Making Cold Processed Soapy Cupcakes Using the Russian Piping Tips!

Making Cold Processed Soapy Cupcakes Using the Russian Piping Tips!

Today I am going to be making a spring theme soapy project. I’m actually going to make soapy cupcakes using these Russian piping tips! I have had these in my drawers for a few months now and I have actually been a little scared to use them because these are used to make flowers when you pipe real frosting with them and sometimes soap just isn’t cooperating that much and sometimes the openings on these piping tips is very narrow and I am scared that it will jam and won’t work, but I’m going to give it a shout and I’m gonna take you along this journey with me! Hopefully I will succeed and this will make a great video! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel also if you would like to follow me on social media you will find all the links below: I have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, I have an Instagram feed, I’m on flickr I will leave all the links below and you can follow me on social media!! I got my oils slowly melting in the background and I’m going to go ahead and put my goggles on because I’m going to measure my lie and soap making require safety! Baking cups are ready and aligned. For the base of my cupcakes i am using a fragrance oil called “blooms and berries”. It smells really flowery but it’s not too heavy because there are fruit notes underneath and also I choose this fragrance oil for the base of my cupcakes because i do want the cupcake to smell like flowers because i’m going to pipe flowers on top, but since this is a discoloring and a slightly accelerating fragrance oil i’m going to keep it for the base. Now even with a slight discoloration to tan as mentioned on the label, I don’t really mind because edible muffin are usually a tan color. It will be okay and then I will choose a different fragrance oil for my frosting that will be non discoloring and non accelerating. I have quite a few piping bags for this project! First I have the one for my leaves and then I have one with a just a round opening because I’m gonna pipe under the flowers and then I have my two Russian piping tips placed inside a juice pitcher in a bag so everything holds up on its own and it’s very easy for me to just put the frosting in there whenever I need to. I have all my colorants prepared this is white made with titanium dioxide I have a blend of two different colorings in here mica and a neon powder and same goes for here: this is a combination of neon powder and pink vibrance mica. The base of my cupcakes is firm enough so that I that I can now pipe some frosting on top. I will try to film whatever I can of the making of the frosting but I think this is where things could go a little crazy! Okay so bear with me here, let’s go! A little whoopsy here! These Russian piping tips are definitely a challenge with cold processed soaps. If I ever attempt to use these again and I’m sure I will I think I will stick to one color per project. As you can see I was a little excited at piping the pink flowers first and I kind of forgot that I had a second color I wanted to make flowers with, so that kind of threw me a little bit off-course. I’m gonna try to fix it… Here I am gonna be piping some little green leafs to try and make these flower cupcakes look a little better! I am going to apply the light yellow soap frosting around the piping bag leaving a void inside to add the darker yellow. Hopefully this will show when I pipe the flowers on the cupcakes. I will put little flowers around and cover ok everything i do is not a work of art let’s face it! For some odd reason some flowers are working and some aren’t! I definitely did make a mess here I hope you still enjoyed watching this video even though it was not perfect. Russian piping tips aren’t easy to use . I will try them again but I will change a couple things and i’ll show you next time if it’s better. I actually thought of not making this video but I thought you deserve to see it until the end so there it is there it is and I have odd shapes in all this but some of them will go to my kids and others i will put on sale! Here are two of the prettiest of the batch from the soapy cupcakes made with the Russian piping tips I made yesterday I will proceed to unmolding them and I think some of them I’ll be actually able to sell because they turned out not so bad but some of them are really weird looking! let’s take a closer look! Thank you so much for watching this video if you’ve enjoyed the content and would like to help support me create more awesome soap making and cosmetic videos consider supporting me on Patreon! It’s a crowdfunding platform where people can monthly donate by pledging and in exchange I give soap making and cosmetic content in return. There are different levels and rewards and you can find the link below to read all the details! Thank you so much for watching once again and I will see you very soon!

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this video. I had lots of laughs with you, and I really appreciate that you can laugh at yourself. Sometimes, life in the soaping space can be a gong show – for any of us that do it! I think that Russian rose tip is worth a second shot.

  2. They came out nice but maybe the soap too soft and liquid for the pipe maybe make the soap thicker quality but it came out really nice to try it out

  3. I love this because it wasn't perfect. I'm glad I'm not the only one who fails at their attempts and gives their "rejects" to family and friends.

  4. you did very good! Considering! thant s very ,hard to do,i am not! try it for sure!!😆 very!! good video quality!!😁👍👍👍

  5. Thank you, for taking this project on. I almost bought a set two times. Every time I paused and thought that they may not be cooperative. I so appreciate this because if you can't make the magic with these tips ( and you're a master) then I think they are not for me.

  6. I like the all pink flowers the best. While watching you pipe the flowers, it looked to me that you were pulling up from the base while still putting pressure on the bag. I think if you release the pressure a bit before pulling up the flowers will not have the pointy tips and will stay on the base better. Looking forward to seeing your next cupcakes.

  7. merci pour la traduction ! pour moi c'est 1 plaisir de comprendre ce que tu dis 😊 j'ai eu la même surprise que toi avec les douilles ! il faut que je m'améliore et il y a du travail !! bravo pour ton travail 🌼 tu le trouves pas parfait, pourtant c'est quand-même joli. tu as du talent.

  8. I think it's awesome that you post even when it's not perfect! It makes the rest of us not feel so bad for messing up sometimes! Lol!

  9. Bonjour Ariane! First off I want to say Bravo! Posting a video of not quite so perfect products is awesome! It goes to show all of us newbies that even the pro's have issues sometimes! Anyway, I am a cake designer and know these tips are very challenging until you get the hang of it. I would suggest, knowing the cost of the supplies used for soap making, I would try using them for icing first until you get the hang of the technique needed to get them to come out looking like flowers. Icing sugar and shortening is so much less expensive -and you can eat them after! lol You will also see the consistency needed to produce flowers that stand up and not slouch or puddle at the base. Another tip would be to pipe the centre flower, then three buds, let them set then do the next three, let them set then add the leaves. I love your videos and I've watched them all! Keep up the great work…some day I plan on coming to visit your store in person! <3

  10. I really enjoyed this video, and it comes up just in time. I was actually considering buying these tips, but now I won't, I am new to piping, I don't think I can handle them, I saw on a piping technic video, even if you are using icing with these tips, you'd need a harder consistancy. Some of your cupcakes came out really pretty.

  11. I like seeing the trial and error of things, that way I don't feel so bad when my efforts don't turn out quite right. I know you will get the hang of it soon. I love your videos :)!

  12. Ariane it really wasn't bad! They look alot better than you think! They actually look like flowers in a small pot!!! I thought you did great.

  13. bonsoir Ariane. c'est le soir chez nous maintenant au Liban: un tout petit pays du moyen-orient.j'attends impatiament vos nouvelles vidéos même si c'est en anglais😊

  14. It's all great, though. I love watching the process, even when it's a new experience. It just proves to me more, that practice is how we all get there. 🙂 I wonder about the idea of trying them out on parchment, and then adding them later. Would that work? I do that sometimes when I'm trying a new flower with buttercream. If they work well, I place them in the freezer to use on my project. If not, I just try again.

  15. I make sure my batter is really thick. I have also pre-made them on parchment, then did the topping on the soaps the next day. It helps sometimes.

  16. Hello I'm a flute player and I was wondering what the name of the song was that you used. It had flute, guitar, and violin sounded latin or Spanish.

  17. very nice.. I think if you turn the cupcake while piping you'd have less issues. Your issue was only on the left side due to the position of your hands while piping.. otherwise very nice and informative video as usual Ariane.. Love your videos.. can this be done with M&P?

  18. Thank you so much for sharing that not everything turns out "perfect" and that experimentation can lead to new things!

  19. Ariane, when I'm down in the dumps, I look at your soaps and I'm better!!!!You are my wonderland!!! by by from Italy

  20. So glad you shared a video that was not perfect. We all have our soaping challenges and it is nice to see you have them too.

  21. All the soaps you make are wonderful, it was refreshing to see that not everything turns out as lovely, I still found the soapy cupcakes charming.

  22. Did you make this video with your new camera equiptment? It's very vivid…. all I could think is shucks all those ingredients! Only because that's what I think when I have a disaster.!! I've watched so many video's it's time to jump in and do this.

  23. I always enjoy watching your videos. Everything is a learning process. Practice is the fun part! Thanks for sharing!😁

  24. Thank you for sharing Ariane. I am learning how to soap better, and your videos always help me out. Have a wonderful day!

  25. Helllo,can u tell me how can I avoid the ash in the surface of the cupcake soaps!I try to use alcohol but it seems not work well!Thanks!

  26. cool use of piping tips, I'm sure just like using with frosting it must be firm. looks like the soap was really soft.

  27. russian flower tips are hard with icing too – don't worry.
    They actually work better with two colours – a central log with another colour wrapped around. Saran wrap is useful here. Russian flower tips work best small and quite flat too. Also with frosting I have found the nozzle needs wiping between each flower.

    Have fun and perservere!

  28. I have also had my Russian tips for a few months and have been nervous about using them. Thanks you for this video-it actually has made me want to break them out of the cabinet and try them out! Of course the only way to master a skill is practice-I think we sometimes forget this as adults. We are so used to knowing what we are doing and we forget it took a lot of time, practice and patience to get to this point!

  29. I had to wait til my soap was thicker before they would work correctly. I waited almost 2 hours til I had the correct consistency.

  30. Wow How difficult that seemed to be. I did watch A&N's Suds-N-Such & Be Scented YT channel recently and she used a technique where she used to spread soap in a method that looked similar to making Cinnamon Buns. I was astounded but I will never attempt it myself.

  31. I think it was actually pretty awesome to be able to see that not every soap you make turns out fabulous. I love them all anyways. You inspire me to want to learn to make soaps 😀

  32. Well done. I have these tips too and I haven't tried them either because I'm not sure how well they'll work with cold process. You have inspired me to give it a go though. Thanks Arianne.

  33. you do great work what has helped me with these tips is a grout bag which is about the length of your forearm. then twist tie the bag above the tip let the cp soap rest for 10 to 15 mins in the bag before using and they will pipe perfect

  34. I love watching ur videos. I wish I could buy so.e of ur soap. I have severe anxiety and ur videos help calm me down and keep me interested. u do amazing g work . I love everything u make

  35. I'm going to join your patron newsletter thing. I haven't started making soaps yet. But you inspire me so much I want to start this summer in my shop.

  36. I am a cake decorator here in the states, and I do too have troubles with the tips when piping out whipped buttercream frosting onto my ice cream cakes. I contacted the place where we got the tips from and they told me that they work better when the frosting is a bit more stiffer… but no matter what the cupcakes you do will still look nice 🙂

  37. This was a great video! I just ordered a set of these tips and the ball tips as well. You've probably motivated a zillion of us to try this!!!!! Thank you! xoxoxoxo

  38. Thanks for showing! Although the piping didn't come up perfectly, but I still love watching your videos!!! Please share your 2nd video on these tips, would love to see it!

  39. super ta vidéos, mes j,ai une question elle es supposer être sous-titré en français mes on ne voie aucun mot écrit en français et ses bien dommage

  40. MI PIACE SEGUIRTI IN INGLESE ANCHE SE SN ITALIANA, PARLI MOLTO LENTAMENTE ed è bello seguirti:) poi sei bravissima mi dai tanti consigli sul sapone …chissa magari un giorno avrò anche io un posto cm il tuo !!


  42. This was one of my favourite videos not because of the difficulties you faced but because you let us see that life doesn't always go to plan and it is a learning process for us all. I sit and watch videos like this with my kids and this was a great subject matter and a great lesson to teach them and they still felt your cupcakes looked beautiful regardless. So thank you for sharing.

  43. It uses patience. You have to wait longer. The soap must be harder than normal cupcake soap.

    Don't used olive oil too much. And don't do big batch, 500 g of oils is okay.

  44. they really are tricky…I think it would be easier to pipe them on a flat tray, let them set and then place them on the soft frosting….practice is def the key with these..also not to use too much pressure…thanks for sharing even though you weren't really very happy with them

  45. I tried these tips with whipped soap frosting and it was a mess it stringed from the tips yours turned out better with the CP I may give it another try the tips make lovely flowers. Think I'll try heating the soap more & move alittle faster 🙂

  46. If I'm not mistaken, you're piping done with the Russian tips will work much better if you let your mixture set up more. It has to be quite stiff when you pipe it and you then you use it like a spritz cookie. Hope this helps. PS. Love all your videos.

  47. 😂😂😂I’m going to keep the tips for real cakes. There are some beauties amongst the aliens😂 loved watching this. Your girls will love them!

  48. I recommend making a small batch of mash potatoes with just water to the consistency you would get the soap too and practice with them. I thought of this and it worked great for me when I was practicing techniques for cake decoration, I used mash potatoes instead of buttercream. The clean up was a breeze.

  49. Dear Ariane, you did way better than me! I gave up piping the cupcakes and used the nozzles to pipe individual little flowers and toppings for my soap – a bit like large decorations. This works much better. I make them first on greaseproof paper, make them the day before and add them to the cupcakes or loaves the next day. Very few mistakes that way. So, SO Many mistakes it took me to work that out!! 😊😌😊💐 I had soap sloop everywhere, and spent precious time scraping soap blobs off cupcakes to redo. Again and again.l love the nozzles tho', they are great.

  50. I bought those too. They are very hard to use. There is a learning curve. But you did a great job and the soap looks great.

  51. I really appreciate your honesty in showing the mistakes and challenges as well as the successes. Thank you for sharing!

  52. Very cool video. So nice to see someone show their learning process and not just try to be perfect. No one is. 🙂

  53. Hola!   Ariane tus cupcakes te quedaron hermosos, la verdad me gustaría que me dieras tu receta exacta con los ingrediente,   están bellísimos!!!!!    saludos desde Mexico, Puebla

  54. Eu amo seu trabalho seu geito e sua dedicação pena que eu não entendo muito o que vc fala porque ñ sei bem o inglês Emanuel . abençoe

  55. I’ve had the same issues even with letting it set longer. I love your videos and thank you for posting this! These pipes are sooo hard to work with.

  56. I appreciate you showing us this. It's good for everyone to see things don't always turn out perfectly. Also I giggled so much when you put the giant blob topped one on the rack because that one had a mind of its own lol

  57. Yes, I'm glad I watched this! I'm getting ready to try it and you gave me hope that i can do it even if it doesn't turn out the way I want it to. I also saw another video and she said It has to let it set up more before it can be used or its to runny. So, I guess I know what I need to try…. Thanks so much! I look forward to you trying it again!

  58. The secret is THICK frosting, AND make sure the tip is touching the base frosting before you squeeze, and pull straight up. You got this! Practice makes perfect!

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