squeeze
just for a couple of seconds, quite slowly I’m squeezing to get that lovely rose bud.
And then I’m going to just swirl it around the outside. And you go… tapering off in
a downward direction. There you have your beautiful swirl.
Now you may have noticed, I didn’t put the piping bag too far into the icing. I’ve really
just…almost let the icing fall down onto the cupcake.
Straight away, I’m going to sprinkle that with our silver cashews. You do want to get
those cashews on there as quickly as you can. As soon as the air hits the frosting, it will
start to dry. And if it dries out too much, those cashews won’t stick. That could be a
little bit of a nightmare. I’m going to take two of my leaves. You can
use one or two. It’s completely up to you. I’m going to push them into the frosting,
just until I feel them go unto the very top of that cupcake. There’s one and there’s the
second. So there’s your two leaves. And there’s your finished product, a beautiful
red rose cupcake. You can make those in all sorts of colors
or I’d suggest maybe red, pink, white. Make a whole garden bed of roses.

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  1. Hi there, Lynn here, I just brought some of the red colour you use, I have never used before do you have a problem with the fact red food colouring tastes awful if you have to use a lot, any tips on how to combat that

  2. If you're using Americolour or Spectrum TULIP RED (my fave brands) you shouldn't notice any taste at all. Some of the wilton gels leave a taste, and the queen liquid colours, but only because you need so much. The tulip red shouldn't require as much colouring and has never left a noticeable taste for me 🙂

  3. i'm so excited my mom is letting me get stuff off of amazon and I'm getting everything you have recommended for a cake decorater like cookies cutter sets, extracts, giant cupcake silicone mold, corn syrup food colorings!!!!!!!
    i'm so happy!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this decorating tip! I've just finished my cupcakes! They're looking really great and I'm glad that I've learned how to do it! Greetings from Romania!

  5. Thanks so much! Positive feedback is always warmly received 🙂 Lots more to come so will definitely be keeping up the tutorials xx

  6. if this is you're second vid (i went all the way down in my subscription thingy to see your first one, cookie monster!!!) then how do you have your buttercream recipe?

  7. Very observant! When I first started the channel, I filmed a whole lot of tutorials that included some of the basics (frosting, leaves, giant cupcakes, cake pop recipe etc) that I knew I'd refer to throughout, and I uploaded them all close together. When I first started out though, only about 20 people would watch in the first day or two, so it wasn't as important to have everything in order as it is now 🙂

  8. I finaly found out why I could never get my cupcakes to look like yours. You are not using a Wilton 1M tip in this video. You are using a 2D tip. Could you please look again and verify please?

  9. Wonderfully simple technique, wonderfully demonstrated! I love your accent and your voice too, you're a fantastic teacher 🙂 Thank you for asking the time to do these videos!

  10. Thank You soooo Much this really helped me out i am making cupcakes for my birthday party and i thought hey lets make some roses and well this showed me exactly how to do it so thank you so much! 😀 – And Also I love your australian accent 😀

  11. I Made Those For my Parents They Love It i really impressed by my idea

    Srry My english is not good im 11 and i live in another country

  12. Hello, can you tell me if your cream cheese frosting that you show with your red velvet cupcakes could be piped in this fashion and hold up? Thanks for your time and your videos..:)

  13. If u live in america u can buy the 1m wilton piping tip at a store such as Target Walmart or Michaels. I bought it at target and it also came with 3 other tips as well as 8 disposable piping bags.

  14. How do you tint the frosting? Can you just use liquid food colouring from Woolies or do you have to buy special stuff?

  15. you can tint it with liquid but it changes the constancy, it makes the buttercream a little more runny, if it does just adjust the amount of powdered sugar in your recipe to make a better consistency

  16. No real reason, it just seems that they are the ones i have spare at the time…not always, just whatever is handy.

    Elise x

  17. what am i doing wrong, i cant get a red icing…i have used red gel paste, liquid red coloring, becomes like a rusty plz

  18. Can you make a cupcake look like a strawberry?? My niece is party is coming up and her theme is strawberries. Any ideas? Please help.

  19. Beautiful roses! I too am right handed by i hold the bag with my right and apply pressure with my left…? O.o weird?

  20. These are awesome are there any specific color you like I'm going to try this in a cupcake competition I really wanna make it pop and your an awesome inspiration can u make Cookie Monster cupcakes with a little cookie in its mouth ?? 🙂

  21. Hey, love your recipes to try it this weekend, but where can I buy such a nozzles gone?:-) Would ideally like to have the real big as your nozzles?:-)))

  22. These look wonderful. You mention that the icing dries quickly, would you suggest I make and sever these the same day instead of making them the night before for the next morning? 

  23. What is the ingredients of your frosting for piping/decorating? What if I am allergic to eggs and butter? Can I just use sugar, tapioca starch and water???

  24. When I was learning about cake decorating I looked up to these videos to learn how. Now this channels has become a youtube celebrity.

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