Nut Free Macaron Recipe – by Ann Reardon How to Cook That Ep040

Nut Free Macaron Recipe – by Ann Reardon How to Cook That Ep040

Welcome to I’m Ann Reardon.
For a printable copy of this recipe with all of the quantities go to the blog Today we’re looking how to make nut free macarons.
For those people who have a nut allergy or can’t get hold of almond meal just to let
you know that it’s not going to work out as perfect macarons they are slightly hollow
but apart from that they taste good and they look pretty good, too. So let’s get started. First of all put your
egg whites and sugar in a bowl and using an electric mixer, beat them until they are stiff.
Next if you want to color your macarons then add some gel food coloring and again beat
it until it’s combined. At this stage your mixture should be thick enough that you can
turn the bowl upside down without anything moving or falling out. Next we’re going to
fold in a sifted icing sugar and finely grated white chocolate. Again for the quantity for this recipe, just
click in the link on the description below this video and it will take you through to
the website where it’s got all the quantities written out so you can print the recipes from
there. As you fold together your mixture you need
to keep folding it it’s not like a lot of egg white recipes where you have to fold it
until it’s combined. Macarons are a bit different to that you need to keep combining until it
gets to the form where when you drop some off from your spatula it just sort of molds
back down onto the rest of the mixture slowly. So you don’t want to over mix it then they’ll
end up flat and under mix it they’ll be a little bit lumpy. So keep folding and just
checking and do five more folds and check until it looks about right.
Place your mixture into a Ziploc bag or piping bag and pipe circles of mixture onto some
non stick grease proof paper and then put this onto a tray, then you are going to need
to then bang your tray on the bench firmly at least 3 times on each side. This allows
any big air bubbles to come to the surface and they’re what would cause the macarons
to crack. Then bake in the oven at 150 degrees for about 20 minutes. Once they are baked, pair up shells that are
similar sizes and then fill them with the filling of your choice, for these ones I’m
using dark chocolate ganache. I’ll put the recipe for that on the website
as well and then just sandwich them together give a gentle push together. Developing a
nut free macaron recipe I think is worth celebrating so we’re going to take one of our macarons
and get some gold luster to dust then just dust over the top edible gold luster dust
and put some on the ganache as well so we have a golden nut free macaroon Thank you to all my wonderful subscribers
and everyone who clicks like and who clicks share to tell their friends about it and leaves
comments. Really appreciate it. Thank you

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  1. Thank you this will help me and my friends you are the only person that knows how to make a nut free macaroon on YouTube.

  2. Hey! Could someone please tell me how much white chocolate is needed?? Like how many cups, not grams. Thanks! 🙂

  3. OMG now I can stop searching… CUZ ITS NOT EASY TO FIND ALMOND STUFF IN THE PHILIPPINES (unless its just the oil..)

  4. Wow i love you ur teaching me all these desserts ❤️ and they end up looking so good…. So yes I love you and thanks for the tutorials ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. omg thanks so much. my nut allergy is very severe and I cant eat every single nut made! can you believe it! its so stressful but I have great news for those with a nut allergy, in London at St Marys Hospital they are starting this programme which cures all peanut allergies so I would definitely suggest this to those in London!

  6. I did them but when I was mixing it mixed up super fast I don't know what I did wrong but I did add the dry mixture when the eggs didn't move when I flipped it upside down I didn't bake them yet hope me luck!!

  7. Hi +How To Cook That ! I'm really a Super big fan of you! Watching ur videos just make my day. Can you please please please tell me ur first video?? Thank you!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  8. These are a great alternative for people with nut allergies. I made these last summer and my cousin loved them. She had never had a macaron before because she was allergic to the almonds in the almond flour. I have recommended this recipe to 27 people I know who are allergic to nuts and want to try a macaron. I do suggest trying it for those of you who haven't. THESE ARE AMAZING. THANX SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!!!

  9. I found another way to make nut free macaroons. I read somewhere you could use cornmeal.

  10. Thanks so much!! I love the smell of them but was always allergic ti them and now I can actual try them!! Thank you!!

  11. Just made these! They cracked and were so hard to get off the "non-stick" paper! But other than that they are so good!

  12. CAN ANYONE ANSWER ME? HAHA. I'm going to try this recipe and are you really sure that it doesn't need to air dry for an hour or less?

  13. i just tried making these the batter wouldnt come out and when i tried the tip fell out and went all over the baking sheet so just going to bake it that way. i had to toss them in the garbage

  14. Thx my daughter has a tree nut allergy. I feel so bad when she sees them and cant have them now I can attempt to make them. Thx again!

  15. OMG these are sooo good but mine didnt turn out like macarons mine were these delicious light ary crunchy on the outside then like a cloud on the inside then once you chew that up you have kinda like a candy but my fave part about these is that when i was young i used to go to the farmers Market every wednsday and buy these they tasted exactly how these turned out thank you so much for this recipe!oh and i also did not use grated white chocolate

  16. So helpful. I'm deadly allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, any nut and I've always wanted to try macaroons!

    Yes, I'm allergic to boys too 😜

  17. For all the people wondering if this actually works:

    In my experience, it didn’t work as, all the grated white chocolate just melts back together in clumps and as soon as you fold it in, the egg whites turn runny.

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