Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment

Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment

Will Pop Rocks and soda really
make your stomach explode? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. Most people that I know want to be healthy. I have met a few people
who want to be unhealthy. – That’s your prerogative.
– It’s your choice. You can do whatever you want. But if you want to live,
you want to live a healthy life, and, of course, if you wanna do that,
you should ask guys like us. – On Facebook.
– For health advice. Which is what you’ve done. Damelis Diaz asks, “How can I
trick myself into thinking vegetables taste good?” – Great question.
– ‘Cause as we all know, vegetables do not taste good,
so maybe she’s onto something. Okay, so most people who say this,
I would say, enjoy meat. They would be like, “Vegetables
don’t taste good. – Meat tastes good.”
– Or bread. So you gotta do a psychological trick
inside of your mind. – Is bread a vegetable?
– Don’t confuse things. Psychological trick inside of your mind,
where you need to give vegetables the characteristics
of an animal, and maybe it will make you like them.
Let me demonstrate. (chuckles) Hey, Link, look at this guy.
His name’s Ryan. Oh, he’s like a human? – Animal.
– Oh, he’s just got a human name. He lived a great life with his buddy… Dale. Man, you got props and everything. Look at these guys.
Oh, they’ve lived such a good life, they had a long, full life.
They grew to be this size. And now…(crunching) I killed them. So you got asparagus on your plate
and you’re like, “Okay, kids. I got a flesh…fresh…flesh filet
of the meat off the bone of an asparagus creature?” Mm-hmm. Like, yeah kids, it was a creature made– They should put bones
inside of vegetables. That’s a great idea. …Entirely of asparagus? Eat chicken and then stick the bones
inside of the broccoli and give it to your children. Like garden peas.
No, those are the balls of green monkey babies.
Does that work? That wasn’t what I was thinking. What else could they be? Legumes? – I think we should move along.
– Okay. It’s gonna take me a while
to get that down because it’s not an animal. (laughter) You can get
an animal down quick. – Do the next question.
– Okay. Mary Cheek asks, “Will my stomach
really explode if I eat Pop Rocks and soda?
And if so, how long can I live with a hole in my abdomen exactly?” Well, let’s find out. We should go for the soda pop first. I’m gonna rip these open
so I can just pour them right in. I don’t wanna impede anything. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And this is a whole packet – of Pop Rocks.
– I’m ready. So this first? Mmm. (Pop Rocks rattle) (popping noises) (crunching) (hissing and popping) Okay, I could take some more soda. Wash it down. Get ’em all down, Link. I’m gettin’ them down
before they start poppin’. – Mine are all down.
– All right. Mine are all down
with two big gulps of cola. (explosion) (belching) Oh gosh. What was that? Well, I burped, but before that…
there was something happening in and around my shirt. (laughter) It happened where? Under my shirt. Well, I’m a little afraid.
I can’t even say it. Well, let me see.
Let’s all see. Okay. (Link) Oh crap. What? – How do you feel?
– I feel okay. How long do you think you’re gonna live? – I feel like–
– Fake watch. I feel like I could live forever. Like, literally, that’s how
good I feel right now. Okay, I think that answers your question. Yes, your stomach will explode,
but you’re gonna live forever. (laughs) J.r. Padilla asks, “Two guys,
Two Weights was great for helping “loose” weight.
Will you guys– “loose weight.” Yeah, I get it. “Will you guys make a workout”–
wow, I still got– Yeah, you’re finding a pop here and there. Yeah, there’s is, back in there. “Will you guys make a workout
and meal plan for gaining weight, as in building mass?” Yes, so Two Guys, Two Weights
was a workout series that we invented on this show. (laughs) Two Guys, Two Weights DVD. – (cracking up)
– That’s horrible. That’ll sell like crazy! And, yes, it was a big success.
Not necessarily a commercial success, but it was a success so much
that we are proud to present our second series of workout series. – Yeah.
– Things. – Two guys–
– (both) Gain weight! ♪ (campy ’80s music) ♪ Hey, guys! Welcome to Two Guys Gain Weight! It’s pretty simple.
We’re two guys and we’re gonna what? – Gain weight!
– That’s right! And help you gain weight
to help you undo what we got you do to in the last time
we did a VHS workout series – where you lost weight.
– Vicious cycle! – Here we go!
– Workout number one is Hot Potato.
Link get the hot potato! Link! Stop dancing and get the hot potato. – Okay, here it is.
– There it is. Whoa, this thing is so hot! In this workout, what you gotta do
is you gotta hot potato. How hot is that potato? Totally potato…pretty hot. Okay, and then you gotta get
your optional sour cream… [inaudible] Here we go. – Pass the potato.
– And then– Whoo! That’s hot. (Link) Dip it and chomp it. Pass it back ’cause it’s hot. Dip it, chomp it. You can choose to eat
the same side of the potato or a different side.
I go for the different. Tossy, tossy, tossy! Side potato! You can talk like Link
if you want, but I don’t. For this next workout,
everybody grab your hambells! Yeah, two men, one hambell. All right, lift and eat. (munching) – Yeah, pump ham.
– Eat until it’s gone. (Rhett) Hey, Link!
How do you know – when this workout’s over?
– When the ham is gone. That’s right, Link.
When the ham is gone. And, remember, it’s like we always say:
always eat every rep of every set. Mmmm! Yeah! [inaudible] – The ham is gone.
– The ham is gone. It’s done. Next workout! Okay, it’s time for Pizzcus! What’s that?
A pizza discus! That’s right. I’m in the mood for sharing.
Okay, I’m gonna do the discus, the pizzcus, right into Link’s mouth.
Get ready, Link! Aaaaah! – Oh!
– Oh, that hurt. All right, let’s get a fresh pizza. Time to return the favor. Don’t do it Frisbee style.
Don’t do it Frisbee style. (crew laughs) Yeah, yeah, yeah! If it catches you
on the shoulder, it’s good. But remember, you gotta
eat it with your mouth. Or he can eat it. Bulk up, bulk up. Oh my goodness.
Go for it, go for it. How do you know when you’re done? (Link) I don’t know.
How do you know? So you’re not done? (Link) You can do it!
Complete the rep. This is when you really– It’s always worth it!
Look at that! Bulk up. I didn’t think I could do this,
but you know what? I did it! And you can too! But maybe you shouldn’t. All right, guys, now it’s time
to feel the burn with some chili-ups. Get yourself a big bowl of chili,
put it under your face, get in the push-up position,
and then…uh, eat the chili – while doing push-ups.
– Pretty simple. Two guys gain weight, go! (groaning) – Oh, it’s got beans in it!
– Mmm! There’s a lot of it down there.
Let’s go and get ’em. You gotta really get your face in it. – Oh, yeah.
– Cause your head will hit the side of the bowl.
You really gotta get your face down in it. Like this: (groaning) If you just wanna get
in the tornado drill position, and just stick your face in the chili… that’s totally acceptable. As long as you’re eating chili,
everybody’s happy. The push-up’s just for show, really. (Link) Ask yourself:
are you happy right now? And, hey, how do you
know when you’re done? Oh, look at that.
I think that we’re done! (groaning) Listen, the only thing that stands
between you and gaining weight – is you.
– (moaning) Okay? ♪ (campy ’80s music) ♪ As if that wasn’t weird enough,
now it’s time for a segment we call “The Internet Is a Weird Place.” That’s right, the Internet
is a weird place and we wanna guide you through the weirdness
that is the Internet and highlight a weird website each week.
This week that website is… – (Link) Sanger.com.
– (Rhett) Sanger.dk. Not .com. Don’t get it wrong, son. .dk, that’s important! It’s like Denmark and Sanger like,
“She’s a good sanger.” – Let’s go there.
– There’s no singers there. It’s just this pug licking glass.
There’s no sound. (Rhett) There doesn’t need to be sound. (Link in cutesy voice) He’s so cute!
He’s so hungry! He wants to eat glass! (Rhett) Who’s watching?
Who’s watching me? Do you see that, how he
looked over his shoulder? Of course, it loops on itself. Maybe he feels guilty about this.
I wouldn’t feel guilty about this. You know, it fascinates me that
someone took this video and then thought this needs to be
on some dedicated website. That’s what makes the Internet great. This dog is pretty cool, okay.
And this website is pretty popular, but this isn’t anything
that we couldn’t do. In fact, we did it.
This is what it would be like if you went to our website. (sloppy licking noises) Two guys are better than one dog. (laughs) I don’t know, but we
have uploaded our site through TheInternetIsAWeirdPlace.com,
so you can scroll down there and you can see our site,
as well as the sites that your cohorts, your other
Mythical Beasts, have nominated. That’s where you go to nominate
a website that you want us to highlight next week,
and while you’re over there you can also get a free trial and ten percent
off the creation of your own website, weird or not, using Squarespace. Link in the description.
Thanks for linking and commenting – on this video.
– You know what time it is! Hi, I’m Alejandro,
and this is a pineapple. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Hey, you got a spot on your bedroom wall
and you’re like, “I don’t know what to do with that.”
You’re in luck! Get the Good Mythical Morning poster,
available at RhettandLink.com/store… – store, store, store!
– Click through to Good Mythical More, more, more, more,
where we’re gonna sample these delectable Japanese soda pops,
chili oil flavor and kimchi. What? Rhett is a germaphobic pro wrestler. Hey, buddy!
Come on! Let’s do this! Let’s do this now!
I wanna just– – (aggressive screaming)
– I don’t want it! – YEAH!
– NOOOO! You’re going–nyaaaaah! I’ma get you! No, no, no, no, no, no! Don’t touch me, don’t touch me! [Captioned by Sara:
GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. I’m probably the pickiest 18 year old ever I have the appetite of a 8 year old I literally have been eating chicken and pizza since I was like 7

  2. I've had crohns disease for 30 years. The easiest way (not the healthiest way) to gain weight is copious amounts of Carl's Jr.

  3. My mum:How was school today honey?
    Me:Today I watched two grown men liking a window so,just a normal Tuesday.

  4. It’s not that vegetables taste bad, it’s just it’s like water. Water is vital and it tastes like nothing

  5. When Rhett said “give a vegetable the characteristics of an animal” I immediately imagined a head of lettuce dressed up as a cow

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