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  1. I have made this before with coconut milk a coconut cream with corn starch instead of gelatin because I didn't have it and it was the best pudding ever that happens to be vegan … you should try it one day

  2. I can confirm that candy conglomerate certainly had something to do with it in the United States. Not that I am complaining since I love chocolate. lolol. This looks fantastic! Everything you make is truly beautiful. It must be a reflection of your soul. xD

  3. Emmy, would you mind filming a video talking about yourself and your life? As a long-time and term viewer, I have looked forward to each and every one of your videos, learned beyond measure with you through them and appreciate your selflessness, respect for nature, love and care for food, but I wonder sometimes what your zodiac sign is, what your favorite color, drink and food are, where you went to school and what you studied, how you and your husband choose to raise your sons when it comes to culture, since you are Burmese-American, if that is a part of your daily lives, the countries you have visited or wish to visit in the future as well as simple cues about you as a person. Even though I live in Brazil and we are geographically distant, I think I speak for most of your viewers when I say I feel close to you, as a friend, because you do not put on a show and play pretend on your channel and I admire that. With that being said, I would love to get to know more about you, what you like and your opinions on different topics, but keep up the good work too! And good food, of course.

  4. Your store doesn't have the knife listed… i think it's "Mercer Culinary M23210 Millennia Wide Wavy Edge Bread Knife, 10-Inch, Black" Product ID B000PS1HS6 , $18

  5. You know something went wrong when emmy talks about getting something out of the mold and there is still half of the video left
    Edit: my bad just watched the other half 😅

  6. That looks mouthwatering. What do you think would happen if I used another 200ml of milk instead of the heavy cream? I mean I'm sure there would be a taste difference but would it still work?

  7. This looks very cute but as a french people I can tell you that this a definitively not a real Chocolate Mousse ^^" You need egg white for a real one. And you don't put any gelatine. Hovewer that reminds me a "chocolate pudding" that I used to eat in Japan !

  8. I don’t know how you got that much suspense, and me stressing severely…all over chocolate coming out of a mold…but you did…😂

  9. merch idea just like the types of whales tee. There's all type of jello and its all the jello and aspic etc that Emmy has made over the years. 😀

  10. I wonder if it would have un-molded so easily if you used the other gold silicon mat? Hmm?! Perhaps a follow-up video might be an option?! 🙂

  11. Emmy, I would love to see you tackle some of the recipes on Cooking Tree's channel! She has some amazingly beautiful desserts that look relatively simple to make.

  12. I make sugar free chocolate mousse, it's so easy and great for us low carb eaters. Whip up some whipping cream melt some sugar free dark chocolate and fold in to whipped cream. Good and easy! Gotta try this recipe but make it sugar free.

  13. This is exactly how we make chocolate mousse here in Brazil, I've been eating this for the past 30 years but we just put it in small bowls.

  14. Nowadays, scientists ascribe the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate, if any, to two chemicals it contains. One, tryptophan, is a building block of serotonin, a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal. The other, phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine, is released in the brain when people fall in love.

  15. Also, for everyone saying it’s not mousse, it’s not Emmy’s fault that it’s called that don’t come for her. She needs to be protected for how cute she is

  16. Your channel is like a breath of fresh air after being stuck underwater 💕 so soothing, cheerful, and genuinely funny!!!! Also this looks insanely tasty –

  17. I am definitely going to have to get the mold. I am going to try this. I will make 1 small adjustment and add 1/4tsp cyanne powder to the cocoa powder sprinkled on top.

  18. “Mom can I try?”
    Emmy, huddled over the loaf of chocolate mousse: “no it’s REALLY spicy you won’t like it”

  19. For an amazing effect, you could have dusted it with alternating bars of cocoa powder AND powdered sugar by using parchment to keep the lines straight. I bet that would look amazing….at least for an initial presentation. Or you could dust a little powdered sugar on top of the cocoa powder if you want to keep it from turning transparent too quickly. Of course, if you aren't presenting to a crowd, you just dust your individual servings.

  20. Try wax paper instead of parchment paper on the bottom or spray non-stick cooking spray on the parchment so it does not stick to the mousse.

  21. An easier way of making mousse would be Dream Whip and Pudding.. 🙂 Lots of different flavors you can make and it is AWESOME as cake frosting 🙂

  22. Valentine’s Day became what it is (Chocolate, flowers, cards and trinkets) with that romantic notion during the Victorian era. Because of Valentines’s story in Ancient Rome, they associated couples to Valentines’s day. Anywho, the cards, flowers and chocolates were popular in Victorian times because of courtships and courting a lady of interest. Chocolate at the time was a rare item and makes for a very special treat for the lady in court. The cards, was always given with a message and name for consideration to see. Flowers was also a very high status gift.

    But I don’t know all of its details but it did came from the courting in Victorian times where it became more more of the holiday today.

  23. These comments are annoying most of them are complaining that "it's not a mousse" nobody cares watch the video the name isn't that serious

  24. Maybe the “defect” on the gold silicone mat was not a defect, but a way to allow easy removal with some air instead of getting a suctioning effect – ? 🍮

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