Pretzel Rods in Chocolate with decorations

Pretzel Rods in Chocolate with decorations

thank you I’ve taken some pink chocolate and I’ve
drizzled some white over the top it’s going to drizzle some whoop some white
over the top and then I’m going to dip my pretzel and you’re going to get a
Marbley kind of a finish so you just sort of dip right on top of the just
tilted a little bit to turn it around in there and you’ll have a little bit of a
marbled e color and just keep doing that until your chocolate kind of disappears
so your white chocolate disappears and then you can add some more
it just gives your pretzels your colored pretzels a little bit more texture
there’s some white there so I’m going to go ahead and just tilt it and then you
see you’ll get a little bit of white in there also if you let the chocolate flow down
like that and you give it a twist you’ll have a little line there on your pretzel
a little bit of a decoration of more texture there now I could have put some
strawberry flavoring in here but I didn’t because the person who wants
these pretzels did not ask you see I’ve got a little curtain there and if you
just give it a little twist that will stay there on your decoration on your
pretzel and it’ll be a little decoration when I decorate the pink ones I’m going
to put white on a white drizzle on first then I’m going to put the pink on top I
think it will help does it help it to show up better that way whereas on the
white frets as I’m going to do it backwards I’m going to do the pink first
and then the white and here I’m going to use a bag because the type of decoration
that she really does want calls for it to be very even so I’m just going to go back and forth
like this so on the white ones we’re going to go ahead and put the pink line
on first you I’m not sure how well you could see you
can see this little teeny pacifier I tied a bow on the pretzel so there’s the
pretzel and then I’ve tied a piece of raffia on the bow and I’ve stuck the
little pacifier on the top I’m going to show you how I got the pacifier on there
in the bow this is my raffia now I had white the white pretzel with the brown
chalk for a little bit of brown a little bit of pink I used pink raffia it’s very
hard to tell because it’s very light pink but this is white because I’m going
to use the white on the ones on the pretzels on our pink now the way to
determine how really big you want to bow and you sort of can do this a little bit
if you want to start but sometimes you can just try a couple of lengths and
then just go with that one but when I’m doing a bow I’ll just say well I need a
tail and I need a bow and then I go around the bow I’m going to go around a
couple of times and then I need another tail okay so this is a nice little
length here it’s about ten inches the way to get a whole bunch of those I’ll
show you a little trick unwind some ribbon and then put the long ribbon with
the short one and run your fingers to the end and then hold down the end and
then Bend that down and go to the other end and that down and just keep going I
need quite a few so you can do this as many times as your hand will allow but
hold very tight okay so I’m just going to cut these I’ll do one more since I
have it unraveled okay so then go ahead and always hold it very tight your
fingers and then just cut that off if you have a whole bunch of them you can
literally just cut a teeny bit off the whole end of all of the bows above all
the loops and then go to the other end and do the same
thing but if I if you do that put this down sort of on top of a garbage can and
then just go ahead and just just cut off the whole length the whole try to show
you if you cut that whole thing off like that it’ll just it’ll it’ll open up
every loop because that’s what you want to do you want to open up your loops
hold it tight and then find the loops on this side I always take a look shake it
to see if all the loops are done and now you’ve got a lot of things the same
length we have these little tiny pacifiers you’re going to loop it this
is the part you’re going to loop through the ribbon so I’ll show you how I do
that always be careful with your pretzels because if they fall they will
break I can guarantee it I’m not a gambling person but I can
guarantee that if you drop that pretzel it will break we’re bet on that hundred
percent of the time so just tie that right below the seal and above the
pretzel you can thread your pacifier on either side and then tie it down again
give it a little tie down and you can either put the bow you can put the salsa
fire above it or you can above the bow or you put it below the bow I don’t
really know what’s best for these pretzels probably above it because the
pretzel is pink see it better or you could put it below because then
it would look like it’s hanging off of the bow you know one thing I never do is
go backwards so if I put it above its going to stay there because nobody’s
really ever noticed these things but me so if you put it below so you do that
one at that next time because that’s what’s going to hold it on there I like
it below looks like it’s hanging by the time I do 50 of them I get it right so I
hang it below tie it on again and then tie that tie the bow down there so

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  1. Awe, Marjorie, they are so cute!
    What brand of chocolate do you use to coat your goodies?
    Again, thank you for all you do for us!
    Can't wait to see some Christmas goodies!
    Love ya, and your channel, Margorie!

  2. Hi Marjorie, thank u for the videos. Keep up the good work! But, I would like to know, if you could begin your videos with the products that u are using, the amount used and the techniques used, please that would be helpful to us beginners. Thanks again

  3. I was wondering how you get the pretzels off the wax paper. I made these and they came out gorgeous but when I lift them off the paper the drizzle pops off the chocolate. And it's even worse when I put them into bags! Thank you!!

  4. this is soooo amazing!! how many chocolate are you using and how many pretzels you can make with that quantity of chocolate?

  5. I make these. It's fun and easy and makes a great gift to give to young and old. I like the idea of mixing one color with the white. Really pretty with sprinkles and drizzle effect. Make a great party favor too. 🙂

  6. Hi I'm exciting to try this for my sisters baby shower Just curious where can you get the clear bags from

  7. The bags can be found at party stores or craft stores in the Wilton cake decorating section.

  8. Thanks for the video! They are so pretty! What kind of chocolate did you use? I tried using Candy Melts and mine came out more like a puddle of chocolate with a thin coated pretzel rod sitting in it! This was BEFORE I watched your video though 😉 Watched your video to find out how to do it better next time! Thanks!

  9. but how long did it take the chocolate to cool? do I leave it out at room temperature or put them in the fridge?

  10. how do u make the white chocolate so smooth and thick like that ? do u boil it or ? I can never get it right I always make It so watery

  11. Would be much more efficient and less chocolate would go to waste if you used a tall skinny cup to dip the pretzel in.

  12. I know this is old… but what kind of chocolate did you use and where did you get it? Thanks, would really appreciate the answer.

  13. Should have put the opening/bow on the unfrosted part of the pretzel stick…easier to grab when pulling the pretzel out…..

  14. Oh Margie these are lovely. I’m making these for my party in two days. Thank you so much for the video

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