My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle 3D Cake How To Cook That Ann Reardon

My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle 3D Cake How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today we’re making a 3D My Little Pony cake! I’m Princess Twilight Sparkle And this is my CAKE! Step 1 you want to
print out the template from the website and there’s a
link to that below. Now here we have a support board to hold up this section of
cake and in here there’s another support board to hold up this big head section.
Now we’re going to need a central support and then we need supports for
each of the four legs so you’ll need to make that first and it needs to be
strong enough to hold up the weight of an entire cake. So you have your four
legs which hold up the weight of the body but you also have the big head so
this piece here has to be able to hold up the weight of the whole cake out to
the side so it has to be very strong. If you use a thin piece then it’s just
going to snap off. “No pressure!” Luckily I have amazing friends who are
there for me no matter what… the cake is also very top-heavy because
the head is so big so we’re going to need to wait at the bottom of this
otherwise the cake is just going to tip over. So to do that I’m going to use a
marble base and I’m going to just hot glue gun that to the cake board. You
could use a large wooden cake board instead. Cover that in foil so that the cake
doesn’t come in contact with the wood at all just scrunch that around make it on
there really tight and then bake two trays of my rich chocolate cake recipe
and all these recipes are on the website for you as well. Now I’m gonna move on to
making the tail so that it can dry out. Bend a couple of cake pop sticks to the
curve of the tail and the reason you have to use two and not one is because
if you just use one with this shape it would just spin and it’s not going to
stay upright in the right position. Place the template over some purple fondant
and cut out the shape of the tail. Rub a little water on top and then press the 2
cake pop sticks into place making sure you have some sticking out the end
because we need to poke it into the cake. Add a strip of dark blue over the top to
hide the cake pop sticks and then another one at the bottom and a strip of
pink in the middle so it’s going to match the mane. Once the cake is cooled
cut around each of the cake template pieces so that you have all of the
layers in the right shape. Then make up a double batch of the buttercream in
whatever flavor you like there’s a whole different list of flavors on the website
and then add some buttercream to the top of the body support area to make the
cake stick. Add your first layer of cake placing it down over the stainless steel
support onto the cake board and then continue to stack up the layers. Add a
nut, the headboard and another nut and then tighten that really well then stack
up the rest of the layers of cake. Place the template in front of your cake and
use it to guide you on how to carve the cake it should be roughly the right
shape already from the layers that we may but you’re just
kind of smoothing it around to get it right. You’ll notice it just here under
the chin you need to add some extra cake. To do that just put some buttercream on
the underneath of the cake board. “You have visual on buttercream? Visual confirmed! “Go for clean-up”. And then add one of the off cuts and put it under the
chin there and then cut that to shape. With the rest of the off cuts you can
use them to make my easy cake scraps brownie recipe and I’ll link to that
below as well. Now you need to round out the edges because they’re quite square
or box like on the top there. So just cut off a little bit at a time don’t take
off big bits just a little bit until the corners and the shape is rounded around.
You don’t actually need much off here you only need a tiny bit. Use the front
face template as a guide to help you shape the round corners of the head and
again just taking off tiny bits at a time round it out so you don’t have any
hard corners. Now that’s done you can cover the whole thing in buttercream
spreading it out all over and then use some acetate just to smooth it out. Take
your time doing this because fondant will show up all the lumps that are
underneath, so you need to get the cake looking just how you want it. Roll out
your fondant and to get this Princess Twilight Sparkle color I used pink and
purple food coloring. Logically you’d think you could just use red and blue to
make a purple but in food colors that just seems to make grey so go with pink
and purple. Lift up your fondant and place it over
the cake working quickly to smooth it around the head shape. Try and use mainly
the palms of your hands rather than your fingers because the fingers tend to
leave different imprints. Now because this is a weird shape we’re going to
have to make a join. To do that just squeeze the fondant together under the
chin and then cut off the excess straight away so the weight of that
doesn’t pull down and cause the fondant to rip. I’m gonna do another join around
the back of the head and once you’ve done that initial cut just squeeze it
together closer to the head to join those two pieces of fondant together and
then use scissors to trim it really closely there and then just gently rub
along that join to smooth it out. If you don’t want to use your finger then using
a ball of fondant can help, just help you get it all smooth there. Tuck the extra
fondant underneath the body and you can just use a little bit of water on your
fondant here to help it stick to the other fondant. If you happen to have a
bad join like this one where the fondant pulled a little thin or it didn’t quite
join together properly then you can fix that up by making a paste from your
fondant. To do that just take some fondant and add a little bit of water
and keep mixing it with a spatula and keep just squashing it together until
you get a smooth paste with no lumps. You don’t want this to watery but it’s
important that it doesn’t have any lumps in it. Spread some of that paste over the
join to disguise it and then just wet your finger and gently rub over your
paste to smooth it out. That looks better. Now it’s not going to look as good as
perfectly smooth fondant will but when you’re making a 3D shape as complicated
as this one it’s very tricky to avoid having joins because it is so detailed.
To make the legs the front legs are really quite round at the bottom and
then they angle in a bit so they’re narrower a top than they are at the
bottom. So take some fondant and roll it out
into a cylinder and once you’re happy with that have a look and check it to
make sure it’s the right size at the bottom. That looks good but it’s way too
fat at the top so now we need to start rolling it on one side to make it
skinnier. Keep checking on the template and once you’re happy with it
take it and curve it because if you look at all of the My Little Ponies you’ll
see their legs are not straight up and down they curve back a bit. Check the
height and cut it off a little higher than you need. Then on the inside of the
leg cut a straight line down about two-thirds of the way through. Add some
water to the inside of that just using your finger and then slot
that around your support. Trim it to size and then smooth it to join it to the
body there. Do the same with the back legs except if you look at the template
they’re actually pointy at the back of the leg instead of rounded. So use the
palm of your hand to make that shape and flatten it out along one side so that it
looks like this when you look at it from the bottom. Curve the leg just like we
did last time and then make a cut on the inside of the leg again. And add that
carefully into place and make sure you don’t smooth the back of the leg flat into
the cake because it kind of juts out just like it does there at the back if
you look at the ponies. Use a small ball of fondant to smooth out any indents
you’ve accidentally made with your fingers while you were putting the leg
into place. Then use a little bit of paste like I showed you before just to
cover those joins where the leg joins onto the body. Wet your thumb and just
smooth that over. For the ears take some fondant and add some tylose powder. Now
what tylose powder does is it makes the fondant hold its shape and set firmer
more quickly. I don’t think it tastes great so I only use it if I have to. Once
that’s all massaged in roll the ball and then make that into a bit of a teardrop
shape like that. Place that onto your template and then squash down one side
narrower than the other just using the palm of your hand and then shape it down
so that it matches the shape on your template underneath there. Next take a
spoon and use it to indent the inner ear shape so that it should be indented down
in the middle leaving like a rim around the top and on both sides. Mark where the
ear comes to and then cut off the excess fondant. Use a cookie cutter to shape the
base into a rounded shape then add a little water under the ear and place
that into place on the head shaping it to just the right shape. Roll a snake of
fondant then wrap that around a cake pop stick
for the horn. Check the size using the template and trim it to the right height.
Then draw an imaginary triangle in from the two ears to the center about there
and just poke that in there like that. For the wings roll a teardrop shape and
then flatten it out to match the shape on your template. Everything is the one
color so far so this cake is looking very plain. Use the knife to make those
three indents on your wings so it looks like feathers and then flatten out some
more fondant and trim it to match that shape on the wing. Then pick that piece
up and just add it over the top using a little bit of water to make it stick.
Gently rub it down and around the sides of the wing and trim it to shape if you
need to. Use your template to see where the wings should go what angle it goes
on on the cake and just use a little bit of water and put that into place. Just
gently press it and hold it for a second and then when you let go it should stay
there. Oh I have totally forgotten to add an indent for the mouth and I think the
fondant is too dry to indent it now I don’t want it to crack so I’m just going
to add a thin snake for the smile instead. If you’re making it then
remember to do this step earlier you can probably just make an indent using the
back of a knife. Now next I’m going to add a little hole for each of the
nostrils. Now for those stars on her hip. Cut the shape out of your template and
then gently press that onto the side of the cake and then just dab it with some
white powdered food coloring. I’ve rubbed a little bit of oil onto
this area of the cake so that the powder will stick and also the paper won’t
stick to the fondant. Pull the paper off and there you go a perfect star. Repeat
that with all the other white ones and then cut out the pink star from some
pink fondant and add that over the top. Cut out the eye shape and then add a
little water to the back of it and then
carefully add it into place on each side of the face. Flatten out a ball of purple
to the size shown and then take a strip of pink and add it for the highlight in
the eye there. Just press it down to join it on and then trim off the edge at the
edge of this circle. Line that up with the top of the eye again just using a
little bit of water underneath and do the same with the black semicircle just
putting that into place. Roll a snake of black that is thin at one end and then
cut the fatter end to make the eyelashes you can just use your template there as
a guide so you know where they should sit. Put a little bit of water along the
top of the eye. Now you don’t want much here or the color from the black will get
on the face so you just want to teeny bit along the top and then carefully add your
eyelashes into place. Add two circles of white onto each eye. For the small circle
I find it easiest just to make a ball of white and then as you put it on the eye
you just kind of squash it into a circle when it’s in place. Now for the hair, cut
a strip of dark blue. Now in the cartoon and the movie Princess Twilight
Sparkle’s hair is dark blue but on the toy it’s purple so I’m gonna go with the
movie version with the dark blue you can make it how you like. Add the strip
around from the front curving it all the way around the ear and then bringing it
back down around the front of the face. Once you know where it’s going then just
add a little bit of water to make that stick and then trim it to the right
length. Add another strip of your navy blue hair going down and around making
that one a little bit longer and then follow that up with a strip of purple
hair so we’ve got those streaks going through and then your highlight of pink
in the fringe there as well. Just before serving, add the tail into place on the back of your cake. Look at that! There you have a
3D My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle. And this cake is big enough to
serve about twenty to twenty-five people. Thanks to My Little Pony: The Movie for
sponsoring this video. Check out the movie trailer here where the ponies
leave Equestria for the first time. See more of my videos here. Put all your
requests in the comments below. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

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