Raspberry Lime Smoothie Cubes

Raspberry Lime Smoothie Cubes

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Jerry James
Stone, and in this video, I’m gonna show you how to make raspberry lime smoothie cubes. This is actually a recipe I
did for the Costco Connection. The thing that’s great about that is if you are a Costco member, hey, check out the Costco Connection magazine. You’ll probably find recipes from me. So, anyway, let’s go make
these smoothie cubes. (upbeat music) So, the thing that’s
wonderful about smoothie cubes is that making smoothies can be kind of a pain in the ass, right? It’s like, especially if
you wanna eat smoothies on a regular basis. Like, every morning you make a smoothie, you have to clean all that equipment. The thing that’s great
about smoothie cubes is you can make a big
batch of any smoothie, freeze it into cubes, and then
just make it as you need it. You can go ahead and blend
those cubes with orange juice, like this recipe that
I’m about to go over, or you can be lazy, like me, and this is what I usually do, I just take the cubes,
and I put them in a cup, and I just wait for them to thaw out where I can stir it? Boom, smoothie; so, I don’t
have to actually blend anything. I don’t have to wash anything, which are things that I love. So, let’s get to making this recipe. The first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start off with bananas. Now, I’m gonna ask you something, maybe kinda personal. It’s I’m gonna ask you
what your banana number is. If you haven’t heard about that, like, everyone has a
preference for how they like their bananas, from how
ripe to how unripe they are: green to like, full on brown
and everything in between. Check out this chart. So, tell me your banana
number in the comments below. I wanna know. Okay, so we’re gonna
start off with bananas. So go ahead and add those to the blender. We’re gonna go ahead and add
in our frozen raspberries. And then add in some vanilla yogurt. Now, you can use plain
yogurt, Greek yogurt for this, but I think the vanilla yogurt
works a little bit better. That’s just my personal preference. Pour in your orange juice. And then we’re gonna add
a little bit of lime juice just to give it a nice kick to it. And just go ahead and blend
that till it’s nice and smooth. Once it’s all blended, we’re
just gonna take that smoothie and divide it amongst ice cube trays. Easy as that. Pour it into the ice cube
trays, one after another until all the smoothie is divided equally. And then put those in the
freezer for at least four hours, but probably overnight is best. Once they’re done freezing, take them out and then just transfer them to a freezer-safe bag. And there you have it, boom. Easy, simple raspberry
lime smoothie cubes. When you’re ready to use them, like I mentioned before, you can go ahead and throw them in the blender, just like you would regular ice cubes, with a little bit of liquid, whether it’s orange juice,
or apple juice, soy milk, whatever your preference
is, and then blend it up. Smoothie to go. Or you can be lazy like me,
and just let it thaw out in a cup, and whenever it’s thawed out, then you’re ready to enjoy it. Easy as that. Anyway, check out Costco Connection if you wanna see more recipes from me. I release a lot of recipes there first, so check that out. If you like this video,
give me a thumbs up. If there’s something that you wanna see, drop a comment below. Be sure to let me know
what your banana number is, and, sorry, I just chuckle
every time I say that. Be sure to let me know
what your banana number is, and if you like to cook like I do, I release new videos every single week. So, please subscribe. I’ll see you guys next time. (upbeat music) Smaking, ugh, smaking. Whatever smaking is. Anyone know what smaking is? – [Cameraman] Smakeup. – Smake it; smake it now. Smake it, everyone.

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  1. Tbh my banana number is probably around 6 or 7. I know the brown is completely normal, but I can’t get over it to eat a really ripe banana

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