Rainbow Cupcakes! ♥ Three Cheers For New years ♥ 8

Rainbow Cupcakes! ♥ Three Cheers For New years ♥ 8

C: Welcome to day- 7? It’s a really good start. Day seven. T: It’s not Vlogmas, did I go back in time? C: Oh well, I’m doing “Three Cheers for New Years, aren’t I? So I’m doing everyday in January. C: Keep up, keep. Tom: Yes, of course. C: I think it’s day 7 or 8. I’m not entirely sure. I’ve spent the morning on auntie duties playing with Buzz and Buddy and Tom and Gi. T: You have. C: Yep T: You’ve been for a walk- C: Mm-hmm. T: -and a brunch. C: And a brunch, thank you for brunch. T: That’s all right, and Buddy just had a meltdown, so we escaped. C: He was so sweet this morning. T: So I kindly volunteered to give Carrie a lift home. C: Yeah, and I’m gonna go make some rainbow cupcakes. C: That’s my afternoon. T: Are they guilt-free rainbow cupcakes? C: No, they are guilty rainbow cupcakes. C: Sorry. T: You don’t make many guilt-free things, do you? C: No, know I mean that millionaire shortbread could- T: I do- I like- I do wish I didn’t know what was in that millionaire shortbread. C: Yeah, I made it in front of Tom the first time this Christmas and uh, he was like ‘oh…’. T: You’ve ruined the magic. C: Oh. C: Yeah, a lot of sugar goes into millionaire shortbread. T: It’s okay, because I feel like Christmas Day doesn’t count, so you just have to eat all of it on Christmas Day. Which everyone did. C: Which you did. C: Everyone? T: Yeah, me mainly. C: You mainly. T: I mean there is a lot, a lot of sugar in that. C: 150 grams of dark brown soft sugar. T: Plus the sugar that’s in the Together: Condensed milk. C: And the chocolate on the top. C: Which is why I had half a slice on Christmas Day. T: You did not have half a slice. C: Tom, I had half a slice on Christmas Day, and two After Eights. T: I don’t know where it all went. C: *chuckles* C: That- I know where it all went. Ehm, y arm hurts, I’m gonna put the vlog down. T: Okay bye- bye everyone. C: I spent the morning with Tom. Tom is here. T: Nice to be in your vlog. T: What’s going on with Dear Tom? Dear Carrie? C: Yeah, I’ll start that again. T: Are you gonna start that again? C: Yeah. C: Well, I’m doing a vlog every day in January, so I might as well make Wednesday’s for you. T: Were you Wednesday before and I was Sunday? C: Yeah. T: Okay. C: My arm hurts, Tom. T: Okay, bye everyone. C: Bye! T: See you, happy new year. C: Hello and welcome to my relatively messy kitchen. It’s actually not worse than it has been. It could be far worse than this. I’ve tidied it up a little bit, just for you guys. Two things I want to say before I start making rainbow cupcakes, which I am- I’m exceedingly excited about, just been to Waitrose. I haven’t baked anything in a very long time. I’m really excited about this. I even got star dust. But firstly, I want to say thank you to I See Sea, as in I See Sea. They are a company who sent me some pin badges and some patches, and they are all based around mental health awareness. I’m wearing the little semicolon one as we speak. And I also want to say a massive thank you to Olive and Frank, who sent me a couple of t-shirts, including this one, which says ‘don’t follow me’, it’s- It might be one of my favourite t-shirts. It’s like slightly grumpy, and I quite like that. So thank you to both Olive and Frank and I See Sea for your generosity. I love your stuff. I’m really a big fan of this t-shirt. Okay! Let’s bake some rainbow cupcakes. Yeah-ah. Yeah-ah. I don’t know what I’m doing, what am I doing? I’m also watching The Good Place at the same time. *episode plays on laptop* *music* I’m so confused, there’s one recipe that says only plain flour and there’s another recipe that says only self-raising. I would have said self-raising, seeing that they are cakes, and they need to raise. But do I go off recipe? Okay. I’m just going to trust Tesco and getting the recipe of Tesco. I’m just gonna trust them. Tesco should know what they’re doing, because they’re Tesco. *music* So when you make rainbow cupcakes, essentially what you’re doing is just making normal fairy cakes, but then you have to split the mixture into different bowls and then put different- *groans* Put different food colorings into the mixtures. So I have green, purple, orange, red and pink. I’ve never done this before, don’t know how this is gonna go. Let’s give it a shot. *music* Carrie: Look how pretty! *music continues* C: Now look, I’m no Mary Berry. I’m not as good at this as Zoella. But these didn’t turn out half bad. The icing is absolutely terrible, because I did it with a sandwich bag. But A-star for intuition, I’d say. And I’ve already eaten two, and they taste pretty great. So I think this is a success. Hurrah for rainbow cupcakes. Yay! *click click*

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love The Good Place so much!!!

    (Also, I just find your baking, enthusiasm, and fairy dust so charming.)

  2. I have absolutely adored every three cheers for new years video so far! 💜 thank you for doing this for amazing causes

  3. Carrie gets sent Olive and Frank things and I just spent £70 of my Christmas money just to get one of their jackets 😭

  4. Ahhhh The Good Place is my favourite thing on Netflix at the moment. Sometimes when I'm having really bad, down-in-the-dumps days I just crawl into bed and watch The Good Place. It makes me feel better but I don't know why😊. Xxx

  5. Hey Carrie 🙂 awesome video as always. I would however recommend putting a trigger warning because of the guilty food thing. No one should feel guilty for eating xxx

  6. I've recently found the absolute joy that is The Good Life! I love it! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a good one too, they have musical numbers ❤️

  7. The Good Place is amazing!! Season 2 is back from its mid-season break so that means new episodes every week!! 😀

  8. In case you're still taking suggestions for next Three Cheers, please please please do a tutorial on that hairstyle (or simply do it while talking about something else, probably more important. I'd be happy with either one ^-^) xxx

  9. Ahh you're watching The Good Place! I caught up on it over the last week, don't know why I didn't watch it sooner! 😀

  10. Good to see Tom and Carrie together
    How can you watch a tv show and cook and vlog at the same time I don't know how you were able to concentrate

  11. Re:terrible icing. Fine if you are happy with carrying on with that but I recommend watching cupcake Jemma’s masterclass for piping which is very very useful that it had immediate results in transforming my piping.

  12. Oooo… You are not that far away from 650,000 subscribers. You should do a Q&A when you hit it! Starting with why are you so fabulous, haha

  13. These videos really make a good end to my day. Snuggled in bed watching Carrie Hope Fletcher, why ask for anything else?

  14. Hey guys, I’m a new YouTuber. I’m going to be delivering content each week. I would really love anyone who likes gaming, music and general entertainment to show some support and subscribe.

    Thanks all 😊

  15. Carrie I don’t suppose you could please pop a TW for EDs in your description as the talk about guilty foods, sugar content etc was really difficult to manage x

  16. Those cakes look great! Certainly a lot better than anything I could do, I swear when I bake it always ends up looking like a turd??

  17. No matter how many times I see it, I still can't get past the strangeness of seeing a clothes-washing machine in a kitchen! 😀

    PS: Carrie, I love that you are so real. You don't pretend to have a spotless, perfect, kitchen. 🙂

  18. @carriehopefletcher I can help with the icing…I have a rainbow cupcake tutorial on my channel 🙂 Not rainbow inside but all the rainbow in the icing 🌈 xx

  19. cupcakes yaraaaahhhh! ❤🎉 looks delicious!

    Also what's going on with Vanara The Musical? Yesterday I've been too tired to write a comment but I'm back!

  20. cupcakes yaraaaahhhh! ❤🎉 looks delicious!

    Also what's going on with Vanara The Musical? Yesterday I've been too tired to write a comment but I'm back!

  21. I made rainbow cupcakes with my 3 little cousins (per their request) a couple months ago. We used the fancy Wiltons food dye though, and even though we all dyed our hands colours of the rainbow, the cakes turned out much brighter. I use the food dyes all the time for many different cakes and i'd recommend getting some, especially if you where to make the rainbow cakes again 🙂 Also the good place is so good omg

  22. In reply to your recent tweet, although you maybe losing subscriber from vlogging everyday you will be finding your true Hopefuls. I for one am loving having a Carrie video everyday! Although it feels crap now it will surely be better in the long run!💛

  23. haha yeah sandwhich bags always are bad haha. Looks like you should add the tiniest bit more powder sugar and crisco to thicken it up the tiniest bit, and then they wouldnt look as droopy even if using sandwhich bag.lol.
    And for some reason anytime I try colors in my cakes, the color is hardly noticeable, so im envous of your rainbow skills.lol

  24. Often I'm not the quickest to click on new videos and because of that I'm miss stuff a bunch which means i may not have viewed all your videos but your tweet today compelled me to click immediately and I'm so glad I Did! You are delightful!!

  25. If you're not already, you should follow Cupcake Jemma on youtube! She puts up videos of yummy baked goods every Thursday! Also, your cupcakes looked adorable!

  26. In America we have a restaurant called Tom & Che that sells grilled cheese and tomato soup; whenever you say Tom and Gee it’s what I think off.

  27. Rainbow cakes are fun to make! I made a Tardis cake for my niece's birthday and the extra surprise for her was that it was a rainbow sponge! Lots of fun to make! 😊 https://pottersbakery.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/bowties-fezzes-and-birthdays-theyre-all-cool/

  28. I feel like worlds have collided. Olive and Frank is my Aunts clothing line ! I'm so glad you like it because she is just as much a genuine, kind, generous and creative person as you are <3

  29. can someone please help me. I'm just really sad right now and have no one else to talk too.

    Basically I have a crush on this guy in my college. I really like him, we have the same interest, we like the same things, we have the same banter and we just get along SO well. I started to develop feelings, I stupidly thought he liked me back but turns out he likes my best friend. I only have one best friend. She is the closest thing I have to a friend.

    She doesn't have feelings for this guy but she likes the attention he gives her. When he calls her beautiful, pretty, always giving her compliments …she flirts back.

    Obviously seeing this it hurts me but I keep the pain to myself. I've told her I find him attractive and she said " sorry, I can't help it that he likes me". It just hurts that he is in my friendship group and I always have to see them together. I don't understand….they have nothing in common!!!?? She's is pretty but that's all he is looking at.

    I just think to myself she doesn't even like you and here I am in love with you. I'm 19 my best friend and crush are 20.

  30. Your nail varnish is gorgeous! Where’s it from?

    Love the cupcakes! My housemate made me rainbow cake for my birthday! So good! Baking for the win!

  31. We need more of you and Tom in the car, and that t-shirt is amazing. Also "Tesco should know what they're doing, they're Tesco" amazing

  32. is that your clothes washer in the corner of your kitchen?? or do dishwashers look different in the UK? ive never seen a dishwasher with a window

  33. Hi Carrie, I love your videos! I’m really late I’m sorry! I’m at college studying performing arts so I’m busy busy busy! But I am also an aspiring baker, I use BBC Good Food for any baking I do! It’s a good site! Xxxx

  34. You should put the coloured mixtures into a piping bag then squeeze them out into your holders – they come out more rainbow-y 🌈

  35. I love your content and this past month has been amazing.
    After the Punish yourself Buff video I thought a lot about body image and the videos you've posted about such.
    I don't see how anyone could shame you for being a bubbly, happy person who, yes, has bad days, but keeps picking herself up.
    Thank you for being the amazing person you are.

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