Princess Birthday Cake Step by Step Tutorial

Hey, I’m Tracie. Welcome to or welcome back to Auntie’s Cakery. This beautiful princess cake was made for a very
special friend of mine. She was actually my kids as babysitter
for many years before she became Miss Orem’s Outstanding Teen and she was
going to try out for Miss Orem and this cake is to celebrate that. Her mom
actually placed her outstanding teen crown on top of the cake. Unfortunately I
wasn’t able to make it to the event, so I didn’t get any pictures with the topper
on. But, I did ask her mom to send me a picture and I will post that on the
video also. so now I’ll show you how I did it! lovely pink strawberry cake for a
pink princess design with some fresh strawberry filling. I put a border of
white chocolate ganache to keep the yummy filling on the inside. The middle tier I put some strawberry
buttercream and the top tier another layer of fresh strawberry filling. Then I
gave it a nice crumb coat with chocolate ganache After the crumb coat is o,n I always put it
in the fridge. I like to keep it in there between a half hour and an hour,
then I’ll put a final coat of chocolate ganache. I’ll smooth out the edges
and of course not forgetting that top corner. I also make a 10-inch tier and a
6-inch tier. Again I chill the cakes. I like to let the ganache chill and set
overnight but if you’re in a hurry, you can do a little sooner. The next day
I’ll just drape some fondant over that and smooth it out with my smoothers. Making sure that edge is as crisp as I
can get it. I did the six inch tier in a light pink fondant. and the 10 inch tier
in white fondant. While the 8 inch tier fondant is still soft, I’m going to use
this quilting template to make some large quilting designs and this just
marks it out a little bit. Then I’ll use my ruler to make those lines a little
deeper after the pattern is all on I will use
piping gel to stick some pink dragee’s into the X. moving on to the 10-inch tier. Here I
have a piping bag full of dark pink royal icing. You see that I’ve already
marked on the cake where I’m going to make the ruffle swags and I’m using a
petal tip #125. I like royal icing best because it dries hard and I hate to see the buttercream melt in the Sun. I’ve colored that pink just a little bit
lighter and put a second there on. the third layer of ruffles is lighter
than that. the fourth layer lighter, and the fifth layer
almost a white. Now, of course, I’ll clean up those ends
with a little paintbrush. after I’ve got all those ruffles on I’ll put a nice
little border at the bottom I’m also making a few gems out of
chocolate I just stick those in the fridge and let him chill for a few
minutes then paint some sparkly pink luster dust onto them. after tha’ts done,
I’ll stick them on the cake. for the 6-inch tear I have a little plaque with miss Orem and number nine was her number again I have royal icing and this is a
#14 star tip. I’m just gonna pipe some Scrolls around that little plaque
make it really pretty and ornate using a paper towel to wipe off the tip
keep it nice and tidy Oops! I pipe that one the wrong direction
it’s okay just take it up and do it again there we go much better. I’ll add a few more scrolls and shells to this design. I’ll put little stars where the ends meet
here. this little press I got from a Wilton
beginner kit I don’t think Wilton sells them anymore
but I have a link down in the description where you can buy something
similar. Just marking that around the cake and I’ll follow it with my royal
icing cleaning up as I go! you’ll notice that I did this design one
way from the front to the back and then the other way from the front to the back. after stacking the 8 inch on the 10 inch
I’ll add a little pink border And, I’ll do that on the sixth and
eighth inch tier also. and there I have it it’s all finished thanks for watching
bye Hey! do you have a question specifically
for me? it would be my pleasure to answer you the best I can with a knowledge I
have. So, down in the description box, you will find a link where you can ask me
your questions and I will answer you in a video just like this! Just me and you
went on one! So, go ahead and click that. Ask me your questions I’m really excited
to help you learn more! BYE!

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