Puff pastry clothespin cookies / Recipe / Cooking

Hello ! Today I want to bake a pastry cookie. Link to the dough under the video in the description. This dough lay in the fridge for four days and now I will cook the biscuits out of it. Cookies can be made from this test with any filling, you can both salted and sweet. Roll out a roll of dough – we divide it into small pieces. For salty stuffing – I took the liver pate. Dough rolled like a dumplings. In each cake I cut two parallel straight lines – without cutting the bread to the edges. A half . For each cake, lay a piece of pate. The filling does not lie much, in order that it does not spread out on the sheet when it is rusted. It’s wrapped like this: one right hand side is left to the left, the left one to the right and is wrapped so that the filling also does not come off the dough. The filling should be all in the test, we do all our cookies. On the baking sheet smeared with margarine laid cookies and put in a microwave oven for baking: convection mode, degrees clean – enough one hundred and eighty-five, weight and time – 20 minutes. You can make baked in any oven. The cookies were baked in convection mode – first twenty, then ten minutes. It is very soft in itself and quite tasty. This cookie is very good with juice, milk, quickly and easily prepared. Ingredients are not complex. Cook with pleasure and a pleasant appetite!

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