Rice Krispies Treats for cake decorating 2 INGREDIENTS 5 MINUTES!

Rice Krispies Treats for cake decorating 2 INGREDIENTS 5 MINUTES!

Today I am going to share with you how to
make rice krispie treats in the microwave for cake decorating so if you are making a
3d cake or a top heavy cake topper and you need to make rice krispie cake then this is
the recipe for you Hi guys welcome back to another video if your new here Im amanda and
I make loads of videos just like this one sharing with you how to make cakes and cake
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so lets get started to make these rice krispie treats you are going to need rice krispies
mini marshmallows microwave proof bowl because Im too lazy to melt these on the hob and a
spatula or spoon these rice krispie treats are ideal for cake decorating cake sculpting
or cake modelling lets do this so go ahead and empty your marshmallows into a bowl and
as you can see I have my little helpers with me today what are we going to do now we are
going to melt them in the microwave were going to melt them in the microwave melt your marshmallows
in the microwave for a minute minute and a half until they are really puffed up and delicious
looking this looks a little bit lumpy to me so we are going to pop it in for another bit
look at that yum yum yum yum yum add in your rice krispies give it a good mix this is so
sticky and you think it is never going to gel together but the more you mix it does
just keep mix mix mix mix mixing and oh my goodness its so tasty whenever Im baking or
cooking the kids are always waiting around waiting to lick up the leftovers! rub a little
shortening onto your hands my rice krispie treats have cooled down a little you dont
want to let it cool down too much but you also dont want it to be too hot where you
burn your hands you want them to be nice and flexible then you are going to mould and shape
them into whatever shape you need this is a captain underpants cake that I am working
on at the minute you can click the link above so you can see what this weird contraption
is all about squash it down and shape it add bits and pieces and smooth out until you get
the desired shape if you liked this video and you want to see more videos from me dont
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fan dabby dozies see you next week bye

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  1. Hiii, my name is Francesca and I have a channel about cake design and bakery, as I thought that our channels are similar, I was wondering if you would like to make a collaboration video with me. I'm sure that we could make some brilliant content together!
    What do you think? Let me know!

  2. Hi, Amanda. Your little Rice Krispie treats look simply adorable, and you have the sweetist little smile. What did you enjoy about making Rice krispie treats? Have a good day, Amanda. <3

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