Rie Makes A Dessert Friend For The Good Advice Cupcake • Tasty

Rie Makes A Dessert Friend For The Good Advice Cupcake • Tasty

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  1. todo lindo. perooo debieron ponerle una "X" en el lugar donde pensaban poner a cuppy para que vea alli al hablar 🙂

  2. It must be hard to talk alone by yourself!😂😂

    Edit: Even Laughing out of nothing 😂😂

    Edit: I wonder how is the people behind the scene doing? Are they okay? Aren't they giggled enough? 😂😂

  3. Not everything is about friendship. Some things are just about making good art/food. I imagine many people don't understand the importance of admiring someone because of their work rather than how social they are. Friendship is not about forever. Friendship is about the kinds of memories you create with another, whether that is a human an animal or an object or something imaginary.

  4. Ok but Rie deserves a cooking program with children after this 🤭🤭! Love u Rie!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  5. People saying Rie talking to herself me like no the voice actors probably in the same room of cuppy cuppy she get her own show I would watch it

    This is just Rie talkin to a cupcake about friendship

  6. Anyone talking bout rie talking to a corner for whole 7 mins while your youtubers talking to a camera merely alone in a room for an hours just for streaming duh😂

  7. Making dessert…isn’t that porn for the cupcake??🤔🤔 like making babies…making desserts…which is what she is😱

  8. you should make a mini doughnut for cuppy and the doughnut hole could also be friends, it would be like the mochi!

  9. So it’s a cooking AND advice video about friendship and baking, shut up and take my money especially if it’s Rie

  10. Me: "well you had a long happy life from the oven to my plate so say goodbye cupcake"
    Cupcake: NOOOOOOOOO!
    Me: chomp chomp

  11. when Cuppy said "i dont think there's any flavour that i dont like, except pistachio" My HeArT SANK LIKE THE TITANIC BECAUSE THATS MY FAVOURITE FLAVOUR OF ICE CREAM

  12. Cuppy should have a Japanese jiggly cheese cake with strawberries and raspberries on the top friend. Hey Rie, tell Alvin to make the episode.

  13. Hey Rie, could you make me some mochi ice cream? I haven’t had it since comic con in may of 2018 and it doesn’t really get sold anywhere near me. Best regards a Dane

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