Raspberry And White Chocolate Cookies: Keep Calm And Bake 3

Raspberry And White Chocolate Cookies: Keep Calm And Bake 3

Welcome back to Keep Calm and Bake. My name
is Caroline and I also do a YouTube cooking show. Now at this episode I am going to teach
you how to make some raspberry and white chocolate cookies. [music] There is not that many ingredients to this
recipe, which is good. I got fresh raspberries. We are going to use fresh raspberries and
some white chocolate. I am going to put them to one side, we do not need them until after
we finish the dough. For the dough; butter, self raising flour,
sugar, and condensed milk. Two hundred and twenty-five grams of unsalted soft butter
going into my food processor, my mixer. Oh, there you go. Two hundred twenty-five grams
of caster sugar, going in. And we are going to use half the tin of this condensed milk.
So this is approximately four hundred grams so about just under two hundred, one ninety
lets say. I do guestimate a bit. Beat these together, until it become light and fluffy.
Super, that is light and fluffy. As you can see there. I am going to add my flour. I am
going to do this in two batches, so I am going to pop half of it straight in and I am slowly
start blending this all together. Okay, next lot going in. You can find all the quantities
and the full recipes in the description box. Excellent, as soon as the flour is mixed in
you can stop beating it does not need to be really well beaten like a cake batter, you
just want to make a nice soft dough like this. There you go, see. That is perfect, it is
like play dough. Now for the fun part, you can roll the dough
into balls, and I am going to pop onto a baking tray. So I am going to use about, about that
much, just like a dessert spoon a heaping dessert spoon full will be plenty. Because
you got to remember they are going to spread out once they start cooking. So that’s going
to go straight onto my trey, squish it down a little bit like that. Now you can add your raspberries, that’s the
fun bit, the raspberries going in and the white chocolate, not going to eat it going
to put it into the cookie. Yum. Ok so just a couple bits there, then what we will do
get some of the dough just want to squish it, you can squish it pack down again just
so it kind of encases it a little bit. Keep going until you have used up all of the
mixture, and then they are going to go straight into the oven. The nice thing about this recipe
is that you can experiment and put whatever bits in that you like, so do let me know what
you would love to see in cookies, maybe its blueberries, maybe it it just chocolate. So
something for everyone, make them your own, but yeah I love hearing from you guys so write
your comments below. Look at all these cookies! So this mixture makes about 22 okay. These
are going to go straight into the oven the oven is on one hundred eighty celsius and
I put all the other conversions on the recipe for you. There only going to take about ten
to twelve minutes so you need to keep an eye on these to make sure they do not burn. My cookies are out of the oven. Now do not
forget to hit subscribe to get plenty more recipes like this and also you can take a
look on my YouTube cooking channel for tons more recipes. I hope you all really enjoy
these and see you next time. [music]

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  1. Glad you liked the recipe. Love your idea of cinnamon, honey & dark chocolate-sounds delicious. We have lots of egg free and dairy free baking recipes in our Food For All series you might want to check out. Let us know how you get on making up the cookies!

  2. If you don't have an oven you could try Caroline's chocolate tiffin bars. All you need is a microwave or hob to melt chocolate. They're very yummy!

  3. Absolutely. Love the idea of doing these cookies with strawberries. Let us know what you decide to go for and how they turn out. Tweet us a picture if you're on Twitter to VideojugFood!

  4. Same here! Hope you enjoy the cookies. Let us know what you think and if you're on twitter tweet us a picture of them to @VideojugFood

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