Pamuk Poğaça Tarifi

Cotton Pastry Recipe Welcome Saniye Mother’s recipe RECIPE INGREDIENTS Flour 250 grams curd Half a bunch of parsley 1 cup milk Half cup vegetable oil 3 eggs ( 2 egg yolks) 1 teaspoon rock salt 1 teaspoon baking powder Half yeast 1 tablespoon granulated sugar milk sugar baking powder salt warm milk eggs at room temperature Melt the yeast and sugar put eggs and mix Half cup vegetable oil The dough won’t be too hard Put the flour gradually Put it in baking too I’ve kneaded the dough We’ll wait for half an hour The dough will be frizzled The room will be warm Close to strecleyer on it will be like this Mix ricotta and parsley then mix Half an hour later Let the air out pull off the dough like walnut Let’s do the same thing Egg yolk Bake in hot oven At 180 degrees until golden brown Bon appetite

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