Mirror Glaze Recipe / How to Make a Mirror Cake Recipe

Mirror Glaze Recipe / How to Make a Mirror Cake Recipe

HI everyone and welcome back to my channel.
Today I’m sharing with you how to make a Mirror Cake. A mirror cake is a cake covered
with a glaze that sets with a reflection, hence the term mirror. There are a tonne of
different designs, I’m going to show you how to create a marble like effect. You don’t
need any special equipment to make this cake, and it’s not too difficult either so let
me show you how to make it. The first thing you need to make a mirror
cake is a cake. You can really use any type you would like, chocolate cake, cheesecake,
I’ve chosen to make a strawberry and white chocolate mousse cake, you can find the recipe
in the information box as well as on my website. Make it the day before and place it into the
freezer to freeze overnight. The frozen cake is going to help to set the glaze. When you are ready to make the glaze measure
out the white sugar and place into a medium sized saucepan. To the sugar we are going
to add sweetened condensed milk as well as water. The sweetened condensed milk is the
most important ingredient in the glaze, it’s what going to create the reflection. If you would like to make this mirror cake
you can find a printable recipe as on my website, just click the link on the screen. Place the saucepan over medium low heat stirring
occasionally to dissolve the sugar. While the sugar, condensed milk and water
is heating up, in a small bowl measure out 2 tablespoons of powdered gelatin and pour
over half a cup of cold water. This will swell the gelatine, allowing it to dissolve in the
glaze much easier. If you are vegetarian and would like a substitute for gelatin try using
agar agar. Mix the the water and gelatin together with a spoon and leave for a few minutes. Stir the sugar, condensed milk and water until
it just begins to simmer and turn off the heat. You will notice that the sugar has dissolved
and the liquid has become a lot thinner. Spoon in the swelled gelatin, it should have soaked
up the water by now, becoming quite solid. Stir it into the liquid until it has completely
dissolved. Into a medium sized mixing bowl, pour in two
cups of white chocolate chips. Make sure to use chocolate chips or cut the chocolate small
so it will melt a lot easier. Pour the hot liquid over the white chocolate and leave
to sit for about 5 minutes to allow the chocolate to melt. After 5 minutes use a whisk to gently mix
the glaze until the chocolate chips have completely melted, this will take a few minutes. Be very
gentle to not put any air into the glaze as this will create air bubbles on the finished
cake. If there is the odd bit of chocolate left over, don’t worry we’ll put it through
a sieve. Now you can add your colouring. I’m using
a red gel food colouring as my cake is strawberry and white chocolate flavoured but it’s completely
up to you what colour you use. We’ll create the marble effect when we pour the glaze over
the cake so just choose your main colour at the moment. Stir the colour into the glaze. If you can
still see chocolate chips in the glaze at this point now is a great time to pour the
glaze through a sieve to remove any lumps. Before we pour the glaze it needs to cool.
The ideal pouring temperature is around 35-37 degrees celsius or about 90 degrees fahrenheit,
basically body temperature. So how to do you know it’s at this temperature?
You just use your hands to feel the outside of the bowl. It shouldn’t feel hot, or warm,
but also not cold. Just a very very cold lukewarm. Remove your cake from the freezer and place
onto a cup that is sitting in a tray to catch the drips from the glaze. Begin to pour the glaze over the cake, it
will run down covering the sides. A lot of the glaze will drip off, but you should get
a good coverage. To create the marble effect use gel food colouring and add a few drops
to the top of the cake. Use a small off set spatula to smooth over the cake, spreading
the gel colouring. The glaze will still spread down the cake, making the effect look more
authentic. Leave the glaze to set for 3-4 hours before
cutting into the cake. I hope you enjoyed this recipe. If you make
this mirror cake please send me a photo, I would love to see your design as no two will
ever look the same. Thank you for watching and I will see you in my next video. Bye.

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  1. Make this cake today followed your recipe and so happy with the way it turned out thank you. I would send a photo but don`t know how to

  2. Thank you Carina! Great video, you have demonstrated the recipe so well! Yet I went wrong somewhere. After the pouring the glaze(which looked wonderful; I made it with dark chocolate), i refrigerated it overnight, and the next day, had it kept out, for a couple of hours before serving. As I cut into it, the glaze stuck to the knife, almost threatening to separate from the cake. Did I mess the ingredients, or is there a particular manner in which it needs to be cut?

  3. just made this. i would pour while still hot. it thickened way too quickly and i couldn't do the marble effect. also it shows every imperfection in the original cake. every bump and uneven area.

  4. HELP..! I tried to make it. The reflection marble is perfect but it’s doesn’t stick the side of the cake. I used 3D mole mousse cake. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong..? I followed this recipe as well.

  5. i think the cake was copied in another video i see the cake recipe but the declarations i mean mirror glaze idea its your

  6. I have just made mirror glaze for the first time in my life, using your recipe and it has turned out perfect. Thanks for the great recipe!!! It is easy to understand and follow😉 Good luck!

  7. Does the glaze make the cake hard on-top when cutting it due to its amount of sugar glucose added there? I’m just thinking because I haven’t seen anyone cutting their glazed cake after their tutorial so does it stay soft like when pouring it or does it go hard. Please let me know because I want to try this but with cheese cake instead of buttercream.

  8. I love it…..and so damn easy!!! Thank you for this!!! Couple of questions though. Can this recipe be used to glaze a cake with more than one layer? And does have to be white sugar or can I use brown sugar instead, seeing as I will end up adding food colour anyway?

  9. hi i just made the mirror cake but i still have a lot of mirror glaze left over how long can one keep it and can one use it at a later time !?

  10. Another magnificent recipe! Thank you so much Ms. Carina! Question though, when I set my cake to get back to room temp, will the glaze melt off or will it continue to hold its shape? O_O

  11. I made this today and one thing i realized is that the liquid before being put into white chocolate is clear but yours is white. I don't know why. Please tell me where did I go wrong.

  12. Why is everybody making fun of her Scottish accent.. I didn’t even notice she was pronouncing things “weird” until I read the comments..

  13. I made glaze from this recipe.. But after keeping it in fridge for few hours it lost its shine and becomes matte… Can you plz tell me the reason…i used cooking chocolate bar instead of chips

  14. Wow! Awesome! You only used wire whisk to blend it and it is still perfect! You re my lifesaver. Im looking for recipe that doesnt need immersion blender cuz i dont have that. I thought i can use regular blender but wire whisk is fine so thanks!

  15. I made the mousse cake and it's in the freezer for me to make the glaze tomorrow. How long should the cake "thaw" in the fridge before eating?

  16. I used ready made mirror glaze from a store but it isn't as shiny as yours. Does the ground have to be cold or frozen? I just tossed it onto muffins out of the oven. What went wrong?

  17. I would think a digital or even a traditional candy thermometer would be a much better way to gauge the temperature than using your hands and guessing.

  18. Mam I jst want to ask one think this mirror glaze receipe can b used on bake cakes also ? Becoz u have used on non- bake cake

  19. yeah we get it guys, she sounds like a deaf person speaking… maybe she is… get over it… she sounds a little retarded, but we cant all be perfect like ya all

  20. I made it & I was proud 🤗 & while I went to transfer it to a safe place I ended up almost dropped it & I accidentally landed my fingers on it 😩😫sooo 😩😩😩😩😩yeah
    But I enjoyed your simple instructions 👍

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