Making our New XOXO Cupcake Surprise Toys !!!

– (child) Tic Tac Toy – (narrator) This is a
promotional advertisement for Blip Toys and Tic Tac Toy. – Wow these cookies look amazing! – Incredible! – Yeah, you really outdid yourself chef. These cookies will be a
hit at our Sweet Treat bash this afternoon! – And just wait till you
see what I have planned for the cupcakes! – Can we sample one chef? – But of course! But right after I do the honors. – That’s right girls, the baker
always gets the first bite. (upbeat music) – How is it? – Mmmm… oh…hmm, I suddenly feel quite strange! – Oh! (upbeat music) – All of a sudden, I am very sleepy (upbeat music) (snoring) – Hot potatoes! What just happened? – I don’t know but I’m
definitely not eating one of those cookies. (snoring sound)
(upbeat music) – He just seems to be sleeping. Very deeply. – Chef! Oh cheffy chef! Oh this cannot be happening, I still need to bake those cupcakes for my big Sweet Treat bash! – I don’t think he’s gonna
wake anytime soon Lulu! – Oh boy! – We can help Lulu! Maya and I bake cup cakes all the time. – Oh really? That would be fantabulous! His recipe book should
be right in the kitchen. You two get to work, I have to figure out what to do with him. – Okay don’t worry a bit Lulu, we’ve got you covered. – Thank you so much girls! (upbeat music) – What in the world did you
put in these cookies chef? (upbeat music) – Okay let’s check out
this special cupcake recipe Chef Pierre has. – Okay, so we need flour,
eggs, sugar, baking powder. – You know what, I’m sure
this recipe is fabulous, but I think we should get
a little creative with it. – Me too, let’s whip up a
brand new kind of cupcake. – We’ll call them XOXO Cupcake Surprises. – Love it! – I’m gonna need to add just
a splash of pink to my batter. (upbeat music) Just a few drops will do. (upbeat music) – And I’ll add just a touch of blue. This will look fabulous! (upbeat music) – Time to stir. (upbeat music) Looking good. (upbeat music) – Now which sprinkle should I use? These for sure! (upbeat music) – I’m going for the pink XOXOs. (upbeat music) These will do the trick! – Just a bit more. (upbeat music) – We’re gonna whip up the coolest and the cutest toys the
Toy Cafe has ever seen. – You could say that again! (dramatic orchestral music)
(snoring sound) – Hmm, a big snoring chef isn’t
exactly good for business. I need to figure out how to
get him hidden somewhere. (upbeat music) Hmm, if I just pull this chair. Uh uh uh uh uuuh! (upbeat music)
(snoring) Oops! Sorry about that chef! Uh what are we stuck on? (upbeat music) Oh wow I didn’t see that happening! Well chef, you might get a
few bruises when you wake up. Now if I can just get
you behind the counter, you’ll be out of sight of my customers. (upbeat music) Uuuuh (snoring) (dramatic orchestral music) – Okay the first batch
of XOXO Cupcake Surprises are about to go in the oven. – Can’t wait! (upbeat music) Careful careful Addy, don’t spill them! (upbeat music) – Time to set the timer Maya! – I’ll set it for 15 minutes. – While those are cooking, let’s tidy up the kitchen a little bit, you know how much chef
can’t stand a messy kitchen. – Good thinking Addy! (upbeat music) (snoring)
(dramatic orchestral music) – Okay chef, rolly! Rolly!
Rolly! Rolly! Rolly! Rolly! (dramatic orchestral music) oh there you go chef, at least you’ll be out of sight from my customers, back here behind the counter. (upbeat music)
(snoring) Although they’ll still be able
to hear you loud and clear. – Lulu! Lulu! We know
what’s wrong with chef! – Oh I’m back here girls, what’s up? We know why Chef Pierre
is sleeping so soundly! – Really? What did you girls find out? – Well, we were putting all
the cupcake ingredients away, you know the sugar, the flour, and what we thought was baking soda. – Okay, what do you mean by that? – This isn’t baking soda,
it’s sleeping powder! – Woow no kidding! – We think chef put it in
the cookies by mistake. – Assuming it was baking soda. – Woow! Well this explains a lot! Jeez! Oh how are the cupcakes coming by the way? – Well they aren’t exactly chef’s cupcakes – But they’re coming along just fine. – And there’s no sleeping
powder in them, right? – No, not a drop. – Whew! (gently chiming bells) Oh that’s the timer, got to run! – Okay girls, just make sure
those cupcakes are amazing. Whatever they are. – Woow!
Woow! It turned out even bigger and better than I thought they would! – No kidding, they look
absolutely beautiful! – Quick put them down! – Be careful Maya, they
might be hot still. – Let’s blow in them to cool them down. (upbeat music) – That should be good. Yeah they’re perfect! – Look there’s over 20
surprises to find inside Addy. – Yeah, there’s XOXO
Sweeties, Sweeties wings, Sweeties treats, XO
wings, XO unicorn headband and temporary tattoos. – And there’s even tic-tac-toe game pieces! – Should we go show Lulu? She’s gonna flip out with excitement. – She sure will, but I think
we should sample one first. – After all, we did see what happened with chef’s sugar cookies. Good idea. We want to make sure
that these are absolutely positively perfect before
we share them with others. – Well, this was a
pretty big goof up chef. Wait a minute, what does this say? Warming, deep sleep may
last for three days? Three days? (upbeat music)
(snoring) Oh boy, this will not
do, this will not do. I can’t have an obnoxious snorer back here in the middle of my big Sweet Treats bash! What will my guess think? (upbeat music)
(snoring) Wake up chef! Wake up! wakie wakie, wakie wakie chef! (upbeat music)
(snoring) Okay, I’m gonna have to get creative here. – Okay Maya it’s the moment
we’ve been waiting for. – Time to sample our XOXO Cupcake Surprises. The cupcake looks amazing! – I know! Let’s dig in now! (upbeat music) – What’s this? It’s an XOXO key. – We must need this to unlock
all the layers of our cupcake. – Speaking of layers,
here’s the first one. – Wow! – Let’s get it open. – Wow! – It’s a unicorn horn. – Let’s put them on. – Now that we’re styling,
let’s see what’s next. – More surprises! – You’re right! They’re wings! – They’re shimmering, shiny and they match your unicorn horn. – I know and check out the
little XO in the corner. – Let’s put them on. (upbeat music) – How do I look? – Absolutely magical. – And look, I think we
need the keys now Maya! – You’re right, I can’t
wait to see what’s inside. (upbeat music) – Wow! – Another layer of surprises! – You’re right! These must be the XOXO Sweeties. – Let’s see who we got. its sweet Maya X! – Whoa you got yourself Maya? – Yes I got blue piggy braids and my name is even on my shoe. – And check out that unicorn horn. – Yeah, we match! – Now let me see who I got. I got sweet Addy X. – She is so adorabs Addy. – And she got her XO shirt,
and my name on my shoe – And look their heads even turn. – Plus, there’s room for
swappable wings on the back. I bet they go right here. – Time to get our next XOXO Sweeties out. It’s Nina the kitty! I love her pink unihorn. And her purple furs and there’s
a little XO by her tail. – So cute, now let’s check out mine. It’s Chloe the puppy! – Oh I’m in love. – I know the mink colored
skin, the yellow horn, and the little button nose. – And we still have more layers to open. There’s more in here! I bet these are the sweetie
treats and the sweetie wings. – Only one way to find out. I got a Squishy Ice Cream Sundae. – Look I opened both of mine. I got a donut and a cupcake. – And I also got a cake. Check it out. Nina, you’ll have the donut
and i’ll have the cupcake. And I’ll share the Ice
Cream Sundae was Chloe. Num num num num. – Time to open their wings. (upbeat music) – Love these! – And check out mine, they’re studded! I’m gonna put these on Nina. And also these on Chloe. (upbeat music) – Wow check out my other pair of wings. These will look perfect on sweet Maya X. – And check out the
wings for sweet Addy X. – Love them! (upbeat music) And there’s one more
layer of surprises Addy. (upbeat music) – Wow! (upbeat music) – There’s so much in here. – I bet these are the temporary tattoos. It’s sweet Addy X and Chloe. – And there’s more behind it. – They’re glittery metallics – And they’re just the right
size for our XOXO sweeties. – You’re right, Addy. – And now these must be the
sponges to apply the tattoos. – Mine’s a blue Heart – And I have a yellow heart. – Time for our tic-tac-toe game pieces. I got blue Xs – And I’ve pink Os. – I got pink Os too Addy. – And here are my blue Xs. – And here’s the collector sheet,
and here is the game board. – Time for a friendly
battle of tic-tac-toe Maya – oh you’re on! – O – X – O – X – O – X – O – X – O – No one won that time – Quiet for a second, do
you hear a strange noise? – Yeah, what in the world is that? (drum beating) – ♪ Wakie wakie time, rise and shine ♪ (drum beating) Time to get up! (snoring)
(upbeat music) That wasn’t a snore I just heard, was it? (upbeat music) How in the world are you still sleeping? (upbeat music)
(snoring) Come on chef! (drum beating) Okay, on to plan B. – We obviously loved our first
two XOXO cupcake surprises. – For sure. – But everyone loves variety,
so why don’t we whip up two more variations? – Sounds like so much
fun, let’s get started. – I wanna make my batter teal this time. – That’s gonna look good. (upbeat music) I think my batter should be yellow. – Good call Maya! – Uh yeah! – Time to stir. (upbeat music) How does mine look Addy? – Fabulous just like mine. And of course we need
some super fun sprinkles. – Oh yes, I’m adding the
yellow sugar sprinkles. There we go, and some of these. Perfection! – I’m gonna go for these pretty ones. – Oh those are gonna be good. – Thank you These ones might just turn out better than our first batch Maya. – I can’t even imagine topping
our first two cupcakes. – True. Do you hear something? – Totally! What is going on in the Toy Cafe? – Who knows? (trumpet music) (snoring)
(upbeat music) – (mumbles) (snoring)
(upbeat music) Oh boy, my Sweet Treats bash
starts in just two hours. I think I might need to
give the Toy Doctor a call. Maybe she has some magical antidote that can counteract your sleeping power. (snoring)
(upbeat music) Yeah, you keep snoring for now buddy, you just wait till the
Toy Doctor gets here. Oh I sure hope she can help. Hello, Toy Doctor, I need your help. Badly! (upbeat music) – Mmmh
Mmmmh Nothing smells better than a freshly baked XOXO Cupcake Surprise. – Agreed, let’s sample these
now and find out what’s inside. – Here we go! These are just as beautiful
as our first batch. – Now time to pop them open. Let’s get the keys out first. – XOXO key, ready to go. – And onto my unicorn horn. – I wonder what color we’ll get this time – Mine’s purple. – And mine’s pink. – And next are the wings. – So shimmery – And check out my XO. – I’ve pink wings with the white XO – Time for the wings to go on. How do I look?
– How do I look? Fabulous! You do too! – Now it’s time to unlock the cupcake. (upbeat music) – Can’t wait to see
what’s inside this time, XOXO sweeties
– XOXO sweeties Its Chacha, isn’t she just adorable? Check out her silver spot. – So cute! And I got Gem! Isn’t she the cutest
unicorn you’ve ever seen? – Oh, absolutely. – Now let’s see who’s next. – It’s sweet Addy O. Check out her XO shirt. – Yeah, my name’s on the shoe again. – You are right. – And I got sweet Maya O! And what a cute outfit you’re rocking. – Oh, I’m always styling girl. – Now let’s find the sweetie
wings in sweetie treats. (upbeat music) – Let’s do the treats first. I got an Ice Cream Sundae,
and a cute star cookie. – Let’s see what I get. (upbeat music) A donut! And it looks so scrumptious. – And what’s the other sweetie treat? – it’s a cute sugar cookie. I bet Gem would want this. Are you two hungry? Sweet Addy O and Chacha are matching away. – Now now now now let’s see
what their wings are like now. – Oh, mine are white,
and so cool looking. – Mine are purple! These will look great on Gem. – And on the other pair wings
are, a beautiful mint color. – Cute, let’s you have my second pair is. (upbeat music) its a blue pair! I’ll put these on sweet Maya O. – Time to get our wings on! (upbeat music) – Now you guys are really styling. – And it’s time for us
to open our next layer. – So these should have our tattoos, sponges and tic tac toe pieces. – And my tattoos are super cute. It’s Chacha and sweet Addy O. – And I’ve got Gem and sweet Maya O. and what color sponge did you get? I got a purple heart. – Let me see. It’s a pink heart. – We’ll have to put these tattoos on after this crazy busy day is over. – Yeah, but I bet we
have time to squeeze in a quick game of tic tac toe. – Well, I’ve got all the
pieces so, I’m ready. – And I’ve got the game
board ready so, you’re on. – Addy! Maya! Holy moly what are these amazing cupcakes? – You like them Lulu? – You bet I do. (Addy and Maya) They’re our
XOXO Cupcake Surprises. – Well done girls! I didn’t know you had it in you to make something so super cool. – Oh, we’re expert toy
makers and toy bakers. – Well, I guess so. – Hey do you girls think
you can whip up some more really quickly? We gotta get all ready for
the big Sweet Treats bash, and these are going to
meet an absolute hit. – Not a problem, Lulu. – That’s what I like to hear girls. I’ll see you guys soon. – We better get back to work then Addy. – For sure, but let’s
put all of our toys back in our cupcakes for safekeeping. – Good thinking. – Come with me sweeties. (upbeat music) – These cupcakes would look
great in our rooms too. – Oh yes, I already know
where I’m going to put mine. (upbeat music) Done! – Lulu, Chef Pierre, Toy Doctor here. (snoring)
(upbeat music) Ah, follow the snores. (snoring)
(upbeat music) This way. Almost there. Aha there he is! Alright, let’s see if I
have some toy medicine that’ll wake you up from this. Aha a sweetly scented Pikmi Pop. This will do the trick. Okay. (upbeat music)
(snoring) Hmm maybe I need something
with a stronger scent. This mint chocolate chip butter, ought to do the trick. Here we go. (upbeat music) Oh boy! How much sleeping powder
did you ingest Chef Pierre? – Oh Toy Doctor, boy am
I glad to see you here! Please tell me you’re here to save my day. – Well hold on Lulu, I’m
afraid my normal antidotes just didn’t do the trick. – Wait, what? – He’s in such a deep sleep that I something new and more exciting. – Well, can you just run
out to the toy pharmacy, and find something like that? – I’m afraid not, it just
hasn’t been created yet. But not to worry, Chef
Pierre will be awake and back to himself in two to three days – Two or three days? (upbeat music) – Wow, these turned out oh so
sweet and exciting Maya. – Well you could say that again, the Toy Cafe guests will be
blown away when they see these. – You know what, it
would be kind of a shame if the only people who
got to experience these are the people at
today’s Sweet Treat bash. – Agreed. So what are you thinking? – What if we put them in Target stores? Target stores all across
the United States? – Love that idea. Then, tons of kids can have
their own XOXO Cupcake Surprise. – Well, let’s do it then. – But first, we have to
get these to the Toy Cafe. – Oh, right. (upbeat music) – Hmm my day is ruined. – They are done! They are done They are done
– They are done We finished them. – Oh, wow! yeah, let me see one of yours. Oh yeah, just wonderful. Just wonderful – What’s wrong? I thought you’d be way more excited. – Oh well, I am super
excited about the cupcakes. They look amazing! But, old cheffy is still
back there snoring away. What will my guest think? – Did the Toy Doctor help? – Apparently not. She didn’t have the right toy antidote. Apparently she needed something
sweeter and more exciting. – Oh no that’s terrible news. – I know right? – What is that smell? Freshly baked cupcakes?
– Chef Pierre! No something sweeter! – Chef Pierre! – What is this incredible new creation? – These are our XOXO Cupcake Surprises. – These are absolute perfection! What a wonderful addition
to the Sweet Treats bash! – And apparently a wonderful antidote to the sleeping powder you
put in your cookies chef. – Oh is that what happened? I do feel quite rested,
and a bit sore though. – Sore you say? I can’t imagine why. – Let’s put these at each table. – All right, lets do it girls. – (narrator) This is a
promotional advertisement for Blip Toys and Tic Tac Toy. (upbeat music)

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