Molten Butterscotch Lava Cake Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 675

Hi Guys! I’m Laura Vitale. And on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen I want to share with you a recipe for my Butterscotch Molten cakes.
Well, really Molten Butterscotch cakes. I love this recipe because it’s incredibly
simple but very showy. And I love that! In fact I’m going to a dinner party tonight,
hence the getup here. If you want – I know a lot of people will ask for a tutorial on
this look and it is on my beauty channel so go ahead and check it down below. But, yes, I’m going to a dinner party and
I wanted to bring a dessert that was kind of showy yet very simple because that’s me.
I like to do things very simple. So I figured Molten Butterscotch cakes was the way to go.
They’re easy and simple, require just a handful of ingredients. Let me take you over them
so we can get started. You’ll need some whole eggs plus a couple
of egg yolks, some butterscotch chips, unsalted butter, brown sugar, a touch of granulated
sugar, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, and some ground Graham crackers. Now this
is a tip I read about in a magazine a long time ago, which I can’t even remember what
the magazine was, but it was like a cooking magazine, and it suggested to put a sprinkle
of crushed cookies or any kind of cracker at the bottom of your ramekin whenever you’re
making a molten lava cake of any kind, and it really does add such fantastic flavor and
texture and I haven’t looked back since. Now the first thing you want to do is get
your oven preheated to 450 (degrees). I also have six 6-oz ramekins here that I have sprayed
with some non-stick spray. And my non-stick spray is the kind that’s like non-stick spray
and flour combined. It just works wonders so I’m using that. And now in a little sauce pan – I’m going
to turn this on – I’m going to add in my butterscotch chips and my butter and I’m just going to
melt these together over low heat until everything is well combined. That is looking perfect. You can see the butter
is almost all melted. And so are the chocolate chips, or the butterscotch chips. I’m going
to turn this off now because what you do not want is for your butterscotch chips to overheat
and then it causes them to split and then it’s just a big mess and you’ll blame me,
you’ll tell me it’s my fault, and your dinner party dessert is ruined, and we can just go
on and on and on. I’m going to take this off the heat now. And
don’t worry if your butterscotch chips still have some chunks in them because we’re going
to let them sit there for a minute while we go on and continue with the rest of the custard.
And just remember that at the end it will all work out. You’re going to have to trust
me. I’m going to start whisking my eggs and my
egg yolks until they’re pretty broken up and whisked together pretty well. To that I’m
going to add both kinds of sugar, mostly I’m using – look at that; it stuck. I’m going
to switch to my little spatula here. Mostly, I’m using brown sugar because it really goes
fantastic with that butterscotch. Go ahead and break them up because you know how brown
sugar tends to be a little bit lumpy. Going to add just a small splash of vanilla.
Not a lot. About a half of a teaspoon will do. And a small pinch of salt. I forgot to
have it out but you need it. Now I’m just going to switch to – I’m actually
just going to pour in my melted butter and butterscotch chips. Now don’t worry if this
looks a bit odd but just trust me, it will work out perfectly! I’m going to add my flour at this point. And
then you’re going to mix this until you have a really nice creamy mixture. And the flour
is what helps everything come together. As you will clearly see in about, I don’t know,
ten seconds. [laughs] And that is a glorious mixture! If I could,
I’d stick a straw in there and go to town. [laughs] But I’m going to be a lady today,
I have a dinner party to go to. I’m trying to feel real fancy today. I’m just going to sprinkle about a teaspoon
of my cracker crumbs here in the bottom and then I’m just going to take whatever is left
and push it around the sides like so. I’m absolutely mesmerized by this. And if
you could smell it you’d think to yourself, “Could that be poured on top of a cake?” Note
to self: butterscotch frosting. Losing track here. Stick with it, girlfriend! Divide your batter evenly in your ramekins.
I mean it looks like – the batter just looks like melted butterscotch candy. Very few things
make me this happy. Trying to get every bit of this amazing gooeyness
out of there. Now these are going to go into your oven preheated at 450 (degrees) for 12
minutes. After 12 minutes you’re going to let these set for about 3 minutes and after
that it is time for the unveiling of what’s going to smell like something that should
belong in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Except it would be butterscotch. But it would
still be delicious. My little lava cakes were in the oven for
actually 13 minutes. Now you’re looking for the top to be set but if you press in the
center you can feel, and you can see there’s a little jiggle in the center, that’s what
you’re looking for. I let these set for just a couple of minutes. That is really hot! So
don’t do that at home. Take a small little knife, run it around, and I just take a plate,
put it upside down and they smell unbelievable. And then, of course, you’re going decorate
this with some ice cream. Oh! I mean – there are no words. Other than
“Get in my belly!” It just – the smell of this is what’s absolutely captivating me.
Like – I’m assuming that this is what a chocolate factory smells like. I have never been to
one so I wouldn’t know. But that is what I want. Now serve this – I’m trying to look all fancy
for my dinner tonight but I’m like, “Why did I chose to wear my hair straight?” [laughs]
Serve this with really good vanilla ice cream, a sprinkle of powdered sugar, or some homemade
whipped cream and, honey, you are in business. Perfection. On every level. Absolutely dynamite. There’s something about it that’s rich yet
surprisingly light. And that mixed with some vanilla ice cream or something, that would
be really the cherry on the sundae. That almost made sense. Go to to get this recipe.
Perfect for the weekend. Make it if you’ve got friends coming over or if you just want
to treat yourself to something special. You are worth it! Remember that. will have the recipe
waiting for you. Hope you’ve enjoyed spending time with me and I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.

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