Pastry Diploma in Paris | Le Cordon Bleu Paris

Pastry Diploma in Paris | Le Cordon Bleu Paris

Le Cordon Bleu institute transmits the values
of precision, discipline and passion. Le Cordon Bleu concept is to begin with a
3 hour demonstration followed by a tasting and photo opportunity. The student then makes the recipe in practical
class. In the demonstration, the Chef provides a
recipe folder with ingredient weights. Throughout the demonstration, the Chef covers
techniques and culinary terms. The student therefore has the opportunity
to take detailed notes on the whole process, from A to Z. They can then work on the notes they have
taken, make improvements, and use them in practical class. During practical class, the Chef supervises
the student and corrects any mistakes. The Chef shares his passion by providing benchmarks. When the lesson is over, the end result is
discussed: is it satisfactory? We teach the vital ingredient: passion through
our recipes. Precision, discipline and passion.

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  1. If I were to be a Diplome Patisserie candidate at LCB Paris, would I need to be fluent in French or are classes taught in both languages? Thank you.

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