Piped HENNA Cake | Man About Cake COLLAB with SweetAmbs + Joshua John Russell

Piped HENNA Cake | Man About Cake COLLAB with SweetAmbs + Joshua John Russell

Hey guys! Welcome to Man About Cake I’m your host Joshua John Russell this week I’m making a henna cake and we’re doing in collab with SweetAmbsCookies to show off our piping skills I’m going to build a three-tiered spice cake filled with crystallized ginger buttercream and finish it with some henna piping and a beautiful lotus flower. Let’s get started! I’m going to break down my six-inch spice cakes here We’re doing a hexagon shape- new shape and new garbage cake So we’re just going to cut this guy in half we’re going to fill this guy with crystallized ginger buttercream Oo it smells really good- by the way if you guys want this recipe for the ginger buttercream you can get it and- *stutters* I’ll do that again- by the way if you guys want the cryshali– this is a bad start *laughs* Offscreen: Do the mouth stretch I didn’t stretch. You’re right Okay, by the way if you guys want the crystallized ginger buttercream recipe It’s in a blog post in the description box below. You guys check it out. It’s really good. That’s right. I need a mouth stretch I’m going to make some bamboo for our borders You could do this by hand by just carving it, but I found this really awesome mold. The bamboo is all together whenever you mold it so you could wrap it around a tier I’m actually going to cut the bamboo apart and use it as a singular decoration. So I have a piece of gum paste here and we’re just going to roll it out a little bit and then press it into the mold I’m going to add a little cornstarch You just want to try to get as even as possible- look at that That’s pretty cool, right? -so now what I’m going to do I could actually take this and wrap it around the cake make a few other ones And then you can have like a bamboo tier, but I’m going to use it as border So we’re going to cut the pieces apart, so I’m just going to follow the lines in between Perfect. I’m going to cut all these guys apart and we’ll leave them to dry for about 20 minutes and then we’ll add ’em to the cake Now I’m going to make a lotus flower as like a statement piece in the center of our cake But I’m not going to use a lotus cutter I’m going to use a Dahlia cutter because this actually does double duty. When you cut out a Dahlia you kind of curl the ends. We’re not going to do that We’re just gently going to shape it, and it’ll look like a lotus flower So I’m going to roll out a little bit of gum paste here We’ve got three different sized petals, and we need six of each Alright, so I rolled it out, and now we’re going to cut out our shapes Here, let’s just cut out one of each to start so I can show you guys And then we’re actually going to vein them as well- Here’s our veiner- put our petal in there Vein it! *giggles* So if we were making a Dahlia then you know you’d make this really curly sort of thing But I’m just going to gently lay it into an egg mold here- petal former But I like to call them an egg mold. It looks like an egg- Remember? for the Easter show We’ll do our teenager here. She’s the mom teenager, baby. Vein it! Offscreen: W-where’s Dad? We could cut out dad too- and then the baby *baby voice* Vein it! Offscreen: “I want macaroni!” Now I’m going to cut the rest of my petals and let them dry for a couple of hours The last part of the lotus flower we need to make is the center So I have a little piece of yellow gum paste here I googled this they have really really weird shaped centers But they’re actually really pretty so I’m just going to make a little carroty turnip-y thing like we always do But I want the top to be really flat It’s kind of the shape of a peanut butter cup- so it looks pretty flat on top and I’m going to cut the bottom off So then it’s flat, and it has little holes and also have these little hairy things that come out the side the stamens I’m actually going to make those out of spaghetti noodles– or “basghetti” – however you say it So I’m just going to poke holes in the top with my dresden tool Perfect, and I’m going to break up my spaghetti. This is actually thin spaghetti Just in case you’re in the store wondering “What spaghetti do I use??” If you use lasagna noodles it’s going to be *way* different. Offscreen: “Why does my spaghetti look all fat??” Okay, as you can see this is not botanically correct Alright, so we’re gonna let this guy dry for a couple hours And then we’re going to paint him gold.- I’m going to dust the petals with pink powder color I’m doing this over a paper towel so I don’t Get stuff everywhere, and I’m going to start right at the top so James doesn’t have to clean up after me We want the color to be intense up here, and then we’re just going to pull the color down the sides We’re not going to dust the entire thing. We just want this to be a highlight. We’ll do the same thing to the back Purdy. Alright, now I gotta do all of them We’re going to assemble our flower now I’m going to do this with a little bit of royal icing I have my petals here, and then I have a chocolate disk that I poured out and let’s set so we’ll assemble it on that I’m just going to put a little bit of royal on the back of each petal and we’ll space them out evenly So we’ll do one on the opposite side here And since we have six we’ll have 2 there and 2 there– and that makes six Alright now we’ll do our teenagers here. I don’t know if I even wanna do the little ones. Do I? Offscreen: Yeah Okay Thanks for not letting me edit my own cake. I don’t think we need the little pedals. Offscreen: Alright, don’t do the little petals I’m not doing it. Offscreen: Sorry to pressure you. That’s okay I might actually take these and make a smaller flower for the cake But I like this like it is so we’re just going to leave those out I’m going to put a little crown of Saran wrap around here. So these petals stay up It’s a very cheap crown Awesome leave this to dry for about an hour. Offscreen: Gonna wrap some stop signs with fondant? Hey wait a minute. Stop signs are hexagons. Offscreen: No, they’re octagons. They’re hexagons- I think they’re hexagons- Hexoganal- No– Offscreen: Hey, what do you guys think? Brandon: I think it’s 8 *Joshua still insisting they’re hexagons* Offscreen: It’s 8! It’s freaken 8! *celebratory mouth trumpet noise* I’m going to cover our hexagon teir with white fondant. I’m going to roll this to an eighth of an inch thickness So we went ahead and started piping so I could plan out my design I’m going to show you how I did it right now so use this teardrop shape that I’ve bent a little bit to make sort of a Paisley and then I pressed it into The cake just to mark the fondant, so that I can pipe on top of that Now I’m using a tip that’s a zero and I’m going to come back and use one that’s a number one I’m just tracing the lines of the Paisley This will give us our framework and then the rest of this kind of just whatever you want to pipe Don’t be scared to just pipe. There’s really no rules with this. It’s almost like doodling Offscreen: Looks like a whale with a mohawk now It’s not a whale– It could be an eggplant too. It’s a whale with a beautiful tail– Offscreen: and with big teeth *goofy laugh* Hellooo! Stop- I’M TRYING TO PIPE! Don’t make me laugh! Look what happens! Whale Voice: We’re sorry Joshua! That’s all it looks like now– It’s all I can think about- Stop it, Brandon! Brandon’s like– it’s like he’s in church right and something happened, and he can’t stop laughing and his mom just *scolding slap noise* I gotta change it up Whale Voice: *gibberish* Stop! Oh my god– I’m done! – I’m done! Let’s do some airbrushing. We’re going to airbrush gold on the center for lotus flower and all of our bamboo pieces I made a top tier in purple and added a little bit of Henna on there as well Now we’re going to add it with bubble tea straws *satisfying snip sounds* Now it’s time to decorate. I’m going to start by adding my gold bamboo pieces. I’m going to do this with royal icing. I’m going to add my flower with a little bit of chocolate. Now I’m going to add my center with chocolate as well Last thing– I’m gonna add a pearl border to the top and bottom tiers Our henna cake is complete, and I really like the way she turned out I can’t wait to see what SweetAmbs comes up with as well. You guys, don’t forget to check out her channel We’ll put it in the description box below. If you want any of the tools or recipes from my show Click the “i” in the corner or they’re also in the description box Please subscribe to this channel, like the video and leave me a comment telling me what you guys want to see in future episodes. This is going to be delicious Spice cake! mmM that’s spicy

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  2. HiiiiIs it always necessary to put fondant for pasting flowers. As no one at my place like fondant plz help me to suggest the best frosting to work with wafer papers.

  3. Cultura americana del cibo=cibo spazzatura!!!!Queste torte sono sempre fatte di crema al burro e pasta di zucchero!!!!!Che schifo!!!!!Non conoscete il sapore dei dolci buoni!!!

  4. Those cakes look amazing and sound delicious, but I wouldn't eat them. He's touching everything (including mouth stretching) and then touching the cake :

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    Question:Why did the chicken cross the road
    Answer: (Sing) To say hello from the other side

  6. I love how your cake turned out, it looks so pretty and amazing. I love all of your cakes to they are always so beautiful. Could you please do a hunger games cake please

  7. this is the first time I've seen jjr do this much piping. usually with an overlay type texture he is gum/sugar paste molds

  8. What is that spray you use when you attach gumpaste flowers or something like that to the cake with chocolate or royal icing?

  9. Hey jjr, do you ever get the feeling that you need to put down your phone so u tell yourself that after this video you'll go to bed but then your like ohh I found a nother video an then u end up staying up late like another 30mins.if u relate make this a question on one of your vids

  10. Note: do NOT watch this episode in class, because you will laugh when the crew start making fun of JJR's piping, and you will get caught.
    worth it though…

  11. Pues todo muy bien solo que me pregunto el fondant es dulce los rellenos son malos y pues NO creo que sea delicioso la decoracion SI aparte el repostero muy FALSO….

  12. This is gorgeous! and I love the way you used the cookie cutter as a template–definitely a tip I'm going to remember!

  13. I love all your cakes, but I was wondering if you could also do episodes about other desserts, like macarons, pavlovas, and so on. I love pavlovas but I think aesthetically they are not the most appealing. Seems that with your amazing decorating skills you can really amp them up!

  14. I keep seeing comments in some videos about doing a collaboration with other people, in my opinion it's not necessary because u guys are awesome

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  16. Hi Joshua! I loved this cake and really enjoy your channel. Something I found out several years ago is that unboiled 'Top Ramen" noodles" can be eaten as a snack . . . er, well . . . they are much softer on the inside of the mouth than actual hard pasta. Do you think they might work better for this flower"s stamen? Just a thought – Happy Holidays!! ASM

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