Most Satisfying Cake Decorating Ideas Compilation | Yummy Cake Tutorials & How To Guides

Most Satisfying Cake Decorating Ideas Compilation | Yummy Cake Tutorials & How To Guides

Most Satisfying Cake Decorating Ideas Compilation | Yummy Cake Tutorials & How To Guides

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  2. I think this video was really cool and I don’t care if we got clikebaited we still got to see so many amazing cakes 😄

  3. 1:08 🤔🤨🤔
    What are those supposed to be, I'm so confused!? Cause looks like a cloud, maybe!? First I thought maybe they are paper airplanes, but then where's the pointy tip!? 🤔🤨🤪🧐😬
    I just have NO clue! Lmao
    Anyone have any ideas or guesses!? Lmao

  4. 3:11
    Awe damn I was loving this one, so freaking cute with these colors and looking like a huge flower with candy center on top, but please tell me WTH THEY ADDED THAT UGLY GOLD FLAKE!?! 🤔🤨🙄😜 EDIT PEOPLE EDIT, DONT ADD MORE!! THATS TO DAMN MUCH! UGH

  5. The very first cake that you see when you first click the vid, for a split second there I thought she was putting gold fish inside of a cake 🤣🤣

  6. 2:49
    Reminds me of Selma Quickly's wedding cake in Nany McPhee.
    Oh my! I've just noticed that all these good decorations are done by the same person.
    You're very talented, my lady.

  7. Ces gâteaux sont certes agréables à regarder mais d'aucun intérêt gustativement parlant. Du sucre du sucre du sucre

  8. It really amaze me to see this lovely decorations, I want to try one of this and also I check this another super quick tips to decorate using only powdered sugar for those beginners like me, try this as well Specially if your lazy and no time to decorate like hehehe

  9. 1:14 WOW! She IS fast. The cake is almost done and the hands on the clock behind her never even moved!

  10. افكار جديده وجميله ولذيذه ولكن هذه الأشياء غير موجوده عندنا الله وكيلك غير شكل الدائرة ما بيعرفو يعملو غيرها

  11. Is it just me or did the cake at 7:50 look extremely dry? Like you can literally see her knife tugging while trying to cut rather than smoothly going through

  12. This video is so satisfying! Cake decorating ideas that just by looking at it, you'll already feel that you're full. Just wanted to share with you this video as well on HOW TO MAKE A UNICORN CAKE that would really make your daughter feel that she's a little princess! Click on the link below.

  13. 3:45 it was all going well until Elsa and Anna came along.I THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA BE THE FIRST BLUE UNICORN CAKE BUT NOOOOO OF COURSE NOT!

  14. I was disappointed because I watched this whole thing to see the two cakes featured, but I got videos of some stay at home mom who wants to be recognized for her homemade cakes that are ok but not professional looking, that black and white one set me off of anything she did, it was awful.

  15. The blonde that makes most of the amazing cakes… Could anybody tell me what the name of her youtube channel is please?

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