Perfect Vanilla Cup Cakes with Buttercream Frosting/Happy Valentines Day -Recipe no 106

Perfect Vanilla Cup Cakes with Buttercream Frosting/Happy Valentines Day -Recipe no 106

Hi All , Greetings !!! How are you all Hope you liked Jan Joshi’s(my husband) introduction I am just getting better Thought of giving you a special recipe for Valentine’s Day A special cupcake for that special someone A simple vanilla cupcake with butter cream frosting. the baking timing will differ according to the oven that we have. the no of cakes d size kept for baking also will make a difference in the baking time So lets make some perfect cupcakes šŸ™‚ This cupcake has egg in it .Will share another video for eggless cupcake So lets get cooking !!! First preheat the oven to 170 degree C Next take a cupcake or muffin tin and keep cupcake holders in each mould you can also take an ordinary baking tray and place the cupcake holders on the flat surface. Sieve 125 gm of All purpose flour Add 11/4 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp salt Sieve everything well for 2-3 times so all the ingredients mixes well evenly After sieving it for 3 times To this add 125 gm powdered sugar Sieve it well so that there is no lumps Take a big mixing bowl add all the dry ingredients to the mixing bowl This is an easy recipe . All the ingredients i am using here at once Add 125 gm unsalted butter which is in room temperature Always make sure that we should keep the butter and egg outside to bring it to room temperature else our cake will not be fluffy i have used unsalted butter add 2 eggs on low speed beat all this together Now medium to high speed beat all this together for just 1 minute Do not over beat . It will make our cake hard bring everything to the centre there should not be any granules when we touch it since the consistency is too thick we need to add some milk (milk should also be at room temp) 1 1/2 tbsp milk + 1 tsp vanilla essence beat again for 30 sec only Remove the batter to the cupcake holders Do not put it fully.We need to give enough room for the cake to rise up you can either use a spoon or a zip lock cover and cut the edges. Or use a piping bag Fill it a little more than half to each cupcake holder Bake it on 170 degree C for around 15 to 18 mins. (this timing will differ according to your oven and the no of cupcakes you have kept for baking ) After 15 mins just poke a fork or skewer to see if it is done. always tap the mould before keeping it in the oven . Repeat the process for the remaining batter For me it took 15 mins to bake this to golden brown . Remove it from the mould and Allow it to cool for sometime Do the frosting only after the cupcakes have cooled down For small cupcakes within 10 minutes it will be baked the small cupcakes took only 9 mins check when it is 8 mins and then accordingly adjust the baking time to make the butter cream frosting Add 100 gm room temp butter to a mixing bowl Beat this butter on low to medium high speed to make the butter very fluffy Add 225 gm icing sugar for 100 gm butter .Always sieve the icing sugar before adding it to the butter add 1/2 of it first then check the sugar level and then add the rest beat on low speed to avoid the spluttering of the powder add the rest of the icing sugar and then add a pinch of salt Beat it till it becomes soft and fluffy Add 1 tbsp of milk 1 tsp of vanilla essence on high speed beat this again Our butter cream icing is ready the icing will not drop off the spoon Add the butter cream into a pipping bag and to your imagination you can decorate the cupcakes if you feel the frosting is too watery just add some more icing sugar and beat it again if it is too thick just add some milk and you can loosen it you can store this frosting in a tight container for 3 to 4 days in the fridge you can add some sprinkles or decorate according to your preference Cupcakes are ready to be served .Hope you liked the easy cupcakes the cupcakes are tasty even without the frosting Do try out this easy cupcakes !!!!

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  1. Hi chechy,njan cup cake undaki…ellam perfect including decoration..last kazhichapo kaykunnu chechy…athyamayittanu enik engane oru failure sambavichath…ethayirikum chechy reason?pls tell me…

  2. Veena njn innu try cheythu cupcake super aayrnu ….veenade oven Eth model aanu Panasonic alle model no. Parayamo

  3. hi Veena..enteduthu cup cake undakunne mould undu veenadeduthu ullathu pole….pakshe aah paper cup illa…athukondu aah mould greeze cheythu undaakikoode…??

  4. ą“¬ą“Ÿąµą“Ÿąµ¼ą“Øąµ ą“Ŗą“•ą“°ą“‚ ą““ą“Æą“æąµ½ ą“Æąµ‚ą“øąµ ą“šąµ†ą“Æąµą“Æą“¾ą“®ąµ‹

  5. Chechee inn njn cake undakknnu
    I25g approximately ethra cup aanu
    1/2 cup aano entedth cup measures aanu ulleth pls rply
    Checheede almost recipes try cheyythu masha allah good result
    Thanx checheee ippo enth undaakunnundenklm first preference chechikkaanu
    Checheede maathre nokalullooo ennathaanu sathyam lov u checheee
    Waiting for watch more dishes
    Lov uuiušŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜

  6. Veenechi Ente cake thanuthappo mukalile bagam sticky ayittitikkunnu. Njan thanukkunnavare openayit vechekkuarnnu. Enthayrikkum reason

  7. Chechee cake undaaki adipolyaayittund
    But butter crm undaakeela entedth cup measures aanu ulleth 1/2 cup aano approximately icing sugar edukkendath pls rply

  8. I tried this Chechi but on stove top and also added a combination of chocolate it was awesome.thanks for recipe

  9. veenechi..can u teach us how to make whipping cream for the frosting please..engane try cheythittum aa oru consistency kittanilla..šŸ˜”

  10. Chechi ee ovenlu ethu modelanu cup cake indakiyathenu parannu tharooo….. Same oven I hav…. Chechi etha option ennu parannu tharumo

  11. ente kayyil microwave grill oven aanu . athu engane aanu preheat cheyyunnathu . ee ovenil aluminium cake tin use cheyyumo . convention enna button Ella , combination ennanu ezhuthiyirikkunnathu .

  12. Hy chechi.Njan cream undakiyapo loos ayi poyi.Athentha.Wipping cream thanneya use cheythath.Bt beet cheythal sheriyakunnilla chechi.Athentha.Plz reply

  13. Chechi ente Christmas cake ithayirunnu. Cupcakes aayalla, 1 kg aayi thanne bake cheytheduthu. Life le first baking experience. Super recipe. Thank u

  14. Chechii… Wipping cream vechum decorate cheyamo… wipping cream kond cheyamengil athu fridge l vekkano set akan vendii

  15. ą“šąµ‡ą“šąµą“šą“æ ą“Žą“Øą“æą“•ąµą“•ąµ ą““ą“µąµ» ą“‡ą“²ąµą“²
    .. ą“‡ ą“•ą“Ŗąµą“Ŗąµā€Œ ą“•ąµ‡ą“•ąµą“•ąµ ą“®ą“±ąµą“±ąµ ą“ą“¤ąµ†ą“•ą“æą“²ąµą“‚ ą“Ŗą“¤ąµą“°ą“¤ąµą“¤ą“æąµ½ ą“‰ą“Ŗąµą“Ŗą“æą“Ÿąµą“Ÿąµ ą“šąµ†ą“Æąµą“Æą“¾ąµ» ą“Ŗą“±ąµą“±ąµą“®ąµ‹??? ą“®ą“±ąµą“±ąµą“³ąµą“³ ą“•ąµ‡ą“•ąµą“•ąµ ą“‰ą“£ąµą“Ÿą“¾ą“•ąµą“•ą“æą“Æą“¤ąµ ą“Ŗąµ‹ą“²ąµ†…..

  16. Njn cup cake indaki..super ayt vannu.morning.nokiyapol mukalil ottypidikunnu…taste nalla taste ind…athentha angne vannath

  17. Hai veenaji.

  18. Veena mam i tried ur cup cake recipe posted long back..came out very well…but one doubt.. how much is 125grm powdered sugar it 1cup?

  19. Marble cup cake undaakan ithil half portion l ethra coco power ą“šąµ‡ąµ¼ą“•ąµą“•ą“£ą“‚????

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