Nutella Lava Cookies | Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

Nutella Lava Cookies | Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

Hi Bold Bakers! We’ve all heard of a lava
cake, but have you heard of a lava cookie? This is a rich chocolate cookie with a Nutella
lava center. It is a serious game-changer when it comes to cookies. Before we get stuck
into the recipe I’ve got a really great offer for you. In the evenings lately I have been
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advantage of this offer because if you don’t have enough time to read a book in your life
you definitely have enough time to listen to one. Okay, let’s get started with our
cookies. So into a large bowl, add your room temperature butter, and your sugar. Now you
want to cream these ingredients together, I’m going to use an electric hand mixer, you
can use a stand mixer, you can also do this mix by hand, it’s really easy. So creaming
together is a really common baking method and all you do is just whip together fat and
some sugar. It only takes around three to four minutes but you want to get it kind of
light and fluffy. Most cookies are actually made using the method, it’s really easy,
and I love that you can do it by hand. Okay, this is looking good, now I’m going to add
in one egg, beat it in, and then I’m going to add in the other, and then cream it in
until it’s well combined. Lovely, this is nice and fast. So now into this mix I’m going
to add in my flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, salt, and a little bit of vanilla extract.
And then just mix this carefully together until it’s just combined. Now the recipe
for these cookies can be found on along with lots of my other recipes and also
some recipes that I actually don’t put on YouTube. So make sure you head over there
and check them out. Okay, this is perfect, our dough is looking good, tastes great. Now
it is time to scoop these. So this is a pretty firm cookie dough, so you can start scooping
it straightway. However if you want to make it in advance, you can pop it into the fridge
for up to three days or even freeze it, it’ll be totally fine. So here I have a cookie scoop,
all you need is a tablespoon really, and then I’m going to scoop around two tablespoons
of cookie batter. We need the bottom to be bigger than the top, because this is where
the secret part comes in. So just scoop some cookies, lovely. One question I get asked
actually, I was just thinking about it there, about cocoa powder. What cocoa powder do I
use? Number one I always use unsweetened cocoa powder because I don’t want the sugar to mess
with my cookies or whatever it’s going into. And number two, I don’t use Dutch process
because depending on your recipe, it can actually be quite bitter and people can find it hard
to eat. So I just use a really good quality unsweetened. So just keep a lookout for that
when you’re going shopping. Okay lovely, that’s our cookies. So now here for our secret ingredient.
Chocolate spread. Now I have a homemade recipe on but you can always
use store-bought, that’s totally fine. Now what you want to do is just make a little
well in the center of your cookie, put in a little bit of your chocolate spread, now
you don’t have to do too much because if you do too much it’ll start flowing everywhere,
which sounds devious but you don’t really want that. And then just go ahead and add
it to all of your cookies. If you don’t tell somebody that this is in the middle of them,
it’s going to be a nice surprise when they bite into it. Especially when they come out
warm from the oven. Oh my gosh, my favorite. So now what we’re going to do is scoop around
one tablespoon of cookie dough and just put that over the top. And then all you want to
do is just press it down, so it encases the chocolate spread. In you go, lovely. Chocolate
surprise. Now here’s something you can also do if you want to throw chocolate chunks into
this cookie dough, go for it man, it would just be awesome. Okie-dokie, these are looking
fantastic, if you want you can chill them, you don’t necessarily have to, because I said
the cookie dough is firm, right now I’m going to pop these guys into the oven. Bake your
cookies off at 350º Fahrenheit or 180º Celsius for roughly 12 minutes. So now the trick to
these cookies is you don’t want to overtake them because you still want them to be fudge
in the middle, so 12 minutes roughly is the time that they need, and if you just push
down in the center, they’re still kind of soft underneath your finger, don’t worry,
that’s exactly the way you want them. So while they’re warm out of the oven, let’s just
check out what that lava is all about. Do-do-do… look at that! Gorgeous. Chocolate cookies,
with, oh my gosh, they’re so soft they’re almost falling apart, mm. Check out that Nutella.
Man, these cookies are not for the faint of heart! Make sure you go over and get your
free audiobook now, go to or text “gemma” to 500-500. Also, all
this information can be found in the description box below this video. And I’ll see you back
here really soon for more Bigger Bolder Baking!

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  1. I was just browsing the internet for inspiration and your video for these cookies came as a recommendation for me. I absolutely love your videos and am amazed how you make backing so easy and how your explanations are so clear. Since I just made some keto Nutella, I was wondering what interesting thing I could do with it- and your video came to my rescue. I am in the middle of making a keto grain free version right now and am looking forward to enjoying a "fresh out of the oven" cookie as soon as they are done. Thank you again so much for your wonderful, inspirational and instructional videos. Cheers

  2. Omg! This looks so good and delicious 😋 can't wait to try out your recipe and i'll probably add chocolate chunks on top 😊

  3. the only drawback of your channel is that you dont give the written recipe with the measurement of ingredients right here in the discription…

  4. “If u don’t tell somebody that this is going to be in the middle of them, this will be a nice surprise.” It will be an extra nice surprise if they have a hazelnut allergy😂😂

  5. OMG! Gemma 😍these cookies are soo good. I once tried to make a cookie and failed. And after long time tried yours. It was PERFECT 😍😍

  6. These came out incredibly delicious but sadly the lava disappeared into the cookie. Maybe I should increase the filling?

    My hubbie cannot have dairy so I used tub margarine. Could this be the reason? Mine looked bigger and flatter than yours.

    Do you have a video on how to substitute ingredients for dairy allergies?

  7. Me: Hey! Wanna cookie?
    Friend: Meh no thanks ur baking is so terrible ugh
    Me: 😤😓😭

    10 Mins Later

    Me: shares the cookies to other friends
    Friend: 😳😱
    Me: Oh hi friend!
    Friend: W-w-wow
    Me: Want some?
    Friend: S-s-sure….?


  8. Hi BBB. Another gem from Gemma. Just a question .. will these cookies have a gooey centre after they are completely cool / cold ?? What may I do to keep the centre gooey even when cool ?

  9. These were so good!! All my friends loved them! Thanks for teaching me how to bake Gemma! ☺️☺️☺️

  10. I kinda want to try switching the chocolate spread with peanut butter. But i dont think it will flow as nicely.

  11. Hi Gemma aunty…i am a biggggg fan of yours…i have a question which is why my cookies are getting hard after baking

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