Making Gumpaste Berries to fill your Sugar Flowers

Hello everyone, this is Christina Wallis
here, and berries are so popular these days, I think they speak for themselves
so we’re just going to get straight to it! We’re going to start with the leaves, I
like to clean my hands with bits of gum paste before starting. I like to use this
groove board because you could have several petals going on it at the same
time because the grooves are the same. There are different ones on the market
as well… if you making flower petals, at this
stage you could thin your paste given further but for leaves, t it’s thin enough, I
think. Clean edge here is important too and I
am using sugar glue. Use corn flour or icing sugar for
dusting. Make sure that your leaf runs through the middle of the veiner. I tend to line up and pinch several
wires with my pliers to make little hooks this hooks help the ready berries
not to slide off the wire Add a bit of sugar glue here I forgot to
show if you struggling to take off the end
let it sit aside for a few minutes and then twist in the other direction and it
would work nicely when you click add a bit of glue and twist it to the top that
also works quite well it’s not very easy to see but here I’m
just using regular size straw. Try to make sure the store is nice and round at
the cut point. Different tweezers would give you a
different pinch pattern so just play around and see which one you prefer. Slightly back to front, this are the
finished berries and these are the dusts that I’ve been using, you can pause so
you could have a better look and a better read… with my berries of all
things I like to use a main coat and then add other colors on top of the main
coat. I find that it works the best in a way
of even coverage and blending. I think dusting is a very important
element of sugar flower making. This is where you could really express your
style and personality I think, and it’s often overlooked, unfortunately I tend to use cornflour to pale down the
colors. However, I use the actual white dusting for things like this where white
needs to stay and not just dilute the bright color. I’ve always encouraged my sugar flower
students not to follow any given tutorial step by step, but instead use it
to the guide and then find your color palettes find your own style by making your own mistakes…find your way. I think that is the best way to really enjoy any class. I’m guessing that my keeping camera on
this detail of dusting for quite a while in my video might bore some of you a little
bit at least and I do apologise. I guess I”m quite a fan of
accurate dusting, or expressive dusting shall I say… Also, some people have asked
me to slow down and not to go too fast on these bits with my past videos so I
guess for those of you who want to see what happens next, just forward it on a
bit, and for those of you who like to get into these small nitty gritty details of
making sugar flowers and foliage, do please stay on I hope you enjoying this bit Generally, I use narrow flower tape for
all wires before the assembly. What I do is I wrap the wire up just before the
base and then I pull it up to the base that I find that leaves a
slightly neater finish. The reason why I cover all my wires with tape is not
just because it looks pretty but also because the sticky tape tends to keep
all the pieces in place before I decide where exactly I want to wire them, put
them together. The easiest and the most effective way to arrange berries I’ve
found, is to bunch them up in bunches of threes or fours , sometimes twos. The
same wrapping technique goes for leaf. I wrap it up tightly and pull it up. Now, these coming up I just stages of assembly I thought it might be easier if
I just concentrate on a particular bit of it in this frame. This final bit is
actually quite easy and really really nice! All your hard work is paying off
and you keep happening in front of your eyes. Follow your own intuition your own
taste don’t copy someone else. That way you make it your own and you probably
would come up with something that’s even prettier than you see here there and
everywhere else… And so, this is the assembly for you
really. You just fiddle around with your bits and bobs until you like what you
see. I’m going to just you videos for you guys to have a look. I think you might be
interested in those, and also when my face comes up again that’s the sign to sign up, so if you like my channel and like my videos, please subscribe that would help
and other than that, thank you for popping in again, or for the first time!
It’s Cristina Wallis here, see you again soon! xx

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