[Nerdy Nummies Theme Song by Dawin] Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another “Nerdy Nummies”! Look what we have, a very special guest today! It’s MatPat! – Hey! It’s- It IS me! Fair warning! (whispering) I’m not good at cooking, at all. – The recipe that we’re making today are cookies, so I would definitely say it’s “Easy Mode”. – Okay, great! “Easy Mode”, I feel comfortable with. – If any of you out there are NOT familiar with MatPat,
or his amazing content- Because I am a huge fan.- – Thank you!
– It is so cool. Analyzes video games, and movies. I’m gonna put his links down below.
[Check them out!] He ALSO has a YouTube Red Original Series! – I do. – Game Lab.
– Game Lab. – It is awesome. It has Jordan (CaptainSparklez) in it as well.
You guys know Jordan. [“WEIRD CEREAL CHALLENGE w/ Rosanna Pansino” by CaptainSparklez]
[2:53] *groan of suffering*
*spray of impending doom* Please Like, Subscribe. Show him some love. A fellow geeky nerd over here. – The nerdiest channels on YouTube.
[The Game Theorists & The Film Theorists] – Mm-hmm.
– ‘Cause we take science and math, We apply it to video games and movies. Create mind-blowing theories. – (whispering) Yes.
– Like, How much would MineCraft “Diamond Armor” be worth?
[“Game Theory: How Much is Minecraft Diamond Armor Worth?” by The Game Theorists] You know? (Clearly $88,188,750,000) – No, I don’t. – Well, apparently, you’re not a big enough fan of the content- – Wait, wait!
– have seen it. – You calculated all of this?
– See- I’m done! – I’m done- Yes, I’ve- – Okay, Mat, I haven’t seen EVERY one of the video-
– And I thought you said you liked my videos. – I haven’t s-
– I see how it ends. – I love your videos, but I haven’t seen EVERY one of Deh VeeDeeOuhs. – Well, okay then. Full disclosure: I haven’t seen every single one of yours either.
– Yeah. I got SO many requests from you guys,
to make something “Nintendo Switch”-themed, so that is exactly what we’re gonna be doing today. Today, we’re gonna be making “Nintendo Switch Console” Cookies. – Let’s get started! The recipe that we’re making today is a dark chocolate cookie recipe. The things you’ll need will be: Two and three-fours cup (2 & 3/4 cups, approx. 935g)
of all-purpose flour, One and a half cups (1 1/2 cups, approx. 510g) of sugar, Half a cup plus two tablespoons (1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp, approx. 200g) of dark cocoa powder, One cup (1 cup, approx. 340g) of unsalted butter, Half a teaspoon (1/2 tsp, approx. 2.5g)
of almond extract, One teaspoon (1 tsp, approx. 5g) of vanilla extract, Eight of a teaspoon (1/8 tsp, approx. 0.6g) of salt, One teaspoon (1 tsp, approx. 5g) of baking powder, And two (2) eggs. – Then, for the decorations, you’ll need: Black candy pearls, Crows licorice candy And royal icing Dyed grey, black, blue, and of course, red. – Now, let’s put it all together [*prepare for extreme dancing*] *try not to cringe challenge* – First step to making our cookies is whisking together our dry ingredients: over here at a medium bowl, pour in your flour, Dark Cocoa Powder and then, Mat, you’ve got to pour in the salt, and the baking powder. – I don’t know if you can trust me with that – there we go.
– You got it! You got it! – Boom!
– Ba da boom. – Now whisk together until well combined. Because you’re the guest, I’m gonna put you to work. – See how I was already ready to do it. I already had my whisk in hand. Sprinkling it all over…
– It’s okay. It’s okay. – So the next step is creaming together our butter and our sugar. Ro’s gonna teach me to do that since… Again, noob in the kitchen… – All right, you take the spatula-
– Got it! – and the butter: scoop it into the bowl.
– Scoopin’ it in. – And I’m going to pour in the sugar. Now, using an electric hand mixer, we mix together till things are light and fluffy.
– Yeah, they- don’t.. don’t use it, uh we’re done. We’re done with that.
– Oh yeah. Just do little circles like this
– Yes. – and just keep mixing together.
– I’m going to try and get that guy up there. – Uh oh, uh oh!
– See, I broke it! This newfangled technology! – Now, do you know how to crack an egg? – Uhh, yes, but I’m sure that there’s probably a more efficient way to do it. – This is what I’ve seen fancy chefs do and I just practiced it a bunch, and most the time it works. – Okay. – So you just crack and then twist and then with the bottom fingers- – This is a recipe for disaster. – I go the- – Oooooooh!
– A recipe for disaster! Hey yo! – That was really funny.
– Right? – That was a good one!
– Quality YouTube humor. *Ro giggling* If you’ve never heard of my channel, that’s the level of humor you can expect, but enough talk, let’s get cracking. *laughing at the terrible puns* The yolks on us… please stop. – And twist.
– Wow! – And hopefully we don’t get any shells. – (whispers) That was so good. That’s the right way to do it.
– That’s deleted. – Let me show you the wrong way to do it. Okay, here we go. Crack, (together) twist! Twist, just do it! Just.. -Oooh! I almost did it! There was.. there was a little shell That was corre- That was close. Little baby shell. -Just take it out, or you know.. if you mix them up a lot Someone gets a little crunchy cookie. Can you hold the bowl? -I’m here for you. I’m here for your support. -Thank you… Yeah, we can wash hands. You can come over here.. Um you know we can talk about things that bother me in Sci-fi (Science fiction) Tell me what bothers you and I will answer those questions That is my job. -I just feel like so many people love Yoda. When you love something you naturally want to know more about it I feel like. -More yoda backstory? -Yeah! What sort of species is he? He’s a.. frog crossed with a.. imp. I don’t know. *laughter ensues* I have no idea Alright, I think this is looking good I’m going to give this a scrape down along the sides. Ro taught me that there are two techniques The do, do, do, do, do, do, do technique, or the scrape. I’m going do, do, do, do, do, do, do. We’re gonna double pour. I’m giving you vanilla, and I’ve got almond. -Legitimately just washed my hands, and I’m already messy again. Here you go. -It’s alright. -Here, I got a little towel here -It’s alright, I’m okay being messy. Whooooo Pour it in.. whoop… and mix together one more time. It looks like we have all our wet ingredients We have our dry ingredients ready so now it’s time (whispers) To put ’em together. Yeah! Pour all of your dry ingredients into the wet *sniffs the air and exhales* Today’s a good day. -I love the smell of chocolate in the morning. -Me too -And in the afternoon. And before bed.. CHOCOLATE IN MY FACE! *don’t know what Ro is doing.. but that thing* I don’t know what you’re doing to the chocolate in that.. with that. -With that one? -But that, that’s cool. (No one does..) *attempting to do what Ro did* -I don’t know what I’m doing, I just know how to make cookies. *laughter haha* Come ‘ere chocolate, lemme give you a big kiss on the lip! Keep it down with your pucket! Because we poured in all of the dry ingredients.. You want to mix together on a low speed because there’s a lot of flour here. Right. -It might make a big *poof* dust cloud. You know how tempting that is? -It’s very tempting You tell me that and it’s like.. Oh, I want to just make a big cocoa cloud. -Okay, I’m trusting you because I want to eat these cookies! Okay, fine. Make sure that you mix responsibly. If I’m able to handle it, you can too. It’s like delicious mud. The most tasty of mud pies. -I heard some kids eat mud. I never ate mud. I didn’t either. -I ate a lot of wierd things as a kid. I’ve tried various insects. So our dough is ready. So we’re going to take it out, put it in the fridge, but first you gotta put it on… Food safe plastic wrap. Indeed we do. -We’re gonna wrap it up. Alright, so Mat, we need two pieces. This is the fanciest plastic wrap dispenser I’ve ever seen. -Yeah, it’s like -It’s got, like, a paper cutter on it. -Here, I’ll hold this.. Wow! -Yeah, right? -This is so simple! It’s the simple things in life that impress me. And I’m going to give you half.. -Thank you. -And you kind of shape it into a disk shape.. It’s like a- a chunky frisbee. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap… *Tapping continues..* Tap, tap tap. A little light spanking. -Good job! Then you wrap up the sides… That’s it That is very satisfying, and so now I’ll put in fridge, hour to overnight. Plenty of time to talk about what species Yoda is. *le gasp* Yes! Let the debate begin.. There’s a lot of weird alien species, and he’s the ONLY ONE! Right? -Ya! Why would he be the only one? He’s the last one.. Chewy’s a wookie Right. (both) Yoda is a.. *tries to come up with species* Dagobian? He lives on Dagobah. -That’s a good name. -Dagobian? -Just do that. Our dough has chilled, now it’s time for some baking flair. And for anyone who’s (whose?) not familiar with baking flair… -I’m not I used to see bartenders always doing this really cool bar flair.. -Okay Where they’re, like, juggling, or like, throwing drinks behind their back. Yeah! -And I thought there’s no baking flair? So I created.. one move! -Okay. So what you do, you just pull up. One.. Two.. THREE! BAKING FLAIR! What! -Yes! Yes, yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.. *MatPat dabs cringely in the background* Yes, yes, yes.. *MatPat does a jig* Yes, yes! BOOM CAMERA! Usually when you’re making sugar and cookies, I like to sprinkle down a little bit of flour on top of the work surface… So that the dough doesn’t stick But, because we’re making chocolate cookies, and our dough is darker.. We’re going to be using a little bit of dark Cocoa Powder Because otherwise you can get little streaks.. (whispers) That’s such a good idea Spread it out.. -Caught brown handed. -Boop, boop, boop. No, officer! *sirens in the background* -I didn’t.. I didn’t do it -We didn’t eat all the chocolate cookies!! Now, grab your rolling pin! Roll out your dough a little bigger than a quarter inch, boop, boop, boop, boop. Just keep working.. OH NO! Uh.. oh you’re pushing too hard. Did I- did I roll too aggressively? Oh, oh yeah. So if you’re do- -They’re not gonna reach three eighths of an inch on their own! Uh oh! Actually, you’re too.. with your muscles and this, I think you’re actually too strong for this *MatPat laughing because he’s not at all strong* *poses* That is the first time anyone has ever said that phrase to me. -It’s a little bit.. So, do a ‘lil gentle. -Gentle.. -Gentle, gentle. -Gentle rolls.. I like to put a lot of pressure on my dough. Alright, so now that our dough is all rolled out.. We gotta cut out our Switch shapes using our rounded rectangle cookie cutters. -That was a tongue twister.. It was, it was multiple.. tongue twisters I was really proud of you. -Thank you. I try to deliver quality.. *forgets English for a bit* Sentences. Sentenc- see? That’s the quality that I deliver! So here, you just press it down into the dough Just keep cutting out as many as you can. Don’t worry if you have.. excess dough. You can re-roll it out and cut more cookies. Or you can just freeze the extra dough, and then whenever you want take a spoonful of frozen cookie dough. It is amazing, it’s better than ice cream. I won’t get sick or anything, right? No! Okay, I don’t know.. Oh, that’s really good and chocolatey. That’s really good. Actually I’m, I approve of this dough. -So much chocolate. We can just stop here and be like *noises I can’t describe, but are like eating noises to him I guess..* Oh yeah, ‘kay bye! ‘scuse me, I’m just eatin’ my dough. Thanks for watching, I’m going to put a description down below how to finish… these cookies. TOTALLY THE END, CLICK OFF NOW, IT’S IN THE DESCRIPTION SO CHECK IT OUT!! vvvv Now gently pick up your cookies and transfer them over onto a baking sheet lined with a piece of parchment paper. So our cookies are all cut out, they are on our sheet They are almost.. -Almost. -Ready to bake. First, we have to put them in the freezer. After they’ve chilled for ten minutes, pop them in the oven at 350 degrees and bake for twelve minutes. ANOTHER TWENTY TWO MINUTES OF WAITING BEFORE I EAT MY COOKIE! *bad old man impression* Back in my day, *Rosanna also doing a bad old person impression* We never knew what species Yoda was.. *voice back to normal (thankfully)* I like that we have specifically dove into what species Yoda is *through laughter* I’m sorry MAKE IT HAPPEN, GEORGE LUCAS!! So we’ve taken our cookies out of the oven, they’ve had plenty of time to cool so now it’s time for what I’m most excited about.. (whispers) decorating.. To decorate we’re going to be starting with three Royal icing colors, black, blue and red, starting with black. Start piping on the outline. Pipe a line about 3 inches long, leaving about an inch on each end. Gotta leave room for your joycon. Yeah, and then we pipe straight down. This is a ‘lil bit of freehand. (whispering) Your lines are so straight and impressive! (Mine? Jk, these are my best shot here, Rosanna’s lines are really awesome!) I shake too much.. Lemme see. Yeah, it’s a.. Huh.. *laughing* That is the sign of disapproval, ladies and gentlemen. Now pipe an inner rectangle, again, using the black royal icing. This will be the outline of the screen. Pro tip, don’t do what I’m doing, do what she’s doing. Yours look WAY better than the first cookies I ever decorated.. What was the first decoration that you ever did for a cookie? It was a Hello Kitty cookie, and it looked like hello Kitty got in a car accident. WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE?! *laughing* My screen, no, my screen is like slanted in I’m like the defect that Nintendo threw out. We’re moving on to the joycons, blue, and then red. Pipe the outline of your joycon, small rectangles. I’m piping blue on the left, red on the right. SWITCHING! *aw snizzity snap* Oooohhhh! *duck noises: whaa wha wha wha* What was that? Sounds like a.. duck. Like a, a duck that’s falling down a hill. Whenever my dad tells a dad joke, or, like, a corny joke, it my wha wha wha (I don’t know how you’d even begin to put that noise in words so wha is my best effort) *duck laugh continues* Okay, so we finished our outlines that we want to sit for a couple minutes Then selected the best looking ones. Surprise, surprise, (whispers) all six of them are from Ro. Now it’s time to fill them in. We’re gonna be filling in using colors black, and gray royal icing.. to fill in the center screen. Let me switch *snizzity snaps again* my color Oooohhh! *duck laugh, more like Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh this time* It’s, it’s okay.. you don’t need to- *laughs* Now you’re an owl. (Pretty much) -I just love it! So the cookies are finally starting to look like Switches, but, we gotta work on the joycons. Over here we have Crows.. so take a couple of these. -Okay These are gonna be the thumbsticks. The Crows are a little bit too tall so we’re going to cut them in half. I’m gonna eat the other half that we don’t need *Ro doing a ‘lil dance while humming* Oooh, ooh, I like you jamming out. Left, right and back step. Left, right and a back step. Left, right and a back step. Back to decorating cookies.. For this next part, we need to work at a good pace Not too quickly, you don’t need to rush but immediately after you finish filling in one of the sides, you need to add your candies. And make sure that your Switch is facing the right way, too. You don’t want your Red joycon on the right side of the.. -On the wrong.. -On the left side of the cookie? -On the.. on the op.. The up and down? -And then the down. -The down.. Please. -Please. That’s not where the buttons are. Mhm.. Do you even joycon, bro? (Nope, but you clearly don’t either.) (whispers) We should make the.. we should make the cookies (whispers back) Yeah.. Before you’re finished, you have to add those little details. The plus, the minus, the home button, using black royal icing, and a number one tip. WE ARE NUMBER ONE, HEY! I just want to keep dancing when I’m hanging out with you. *singing* TA-DA! Here are the Nintendo Switch console cookies that we made today using a chocolate sugar cookie recipe. Yum, yum, yum. A big thank you to you guys for suggesting this and a big thank you to MatPat for helping me bake today! Aw shucks, thanks for putting up with me for the past couple hours! (And thank you for dealing with my bad subtitles) I had so much fun! -This was a blast! -This was amazing. We need to, like, do something else again. Yes, PLEASE! I would love that. I’m gonna (don’t you know it’s GOING TO?) be putting all his links down below. Go like, subscribe, show him some love.

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