Rolled Ice Cream DIY How to make rolled ice cream at home

Rolled Ice Cream DIY How to make rolled ice cream at home

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today after hundreds of requests we’re making rolled ice cream.
When you ask me for a video I always like to check out what’s already been
done, there are a ton of videos making them using an electric compressor that
freezes the ice cream but they’re pretty big, bulky and expensive so I’m not going
to buy one of those. There are also lots of youtubers trying to make them at home
and what they do is they chop up the ingredients on a tray and then put it in
the freezer. Emi showed us that unless your freezer is on the lowest setting
it’s not gonna work. “This is not holding up.” They did all get this method to work
eventually when they turned the freezer down but there is still a big catch to
using this method. “And you want to freeze it for a minimum of 5 hours.” The three
things I love about the rolled ice cream that you get in Thailand is one you get
to choose the flavor two it’s ready in minutes and 3 because it’s agitated
while it freezes you get smooth ice cream with no big ice crystals in it.
Freezing it overnight loses all of those things. There has to be another way. I
heard that if you put a piece of marble in the freezer that that might work so
let’s try that. I did turn my freezer down to the coldest setting but as you
can see it is making it cold and it’s making it thick but it’s not freezing
it solid enough so that is a fail! There are freezer trays that you can get
online but they don’t post to Australia and the reviews on here are not very
complimentary. Let’s try and make our own freezer tray anyway most ice cream bowls
have you urea in them because urea freezes at minus 11 degrees centigrade.
You can buy a pure urea solution mixed with pure deionized water at car shops
but I don’t want you to get that in your food so I’ve got a metal box and a super
thick strong plastic bag and I’m just gonna pour some of that in there and
then once you’ve got enough twist it and fold it over itself and then put two zip
ties on it. Close that and the extra cold freezer overnight. Now
that it is frozen I’ve turned the box upside down so that we have the metal
side that has the frozen block right up against it. It feels really cold like
hurt your fingers cold so let’s see if it works.
Nope! This is just not cold enough it is pretty hot at my house today and you can
see it is starting to freeze it but again it’s just not cold enough to make
it into the rolled ice cream. Justine and Jenna bought one of the ice cream trays
and they did seem to get that to work but only for one serve of rolled ice
cream and after that it just wasn’t cold enough anymore. Now I have three kids
so I need this to work for at least three serves preferably five so Dave and
I can have some too so I need something colder than that. It’s time for dry ice!
Put something down to protect the counter from the cold add a tray to put
the dry ice in and then a thin towel over that tray so we don’t get that
horrible noise dry ice makes when it’s on metal. Then pour in enough dry ice
pellets to give you a good even layer in your tray, add another metal tray over
the top. Pour in your ice cream base and choose your flavor and chop it up … oh my
goodness look at this is freezing too fast we’ve got the opposite problem! But
that’s fine because we know that ice cream also melts fast so all you need to
do is just take the tray off the dry ice and finish your chopping chop chop chop
chop chop chop! Keep going until you have a paste like consistency. Now put it back
onto the dry ice and spread it out into a thin layer now it’s set too hard! I can’t
roll that so again I’m just going to take it off the cold and wait about 10
seconds and then roll it … yay it works! Oh my goodness look at that we have rolled ice
cream for one let’s see if we can use it again to make more for everyone else in
the family. This time at strawberries and cream
cheese for a strawberry cheesecake flavor. Chop it up
and then spread that out that is freezing up nicely and then just roll it
up. If you use two scrapers then you can use one to get underneath it kind of
lifts it off the tray and the other one that’s sort of more upright encourages
it to roll. Yum look at that! Now two of my kids get to have their choice of
flavor of instant rolled ice cream let’s try another one. For this one we’ve got
M&Ms … to stop it freezing so fast I’m gonna put the towel over the dry ice too,
under the tray, and that will give me more time to chop these M&Ms. Now that
they’re chopped I’m taking off the towel and adding the tray back I think it was
actually just easier to take the tray off than it is to put the towel on and
off. Spread that mixture out. A couple of tips for you don’t make your ice cream
too thick because it is harder to roll. It still works it’s just not as pretty
when it’s this thick. Now my turn I want some Oreo and Nutella and I’m just gonna
chop those up while it is off the dry ice and then once that’s fine put it on to
freeze and just spread it out. For the ice cream base for all of these I’m
using my vanilla ice cream recipe and I’ll put all of the details about that
on the blog post on there’s a link to that below and I’ll
also link to that video at the end of this one. And then once you’re happy with
it roll up that still a bit too soft it’s not roll properly like that so just
pop it back on the dry ice for a few more seconds. Try again and look at
that perfect ice cream rolls at home. They melt pretty quickly so you do need
to eat them straight away. YUM these are very very good. Dave would like
peaches and cream so just chop up the peaches this is so much fun just making
everyone’s ice cream flavor to order. Spread it out and let it freeze and then roll
it up. I found it easiest to have the tray up against the wall while you’re
rolling so that it doesn’t slide. Look at that. How about we do one more for you
guys I’m gonna make it Caramello koala flavored just chop it up really well so
we don’t have any big chunks and then spread it out and roll it up. I wish I could
just pass this to you through the screen so you could eat it. Just imagine that
you’re here in my kitchen … do you want some extra caramel over the top? There
you go. Subscribe to How To Cook That and hit the bell to turn on notifications.
Click here for the base ice cream recipe, here for the latest video and here for
tiny cookies make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday 💕

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  1. My tip works pretty good:
    I had a round pizza tray it was metal so i put it in the freezer overnight and then in the afternoon i put on the icecream also it does still works if you have store bought ice cream

  2. 6:18
    Peaches and cream
    sweeter than sweet
    Chocolate cheeks
    And chocolate wings
    😍😍😍😏😏😌😍😍 Any armies here??🤞🏻💜

  3. Is there a way to do this without dry ice? Where I live there is not dry ice in the stored nearby, and I don’t have a drivers license. Thank you, and your videos really do make us feel like we’re with you in the kitchen☺️

  4. 6:18
    Peaches and Cream
    Sweeter than sweet
    Chocolate cheeks
    And chocolate wings
    -BTS RM 🍫😂
    (only ARMYs would understand😂)

  5. Ann: Dave will like peaches and cream

    Me: Sweeter than sweet

    "BST proceeds to play in my mind"

    those who will get it ,will get it.

  6. 4:57 I was going to suggest that when you first said it froze too fast.
    This looks so cool. Now I just need to find out where I can get dry ice from

  7. If you're in the midwest, Meijer has dry ice for dirt cheap, like 6 bucks worth of dry ice will be enough to make ice cream for a large family and you still have some left to throw in a bucket of water which your kids will beg you to do if they've ever been on youtube before

  8. I support people like you, I don't know but I find you honest , genuine and quite decent unlike the rest of the youtubers who elaborately show off their sweet creations. Please stay with us if it's possible , it literally gives me hope when I see genuine people like you , because I do see people boosting off their achievement. You're one my friends. Bless you😙

  9. I love ur videos ❤
    I love ice cream as well

    Subcricbe to me please I'm in a challenge with my best friend. The First person to get 100 subcricbers wins. So please help me out

  10. Love how you mention other channels and the science behind some of the food.
    Edit: is there anything Ann can’t do?

  11. We have got an ice cream shop in sweden where thay make ice cream rolls too and i've tasted… ITS SO GOOD WTH

  12. Too much trouble for me but I like how you problem solved to figure out a practical way to do it at home.

  13. Rolling ice cream is a means of charging people exorbitant amounts of money for two table spoons worth of ice creams.
    Just like "Italian Ice".

  14. I love how genuine and sincere she is in her videos. She needs to be more famous the so yummy and even tasty!

  15. I don’t know why but the background music just makes me so happy for the ice cream. The ice cream, not the person.

  16. A Russian channel called UmeloeTV had a recipe that worked for me. The secret was to use regular milk or cream, your filling and a tablespoon or two of sweetened condensed milk. As soon as the host added the condensed milk, chopped everything and froze it for about 30 kinutes on the tray, having spread the paste out first of course.

  17. We actually have shops that sell rolled ice cream here in the US ^^

    It's so mesmerizing to watch in front of you ^

  18. Me: "I'm pretty content with my life :3"
    Ann: rolled icecream

  19. So I used my grampas 1000$ icecream roll thing and it worked good but when i rolled it ripped every time tell me your secrets lol

  20. You do know you can just get ice cream from the store in buckets. Its like… so much less work. Where do you just buy dry ice??

  21. I just love how you are so entertaining and cares so much for the video and your own fans. Keep going! My family including me is a big fan of you. HI ALSO!

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