Mothers Day Cake Design – How to Arrange Buttercream Flowers on a Cake

Mothers Day Cake Design – How to Arrange Buttercream Flowers on a Cake

In this video I’m sharing with you a
two-tiered birthday cake decorated with a variety of buttercream flowers, dragees,
and a sugar cookie cake topper. Hi it’s Lorelie Welcome back to my channel and
if it’s your first time welcome to Wedding Cakes For You cake tutorials. If you
want to build your skills and confidence to create beautiful cakes and memories
subscribe and ring the bell. Start by making a variety of buttercream
flowers in advance. You can pipe them onto wax paper and freeze them. This is
my Italian meringue buttercream recipe. You can use your favorite buttercream or
you can also go to my website and get a copy of My Top Five Buttercream Recipes. The
link is below for you underneath the video. You can stripe a bag with another
buttercream color to give your flowers interest. In this case the stripe
coordinates on the wider end of the 125 petals tip. The link to a playlist of my best
buttercream flower tutorials is at the end of this video and also in the
description box below, including the leaves. To get started in visualizing the
design you can make a base of ruffles or leaves. A garland effect is what I was
going for here I wanted to have the bulk of the flowers cascading down the right
side and a small group and the flowers on the left. A border of ruffles was perfect for this
cake. This is a number 104. You can make stems with a paper piping
cone and a small hole cut at the tip or just using number one Wilton tip. This border is made with a large leaf
tip. It’s a beautiful finish for your cake and I will put the number of the
tip below the video for you. Save the best for last and place your
frozen buttercream flowers onto the soft butter cream base that you just created.
You can always change your mind with the frozen flowers. You have at least a few
minutes before the flowers start to get soft again. You can also fill in with freshly piped
buttercream leaves. Cookie cake toppers are fun easy and
add so much to a cake, plus they taste amazing. This is my lavender shortbread
recipe and I’ll put the link below for you. The lemon royal icing tops off this
bird. I didn’t catch the video of the Bluebird, the one that I used on this
cake, but there is a recipe on Wedding Cakes For You for royal icing and some
cookie videos as well. If you would like to see a new tutorial on how to use
royal icing for cookies let me know in the comments below. To add more color and interesting
textures you can use candies and sprinkles and you can even toss some
tiny sprinkles at random. My favorite way to decorate 🙂 Join me at Wedding Cakes For You
Facebook, Lorelie_Carvey at Instagram and right here on YouTube.
Check out these videos next. Happy baking and happy cake decorating.

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  1. This was a BIRTHDAY Cake but wouldn't you agree that the top tier would make a perfect Mother's Day Cake? The cake flavors were Orange butter cake layers with Peaches and Cream filling. The top was my chocolate buttermilk cake recipe. Both can be found here on YouTube, in my book on Amazon and at the website.

  2. WOW!!! Yes it all depends on the taste But this lovely cake is very beautiful and I bet it's delicious 👍👍👍 …. Mother's Day in Egypt was on 21st May !!! Anyhow this cake tutorial is great 👋 Thank-you 💜 so much for sharing … Best Regards from Africa Cairo Egypt Pyramids River Nile 💕

  3. Perfect. Another beautiful cake. Thank you Lorelei. I would love to see a tutorial on your royal icing cookies. Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️

  4. Hi ma’am I love to watch you but please can u show us how to make ah sponge cake

  5. How very lovely! Thank you so much for the tutorial. You really are a magician with that piping bag. ❤

  6. I am left handed to you think making flowers would a differicit task? I’m afraid I buying tips and then realize I can’t used them

  7. Hi Lorelei,
    What a beautiful edible creation! Thank you for posting this video. I’m going to try making flowers again. I’ve had such a floppy experience in the past, that I just gave up all together. I’m going to keep on trying. Thanks again and Happy Mother’s Day in advance 😊


  9. Lorelie you are a true artist! Not only do you make stunning cakes, but they are so delicious 🌹💖 my family (especially my mom) loved this cake design. And the chocolate cake with chocolate mousse was to die for! Can't wait to eat another one of your cakes again this weekend 😋😊

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