Pro Baker Makes Puff Pastry Dough!

Pro Baker Makes Puff Pastry Dough!

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  1. I need help! My beurrage after chilling it was too hard, I rolled it a little bit harder and it breaks, after I left it to heat up a little bit, it became a pile of mushy butter instead, I ended up just covering it like paste on the détrempe instead… what did i do wrong with my beurrage??

  2. I love it how you're putting so much raw effort in the dough and don't care about symmetry like other. This is how I image true baking.

  3. This is literally the best puff pastry I’ve made in my now 4 years in the baking/culinary field at my college. This is better than what the chefs give tbh. Very easy to make, just need to be patient but I used this to make an Apple strudel, nice and butter the flakiness is out of this world. Love it so much I’m using it AGAIN to make a strawberry strudel.

  4. “Double roll and fold followed by a single roll and fold” what’s a double roll? Also I thought puffed pastry was supposed to be a slightly thicker flat dough?

  5. Wonderful recipe
    But what's the difference between them and the croissant paste, I watched the croissant video،
    But it difference recipe for butter

  6. How long do you cook it in the oven, and do you roll out again thinner right before use when making, say, a Napoleon?

  7. Wow. I have been dreading making this as a new baker. You just made it seem so easy even though it's a lot of work.

  8. I liked it but did not quite understand the difference between double roll and fold and single roll and fold. Or why she brushed off the flour on one layer but then added it to the top layer unless that was just to make it easier to roll without sticking. It would also have been nice to know "about how many" pastries she expected to get from this measurement of ingredients.

  9. I just made this last night but halved the recipe, it still turned out perfect, and it was my first try! I was so impressed! This video is so helpful, thank you so much!

  10. I made the puff pastry it came out wonderfully, however it took a long time and not easy on the shoulders beating that dough to roll it out 😓 there’s another video that makes the roll out for the dough every 30 mins and it’s not as hard so it will be easier to work with the dough, I’m going to try that one . I also did this in revers I put the butter inside the dough because it was to hard to roll out …. tasted great and had lots of layers if you have the time abs shoulder strength.

  11. Wow, I thought puff pastry was difficult to make because most receipes would recommend buying frozen from the store. Now I know the process I must give it a try. Thank you Anna for shattering this false impression I had about puff pastry.

  12. Totally didn’t work, such a waste of the time and ingredients. First of all it was impossible to roll the butter part as it cracked and started to melt super quickly (after refrigerating for more than 2 hours). So melted butter with the dough in the middle impossible to fold and roll. Regret following this.

  13. ANNA PLEASE HELP! I followed your recipe for the beurrage (3 cups of unsalted butter and 1 cup of all purpose flour). After chilling for 3 hours and it was too hard, I rolled it a little bit harder and it breaks, and then it became a pile of mushy butter instead, super wet. I ended up adding more flour and just covering it like paste on the détrempe instead. What did i do wrong with my beurrage?


    Lachezar Kutsarov

  15. Thank you, thank you!!! My daughter made a Ground Beef filling, and an apple filling for the Puff Pastry. They were delicious! God BLESS you for sharing your "gift"!

  16. So you roll out the *butter* and place the dough square in the middle? I would have thought it would be the other way around lol

  17. Sound dumb. But I always wrongly measure the butter. Half cup of butter is really the same as the tools that showing half cup right? I just fill the butter I have into the tools that showing half? OMG what am I talking…. I always worry when I try to make anything includes butter…

  18. I don't feel disgusting when u touch that dough coz your hand is clean for sure ,not like gordon Ramshit never wash his hand ,i can't eat at all even the food is great yuckk

  19. Just got a little bit into baking and I tried this recipe and it turned out amazing. Although I overbaked it by a few minutes it still turned out amazing.

  20. How did you manage to roll the butter like this?
    Like a dough?
    I tried but it kept sticking to the rolling pin and started melting…but did not roll out like this….even though it was pretty stiff from the chill

  21. I was looking for a pie crust recipe on your channel and I came across this one
    I followed the instructions and it came out just as yours.

  22. Hi Anna, Love the video. I was wondering if I could eliminate the lemon juice completely. I dont like the sour taste it left on most pastry dough. Thanks!!

  23. I'm getting ready to attempt this wonderful version of puff pastry but I am wondering if 150g per cup of flour is correct.

  24. Question for Anna or experts: Can the puff pastry be frozen for storage and used later? If so, for how long? If not, how long can this be kept? I'm picturing using for multiple recipes over a month or two. I can always reduce the recipe. But I'm thinking of limiting the prep work to a single session. Thanks.

  25. I love EVERYTHING about this video! how she's straight to the point, her kitchen drawers, the camera angles all just speak proffesionalism and QUALITY! for some reason this was so relaxing to watch

  26. Never done the inverted….but excited to try it. I think I will half the recipe for my first time. Looks easy…no yeast, no proofing and no worrying about butter leaking out!

  27. Oh how I would like a stand mixer like that! However..
    I am going to try this, it looks really good. Thank you 🙏🏻

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