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Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon You asked me to do a popin cookin video so
I ordered these in from Japan, we don’t have have them here in Australia. Lets start with this birthday cake kit, I’ve
got three different kits for you. And the first thing you will notice is all the instructions
are in Japanese, is that why you wanted asked me to do a how-to video? When you open it up don’t rip the packaging
because you’ll need it, open it up, take everything out and cut along the dotted lines. So you’ll have your packaging, all the little
packets that come inside, a cute piping bag a stirring spoon and decorations that they
gave you. Cut along the lines on the plastic container
so you get your triangle measuring cup and the strawberry molds seperate from the rest
of it. Now we are ready to begin. You’ll see that
the tray has a star and a heart at the base so you know which one to do in which. In the
star one pour the orange packet and into the heart one tip the yellow packet.
Add two scoops of water to the big one and one scoop of water to the small one and stir
them both really well getting into all of those little edges. And then tap it on the
bench 10 times to get rid of any air bubbles and then just pop it in the microwave for
50 seconds. Once it is done use your spoon to loosen it
from the edges and then tip it onto the plastic sheet.
For the strawberry cream add the red packet to the heart space and mix in one scoop of
water. To make the vanilla cream place the dark blue
packet into the star container and mix with two scoops of water.
To make your strawberry jellies mix the pink packet with one scoop of water and then tip
that into the strawberry mold. Cover the bottom cake in vanilla cream then
add the small one on top and cover that too. Place the strawberry cream into the piping
bag and cut off one corner. Pipe little dots all the way around the edge
where the tow cakes are meeting. Then on the top layer pipe some little lines of pink following
the line of the cake. Now you can of course decorate it however
you want it. Then add the decorations that they gave you and I’m just putting around
the joins where it is coming up all around the top of the cake.
Add you strawberry jellies and pipe some more pink.
You can leave it on the plastic sheet that they have given you or place it onto a plate.
Now for the taste test. HMMM, it’s not bad, but it’s not great either.
It’s like dry cake with a spoonful of packet vanilla pudding with it. As a kid I probably
would of enjoyed it I definitely would of enjoyed the process, I think that it’s cute,
it just needs some work on the flavour. Lets try the sushi one. This is s sushi candy
so it should have a different flavour none of the vanilla cream mixture in this one. Your packet has the plates and a couple of
templates on it, then you have a spoon, a dropper bottle and all of your little packets
of ingredients. First to make the rice, use the dropper bottle
fill the oval container up to the fill line. Then add the blue packet in and mix well.
To the whirly shaped pattern add water to the fill line again then add the yellow powder
and mix through this is going to be our egg. Smooth off the top there.
Repeat that on the wavy one with the pink packet to make the tuna. Tip it in, stir it
through and smooth off the top. And then to make the fake seaweed they have
given us black gooey soft candy. Just squash that and pull it out to the size that you
need on the template wrapper there and use a knife to trim it up. Now keep the left over
bits and we’ll use them later on other ones. Take some of your rice, roll it into a ball
and wrap the seaweed around it. Squeeze it together on the side to make it stick to itself. Take another ball of rice, place half of the
egg on top just use your spoon to get it out. Then wrap the spare seaweed candy around,
it doesn’t taste of seaweed, wrap that around your sushi there. Roll another ball of rice and place some tuna
on top. Now for some cool molecular gastronomy. Add
water to the fill line of A and of B. Tip the orange packet into B and the green
packet into A. Mix up A well, then wipe you spoon clean . It is important that you don’t
mix these mixtures together. And then mix B. Using the dropper bottle put drops of the
orange mix into the clear one and it will set straight away. Basically what is happening
here is the orange has a gelling agent that gels in the presence of calcium. And the clear
mixture has calcium salts in it so when you drop it in it gels.
Scoop them up and place them on top of your sushi so it looks like fish eggs.
Lastly mix the brown packet with water to make soy sauce. The sushi wrapper tastes like bubble gum,
the rice is chewy and sweet. The salmon and egg have a jelly like consistency. Overall
it is sweet with a slight bubble gum flavour to it. But lets try the ice cream one.
Open your box, cut out your packet into pieces. Then we have a strawberry cream packet, sprinkles,
vanilla cream a mini piping bag a spoon and look at these cute little ice cream cones,
a dessert cup and some wafers. Cut the triangle off the corner and that will
be your measuring scoop just like we did last time. Use your scoop to cut a square off your wafer,
then a second square, and a third one and you’ll be left with a little piece that we’ll
use later. Pour the strawberry cream powder, which is
the pink packet into one side and the vanilla cream powder which is the blue packet, into
the other side. Add one scoop of water into each one and mix
well. Add the pink to one side of the bag and the
vanilla to the other, it’s a bit tricky to get it all the way down to the tip of the
bag. Twist the top and trim off the end. Pipe four dots onto one of your wafers, repeat that on the next one. Then on the last
one pipe three rows of three dots so the top is completely covered.
Then stack those up and add some sprinkles to the top. For the ice cream cones you just swirl the
mixture into the cone, add your little wafer bit to the side. You can use the holes in
the centre of the container that they have given you as a stand to hold your ice creams
as you do the next bit. Then fill your wafer basket with the left
over mixture and sprinkles on the top. Pipe some more around the edge and add the heart
sprinkles to that as well. You can use the wrappers they provided around
the ice cream and as plates for your creations. These look so super cute and taste like wafer
with the same vanilla pudding mix we had on the cake. Kids didn’t love it but they thought it was
OK. I think all of these are great fun to make
and look super-cute I’m just not loving the flavours. But I would of loved to make them
when I was little. What do you think have you had them before? And would you like me
to make some recipes for mini things that you can do yourself instead of having to use
a packet? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.
[music: the boat song by Set Sail used with permission]

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