Naked Cake Tutorial

Naked Cake Tutorial

In this video i am going to show you how to make a naked cake or semi naked cake so stay tuned Naked cakes are one of my favorite cake trends. They are fairly simple to make and are great for DIY brides. Cake decorators be assured that you will be asked to make one at some point in your career. All the links to the recipes that I am using in this tutorial can be found in the description box below the video Begin by placing a piece of shelf liner onto your turntable and then a cardboard round. Next place your chilled cake layer sticky side down Place a generous amount of buttercream onto the layer., or whatever filling you are using. This is my easy buttercream recipe. This is my easy buttercream recipe. If you haven’t already done so follow the link to get a complimentary copy of my Top 5 Buttercream recipe e-Book Add the top layer and press gently You may want to pop it into the fridge for about 10 minutes to set up Add a generous amount of buttercream on the top and start spreading it down onto the sides. You’re basically crumb coating your cake now Keep on mind that you can do 3 or even 4 layers of cake to make it taller Remove the excess icing from the sides of the cake using a bench scraper tool Press gently. Just enough to reveal the cake layers underneath Now remove the excess frosting from the top of the cake with your spatula To keep the fresh flowers from touching the top of the cake you can add a piece of waxed or parchment paper camouflaged with buttercream Now place your naked cake onto a decorative cake stand or plate Now for the best part…add your fresh flowers I’m using Roses and some herbs from my garden I have some mint, rosemary, oregano and some fern Pipe a border around the bottom edge to cover up any cardboard and to give your cake a touch of elegance You can also use fresh fruit or a combination of fresh fruit and flowers Thanks for watching I do hope my naked cake tutorial was helpful, if so subscribe to my channel for updates If you have questions or comments please leave underneath the video in the comments section. I would love to hear from you.Happy Baking and Cake Decorating!

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  1. Thank you so much Lorelie for the tutorial. It was informative and easy to follow. The end result was simple , elegant and beautiful.

  2. Yes, I have tried a couple of 'dummy ' runs . I have used IMBC for the outer coating but I am going to try your easy butter cream next time. I am hoping that by the time the wedding takes place in December I shall have perfected it and will be confident enough to post a photo !

  3. Thanks that was great 👍Have you made any videos on piping buttercream flowers, leaves and borders? new to this so might not have looked very well 😊

  4. Great video Lorelei. Easy to follow and your voice is very soothing and lovely to listen to. I'm going to give this a try. The small cake I'm making this weekend will be decorated using your rustic cake video.

  5. It would be lovely to see you do a Buttercream flower wreath or a tutorial on the use of the popular Russian Piping tips.

  6. I love watching your videos.  You make it look so simple and easy to do.  I would love to see how to make flowers with fondant or gumpaste and to decorate a cake with these flowers.  Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Perfect as always. Now I just want to eat some cake! Thank for making such great videos with all the exact content to be successful.

  8. great cakes..question. .I want to make a tall cake with 6 inch pan.but I have only 1 pan..would it be ok if I bake 1 pan and then bake the left over batter till it is over? ??thanks

  9. Nicely done. Off the record, how do u recommend making a cake made from AP flour come out moist with out having to use simple syrup? Do u have a recipe

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