Rich Christmas Fruit Cake/Christmas Cake Recipe/Easy Fruit Cake Recipe

Rich Christmas Fruit Cake/Christmas Cake Recipe/Easy Fruit Cake Recipe

It’s Christmas time! The one thing that
you absolutely love to make for Christmas is a fruitcake.This fruit cake
recipe is a simple and easy to make and this lovely Christmas cake is packed
with fruits and flavor and they are sweet rich and moist and this all-in-one
Christmas cake recipe creates that unique Christmas aroma that you will
never forget and today let’s see how to make this wonderful Christmas cake in
five simple steps.For making this Christmas cake we’ll need all the four
main ingredients in the same quantity. That is 220 grams of flour 220 grams
of butter 220 grams of brown sugar and three large eggs which is approximately
220 grams and then we need a baking powder 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar 1
teaspoon and salt 1/2 a teaspoon and then we need to add that special
ingredients that gives that typical smell and flavor to a Christmas cake
that is the zest of one large lemon and orange and mixed spices one teaspoon and
for the dried fruits here I have taken 50 grams of apricots and 50 grams of
walnuts and 140 grams of cranberries and 200 grams of prunes and 250 grams of
raisins and you can add your own favorite fruits and make your own fruit
mix the only thing is that to make a rich fruitcake we need to add
approximately 600 to 800 grams of dried fruits so let’s start making the cake batter I
always start by creaming the butter and the sugar you can use a hand mixer or
stand mixer here I am using a whisk and a spatula to do this and the second step is to add the eggs
one egg at a time and the third step is to sift in the
flour mix which is the combination of flour baking powder salt and vanilla
sugar if you don’t have vanilla sugar you can add the vanilla essence directly
into the cake batter mix this dry ingredients well until they are well
combined and be careful not to over mix the batter as it can cause the gluten to
develop which can result in a tough cake And now,before adding the special
ingredients and let’s give them all a good mix and then add in 2 tablespoons
of flour to dust the fruits and this will prevent those juicy fruits from sticking
together as well as it also prevents them from sinking down to the bottom of
the pan while baking and now the fourth step that is to add
in the special ingredients into the cake batter transfer the batter onto a baking vessel
which is already greased with butter and dusted with flour and this is a 20
centimeter pan and using the same recipe we are going to prepare one more cake
this pan size is 18 centimeters and smaller the pan size longer the baking
time and now the final step that is to bake
at 350 Fahrenheit preheated oven for two to three hours and we can test the
doneness of the cake by poking a skewer into the center of the cake and if it
comes out clean our cake is done! This easy fruitcake is fruity nutty rich
and flavorful and they are moist and I just love the combination of fruits and
nuts and barely enough cake batter to hold it all together I hope you enjoyed
this video and I hope this video helped you and I hope you will try this recipe
for this Christmas and I’m sure you will love it and thank you so much for your
love and support and thanks for watching this video and please don’t forget to
subscribe this channel for more recipes.

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  1. Hello Bincy.. love your videos and recipes.. can you let me know if I need to bake eggless Christmas cake what can be used instead of eggs.

  2. Hi Bincy, the cake definitely looks rich and tempting. As its an alcohol free version of the fruit cake, is it possible to store it at room temperature for a longer period eg weeks? If baked now, does it require refrigeration before using on Christmas day?

  3. Hi Bincy , Followed yr instructions step by step and baked the cake yesterday . I baked in 175 degree centigrade. , in a square tray in the lower rack . After 1 hour it looked perfectly done . But as u had said 2 hours I kept for 20 more minutes but the lower portion to a certain extent is burnt. I tried scraping but still I get the bitter taste. Kindly let me know where I had gone wrong and do let me know if I cam alter . Thanku

  4. Very Nice recipe dear… You explained it very well and very sweetly… Thanks for sharing…. I ill definitely try this recipe but without eggs….. Bcs me pure veg….

  5. Hi Bincy , Just love the way you explain 😍…… Tried it for the second time ….. first time as per your recipe I baked for almost 2 hours and it got burnt …. this time I baked in a square pan at 176degree celcis for 50 minutes …. but the cake is dry …. kindly let me know where I would have gone wrong ? as I really want to get the right texture…… as I know these cakes would be wrapped in butter paper due to their moisture but mine is dry 😌. Can I add little water to the batter if it's tight? Or should I soak the fruits . Let me know . Thanku😊

  6. Woww…….This cake seems to be so delicious and yummy.👌😋…In this coming Christmas am gonna definitely try your recipe to make this beautiful fruity cake. My family surely gonna love this.. Thanks Dear for making such a fantastic video on fruity cake🤝👍

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