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  1. Hey you probably don't remember me but I was with Chanel since the beginning and a want to say u have grown so much and Ur my idol. Thank You

  2. Hey april I was wondering if for like your gender reveal you could do like cupcakes with like blue or pink frosting inside to show Liam if he is going to have a little brother or sister in a fun way

  3. hi april, just tried these, turned out great. this was my first time making cookies. the dough came out really goopy so I had to add in more flour and it turned out fine. I guess some peanut butters are more oily than others. but the cookies came out chewy and delicious. thank you!

  4. Team Crunchy!! These have always been a staple i my Christmas cookie baking! I add the kisses before baking though….& they don't melt. Yummy!

  5. I hate to confess this but…I usually use the store bought PB cookie dough…no more, I'll be making mine using your recipe this Christmas. Thank you!

  6. Hello April, " Can I use baking soda instead of baking power? This is a perfect cookie recipe for the holiday. " BTW… I love all of your channel's. You and your family is full of life and positive vibes. 🙂

  7. April, the measurements you put in the info box doesn't say if it's a cup, tblsp, tsp or whatever… I rewatched the video to get measurements, but you didn't say them…. help please! I want to make these for thanksgiving! 😊

  8. Your such a good wifey I wish I was more like you. I need to start trying out different recipes for my family💕

  9. Great recipe.. Looking so yummy.. Im fan of you from greece.. If i dont want to add peanut butter..can i reject it? Or what else can i put in this recipe.. Thank you

  10. I made these for Thanksgiving, just the way you made them. They are the best!! Thanks for sharing your recipes 🙂 They were definitely a hit especially with the children.

  11. Hi april how many cookies does this make? I am making these for Christmas but if I wanna ensure enough for the whole family should I double the recipe?

  12. I think I will attempt to make these and put them in cute Christmas tins and give them To people.. but I don't know I'm not really a baker lol

  13. i made this using earth balance and plant milk and baked it at least 9-10 minutes as opposed to 8 and they were fantastic.

  14. hii April love your cooking but i wanna know how do you make the batter stick where you can roll it into a ball because i tried it and it was soo mushy??? please do let me know.

  15. Im so doing this for my kids and husband. Never new what the cookies were call I just new that they had a Hershey kiss on top. Ur video was the first one on the list. Im so glad I pressed on ur. U explain it easy and hav all the ingredients below. Im so doing this Thank you. God bless u and ur family

  16. I made some and my batter was super droopy. We took some measuring spoons and made little circles like that. They tasted super good, but still. How can I avoid that next time?

  17. I make these every year, I put different centres in mine, kisses, cherries, smarties, peanuts, anything really can go in the centre, I also prefer Almond Extract to mine, gives it a hint of almond and tastes really good too 🙂

  18. I love this video SO Much! I has everything a video needs to make food !
    1. How to make it
    2.They taste SOOO good! &
    3.In the link below, it has a list on how much EXACTLY you need to put in it. I totally liked it!!! 😀 These are the videos that I'm looking for!

  19. The recipe in the video and the description don't match. The recipe in the description turns out way too wet, not at all like in the video.

  20. 0:33 Disappearing husband. #love! Lol. These cookies we are baking asap! Can't wait to have a new FAVORITE PB recipe! TYSM.

  21. I made them but my recipe came out really creamy I couldn’t even make the balls the dough would still to my hands where did I go wrong😩 I did all the exact ingredients I used my stand mixer idk if that’s but made it so creamy

  22. These came out great! The only odd thing for me was that I had to add flour to thicken the consistency. It was too sticky and soft to ball up at first.

  23. Made them but I had to add to add a lot of flour because it was so wet and sticky to get the right consistency

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