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  1. it would be really great with raspberry jam and i would be made it with orange pastry cream ,but it looks tasty 😊

  2. I have watched 11 gordan Ramsay cooking videos today is anyone else addicted?? Lol Yes I am making his recipes.. just an amazing man

  3. I love to watch him cook. I can see why he gets mad when his chefs mess up. Gordon has a passion for what he does. Not going to lie. That dessert got me hungry.

  4. Is it just me or does it sound like Gordon Ramsay is out of breath every single time he starts with on this video If you realize this give me a like on this comment

  5. So he has basically reached a point where be can literally take a dump on a counter and people liking it? This was a freaking JOKE. First of all, it doesn’t even look appetizing. It is not well presented, it looks like a mess. And how the heck do you even eat that? That looks like shit

  6. Я как-то даже не знаю, понравилось мне или нет… Вроде на вид оно такое себе. И по консистенции… (кроме крема, когда он был в тарелке, я бы ложкой его съела). Но у Гордона Рамзи такой довольный вид и он таким искренним тоном говорит, что всё чудесно, что прямо хочется ему верить 😅🤔

  7. You might not like his personality, but you absolutely have to respect his cooking ability. Gordon is an incredible chef and you can't possibly deny that.

  8. This looks weird, the Mille feuille layers are uneven …. doesn’t look appealing to eat …. but would like to try making the filling since I usually prepare the custard filling of the eclairs…

  9. Gorden adds a huge amount of cream on the puff pastry

    Gorden : Now thats what I call a nice, THIN amount of cream on top Very Nice! 🙂

  10. Firm bit for the bottom, decorative bit for the top and that bit there for the middle – savage. Middle bit must still be reeling from that burn.

  11. fun tip for those who actually want to make it, divide your puff pastry before baking it, as the edges turn out cleaner.

  12. This is nothing like a Mille feuilles ! Please give your beautiful invention a different name and leave the french pastry its authenticity and unique taste

  13. I wonder if he thinks how he talks? Like when he does an everyday task he’s just thinking “. Now let’s brush our teeth. Beautiful. Next we get dressed. Absolutely astonishing.”

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