Preparing a Pan For Baking – Cakes, cheesecakes, brownies and more – Cake Tip 2

Preparing a Pan For Baking – Cakes, cheesecakes, brownies and more – Cake Tip 2

Pull out enough parchment paper to cover your pan. Now, I know some people put their parchment paper under their pan, mark it with a pen and then cut it. But, one, I never know where a pen is. And two, I find that sometimes you still end up with a circle that’s a little bit too big. So- A little noisy, but I’m just going to press this into my pan, and then I’m going to use my fingernails to kind of mark that outer edge. And once I’ve gone all the way around, you can pull it out and you can see, we have a nice edge that we can work on. And you can see, it fits right inside, really easily. To make it stick, so that it doesn’t like slide around and a bunch of the chocolate doesn’t get underneath, I’m actually going to use some spray. The only spray I ever use is Baker’s Joy. It’s amazing. It works so well. Find the way the parchment paper curves. Mine’s curving this way, clearly that’s the way it was in the roll. Put the curved side down, it will help hold it. Alright, then when I spray the sides and it oversprays onto the bottom, that helps hold the parchment paper in place. I do this for all of my cakes.

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  1. I get asked about cake tips all the time, so here is one for you, how I prepare my cake pans.  I don't do the shortening and flour method of my youth, but it's also nothing fancy! #video   #cakedecorating   #tiptuesday   #bakingrecipe  

  2. Now this is a great tip! I can't tell you how many times I've had a cake stick to the pan, even after spraying. I will do this from now on!

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