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  1. These are illegal in Massachusetts as they are considered a firework as defined by statute. Further, they are a prohibited firework meaning a licensed firework shooter would have to get special permission from the State Fire Marshal to use them or risk losing their license.

  2. A long time ago I was a the Birthday party of a girl i know, and she had something like this as one of the candles. The morning after, that sucker was still chiming and one of my friends got pissed and flung it out of the window, and as it flew away, it made the coolest Doppler effect.  

  3. We bought a musical candle for my Great Grandma about 10 or so years ago (not one of these) but the temperature sensor on it broke and we had to stuff it in the freezer to shut it up.
    Damn thing would start singing again as soon as it reached room temp so it made an appearance at every family birthday party until the battery finally died.

    since it never would be quiet we threw it in the yard lol XD

  5. This is a nice video. It's not commercialized like the other ones I watched. I read some comments on the other video, and this one too, about the candle playing happy birthday for days afterwards. I hope the little guy in this video had a good birthday.

  6. We had one of these at my cousins party and it didn't open then the whole thing caught fire and it fell into my lap and it was the most traumatic experience of my life. 1/10

  7. Saw these in my local £1pound shop in the UK, thought i'd see how good it is, so now i'm gonna buy a few for all the family Birthday bashes to come. Thanks for sharing! 🎂🍰

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