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Welcome another Friday to the channel. Today we’re doing Oreo mini cheesecakes. Oreo Mini Cheesecakes. I know many of you love Oreo cookies. And because of that I think you’ll love this dessert. Also it’s super easy to do and it turns out so elegant. And don’t worry of you don’t
have a silicone pan like the one I have. You can simply make them in little cups. This way you can enjoy this
dessert without having to buy specific pans. I also wanted to tell you that next
week we’ll be back with Tuesdays easy recipes. So if you get YouTube’s notification be on the alert. Because next Tuesday, at the same time
as always we’ll be back with a recipe that you’ve requested me a lot, and it’s a delight. Well, I hope you’re a little curious about Tuesday. Now let’s go back to today’s recipe. So if you want to know how to make
these delicious Oreo mini chessecakes stay and watch the video because the recipe starts now. For the base we’ll need:
Oreo cookies and preferably unsalted butter. Place all the cookies in a food processor to crush them thinly. Remember that also you can do
this with a little bag and a rolling pin. Although this way it’s faster and they are better crushed. Now we take the butter to the microwave to melt it. Once it’s melted add them to the cookies and mix them well. Now I’ll show the pan I’ll be using, as you
can see it’s made out of silicone and it’s flexible. So it’ll be very easy to unmold our cheesecakes. And so it’s easier I recommend using a anti-adherent spray, or oil or butter. This way they’ll come out easily
when we unmold them and they’ll be perfect. To create the base we add 2 tablespoons
of crushed cookies to each of the pan’s spaces. If you want you can add more or
less, it depends of the size you want them. And I recommend in this step to press well the cookie so it’s compact and it won’t break when we unmold our chessecakes. I’m using a candy container, it’s small and it’s great for this. But you can use any utensil that does it for you. Once we finish we take it to the fridge for 15 minutes while we continue with the recipe. For the filling we’ll need: cream cheese, white sugar, cream with at least 35% of fat, Oreo cookies, cold water, unflavored powdered gelatin. And optionally a little bit of vanilla extract or essence. We start by adding the cold water to the gelatin to hydrate it. Stir a little and let it rest for 10 minutes. Now open the Oreo cookies and remove the
cream with the help of a spatula or a knife. Now we have the filling go in
one bowl and the cookies in another. Now crush the cookies with no filling in a food processor. There’s no need to leave them as powder. Since it’ll turn gray once we add the cookie. But if we leave it like this the cream will
have little pieces of cookies and it’ll be delicious. Now in another bowl place the cold cream
cheese with the sugar and the Oreo cookies filling. Mix for a minute to integrate it all and until it’s creamy. Once ready add the vanilla extract and the cold cream. Keep mixing for 2 minutes or until it starts to whip. This way the cream will be aired and light. But for this to happen the cream
will have to have at least 35% of fat. Otherwise the cream would not whip and would be watery. By now the gelatin should be hydrated. It’s ready to take it to the
microwave or to a stove to heat it and melt it. Now add the gelatin to the cream
and mix some seconds to mix it well. I recommend to mix just enough so it’s integrated. Because if we mix too much the cream
might spoil and the cream would be ruined. If you want you can also make these desserts in little cups. That way you won’t have to unmold it, or add
the gelatin, and it’ll be delicious just the same. Now add the cookies we crushed
earlier and add them with circular movements. As you can see the cream has the cookiee
dots and that’ll give it a delicious touch. Once the cream is ready, take out the pan from
the fridge and add the cream with a pastry bag or a bag. This way it’ll be easier to fill all the pan spaces. Once filled smooth the surface
with a spatula so the borders are perfect. As you can see it’s very simple. And that’s a key step to make our mini cheesecakes look great. Once done take them to the fridge for at least 2 hours. Or until they are totally frozen to unmold them. And if you made them in little
cup, 30 minutes in the fridge is enough. After this take them out of the freezer and
unmold them easily thanks that the pan is so flexible. With the quantities I use you can make some 16 mini cheesecakes. It will also depend on the pan you use. As you can see they have a cute shape. To decorate them place Chantilly cream or
whipped cream on the surface and a mini Oreo. Now they are ready. Now all is left is to place them in the
fridge to defrost until they are ready to enjoy. And look, once they are defrosted,
the mini cheesecakes have a awesome texture. It feels soft and creamy, that
accompanied with the base it’s a delight. And the flavor, you have no idea. Since we balanced the flavor of
the Oreo cookies with the cream cheese. Now we have a nice looking dessert and very delicious. And now let’s see the Cupcakers
that entered today’s hall of fame. If you want it,
tag me in your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pictures showing me your creations. Yasmin shows us her precious and delicious lemon cake. Kenny made the Oreo Cupcakes, super
delicious and they go perfectly with today’s recipe. Brizzy also did cupcakes, but the
salty caramel ones, one of my favorites. Ana Laura shows us her Caramel Brownie. A irresistible dessert. And for last Dany is delighted with the brownie cheesecake. Thanks so much for making my recipes,
and know you’re in my hall of fame. Don’t forget to subscribe to
the channel and super Like this video. See you next Tuesday with a new recipe.
See you soon Cupcakers!

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